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BrightLocal helps you boost your local search visibility so that clients within your business vicinity can find you easily. Similarly, customers experience quality local search results when they use certain keywords related to your business. Brightlocal reviews build an excellent reputation for you on different digital platforms. That improves your digital reputation and generates more traffic and leads from local searches.

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BrightLocal SEO platform

If you find it hard to appear on local searches, the Brightlocal SEO platform is a wonderful tool to solve your marketing problem. It is a local SEO tool that allows you to rank higher on search engines. Also, it provides quick results as it analyzes your presence on the internet and provides guidelines for amendments.

Even if your business is already on several directories and websites, you can use BrightLocal SEO to monitor your competitors and view areas where your business is not listed. The purpose of BrightLocal reviews is to help you build an excellent reputation online by encouraging your customers to give their compliments on products and services. This particular feature boosts your chances against the local competition.

BrightLocal - All-in-One Local SEO Platform

BrightLocal is one of the ways to improve your brand image. The SEO app uses local listing services, SEO Audits and Reports, management solutions, and online reputation to improve your business’s online visibility and make it appealing to your target audience. Some of the agencies that use BrightLocal include Hilton, Mediacom, and Ikea.

You can use BrightLocal SEO tools to analyze your rank position on search engine local and check existing citations. Bright Local also shows you how you perform against local competitors while giving you enough room to improve. It is then followed by a step-by-step report on what you need to do to improve your position. The fact that you can do all these in one location saves your organization time and money.

Aside from increased sales and revenues, BrightLocal SEO management is a good way to show local search success to important stakeholders and intending partners.

What is BrightLocal?

BrightLocal is one of the most trusted platforms for small business owners and startups to sail through. It possesses all the essential SEO tools you need to dominate local searches. Its common users include SEO agencies, digital marketers, marketing agencies, and small business owners. Furthermore, it is an SEO platform filled with tools and features to enhance the online visibility of your business. For example, BrightLocal rank checker helps you access your position on the web and offers solutions to attract more local consumers. In addition, its integrated SEO tools place your business at the forefront of your target audience.

Rank Checker - SEO tools

Your business can appear on popular directories for prospective clients to find you, thanks to its enhanced citation platform. In addition, with BrightLocal, you enjoy precise local SEO reporting tools monitoring your performance on the web and against your competitors.

BrightLocal reviews allow business owners to have a reliable reputation online by allowing consumers to write their views after purchasing a product. In conclusion, digital marketers, agencies, freelancers, and businesses use the BrightLocal SEO platform to improve their brand image.

Apart from SEO reporting tools, BrightLocal offers cost-effective aggregator submissions and premium citation building to transform your local business into a thriving local hub. Moreover, BrightLocal offers a 14-day trial without obligations. After that, you will have to switch up to paid plans to access more features and tools.

How to Use Brightlocal

Despite a large number of online users, digital marketing is becoming more demanding than ever. Businesses need good SEO tools to boost traffic and sales. However, it is hard to navigate through many tools to rank on search engines.

Thankfully, you can use BrightLocal to manage your website’s SEO. Besides this, BrightLocal makes it easy to manage your social media pages, build citations, track Google MyBusiness, web analytics, reviews, keyword rankings from one location.

Once you sign up on, you can start improving your marketing effort for every client or location in which you operate. In addition, with BrightLocal, you can access your historical data for Google My Business, making it easy to analyze and compare. That way, you can tell if there is any improvement or the need for adjustment.

Local SEO Audit

Furthermore, you can use BrightLocal to order quality and high-ranking citations for your clients. Its reporting tool is also beneficial in knowing the status of your campaign. Finally, BrightLocal saves you time by consolidating all essential SEO tools in one place.

Brightlocal Features

  • Rank Checker

You can use the Brightlocal rank checker to track local and organic rankings for each location and client you manage. That makes you understand your online visibility better, placing you above your competitors. Apart from this, the features make it easy to identify high-quality keywords and help you set up keyword groups.

  • Citation building

Citation building feature

The citation building takes care of your entire local directory listing. This feature adds and updates listed on the most important directory. Also, it finds new citation opportunities, removes duplications, spots inadequacies, and uploads your data to strong aggregators to help you push it to a massive network.

  • Reputation manager

Reputation manager Feature

This tool allows you to create a brilliant reputation on the web. It garners genuine and positive reviews from your existing and past customers to attract new consumers. The feature alerts you to new customers’ reviews, makes it easy to reply, and guides customers to write reviews in strategic places that matter to your business. In addition, you can monitor your reviews across all webs in one place.

  • Local SEO Reporting

With this tool, you can analyze and examine all your SEO data. For example, it gives you a report on the local business listing, local search tracking, customer reviews, and social engagement. You can also create printable PDF reports or web-based reports via custom links.

  • Agency Lead Generation

It is another marketing tool you can use to generate high-quality leads, identify potential issues, and follow up with your services to convert more leads into loyal customers.

Brightlocal Pricing

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Brightlocal pricing is one of the most flexible plans in the market. It allows you to pay for only the things you need, which helps you save more. In addition, the Seo platform offers a 14-day trial without any commitment (no Credit Card is required) for all its plans.

The other plans are:

Single Business

This plan goes for $29 monthly, and you get two months free if you pay annually. Moreover, the pricing plan is suitable for small business agencies managing three clients or three locations. It offers the following features:

  • Citation tracker report
  • Local search ranking reports, SEO reports, and search grid credits
  • Google My Business audits
  • Get and monitor reviews
  • Google analytics integration
  • Facebook and Twitter integrations

Multi Business

This plan goes for $49 monthly, plus two months free if you pay annually. It is suitable for medium business owners managing up to six locations. With this plan, you get the features in a single business plan, White-label reports, email, and API access.


SEO pro is a full plan for businesses and agencies dealing with up to 100 locations. It costs $79 per month. In addition, it provides users with 100 local search reports, 2000 local search credits, competitor tracking, social media integrations, Google mobile rank tracking, and the features in the other plans.

Just Reviews

If you want just Brightlocal reviews, you can get this for $8 per month for one location. This plan monitors generate and showcases reviews.

Brightlocal can help you create a custom plan to reflect your preference. It is called an Enterprise plan, and it is for businesses or agencies that manage more than 100 locations.

BrightLocal Integrations

BrightLocal integration allows you to connect the SEO platform with your social media platforms and other favorite apps. That gives you access to all important tools and features from one platform instead of moving from one app to another.

You can synchronize some apps with the Brightlocal Seo platform, including Twitter, Facebook, Shift, AgencyAnalytics, Google Analytics, and For instance, Bright Local integration with AgencyAnalytics allows you to share and showcase BrightLocal citation and reputation metrics in your client reports and dashboards. That helps you maximize your client’s visibility and shows transparency from your side.

With AgencyAnalytics, all you need is your BrightLocal API key to view and sort marketing data from your citation tracker, builder, and Reputation Manager reports. Furthermore, BrightLocal integration with AgencyAnalytics provides an easy way to report the citations they build, reviews they generate, and so on.

Brightlocal Alternatives

Local SEO software is becoming a common trend among business owners. People constantly seek the most innovative and valuable SEO platforms with detailed reporting, social media, and ranking management. You should consider these features when searching for Brightlocal alternatives. The following are BrightLocal alternatives:

  • Yext
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • SE Ranking
  • Serpstat
  • Seobility

  • Whitespark
  • Moz
  • AgencyAnalytics
  • Raven Tools
  • Marketing 360
  • Rannko

Brightlocal Vs. Yext

Brightlocal and Yext are two SEO marketing platforms but differ in certain areas.

  • To begin with, Brightlocal is suitable for small business owners, multilocation businesses, marketing agencies, SEO agencies, and so on. On the other hand, Yext offers its service to small, medium, partners, and national and international businesses of any type.
  • Also, Yext was in business as early as 2006, while Brightlocal came in a couple of years after. The features of the two platforms are quite similar, with some exceptions. For instance, Yext offers AB testing and content management, which Brightlocal doesn’t. Similarly, Brightlocal offers audit management, but Yext doesn’t.
  • Yext allows annual recurring fees, while Brightlocal allows monthly payments for free for two months if you pay annually. Furthermore, the two apps offer support and training through phone, live chat, videos, documentation, email, and help desk.
  • Text is available in over 50 countries, while Brightlocal only caters to a few countries, including the US, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.

Brightlocal Vs. Whitespark

The following are the differences between Brightlocal and Whitespark.

  • Brightlocal SEO’s target audience is small-medium businesses, SEO agencies, local SEOs, enterprise brands, and multilocation businesses. On the other hand, Whitespark appears to attend to local businesses that want to increase the number of customers from search engines.
  • Brightlocal takes its customer care important as it offers 24/7 live support, online chat, and business hours. Whitespark only allows online support.
  • Brightlocal has more features than Whitespark. For instance, Brightlocal offers an agency lead generator. Meanwhile, Whitespark offers Google My Business management for auto dealers exclusively.
  • Whitespark pricing plan appears more flexible and affordable than Whitespark’s.
  • The reviewed software boasts of over 1600 sites in its network for citing your business. For Whitespark, it claims to have 1800 sites in its network.
  • Brightlocal is available in nine countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, and South Africa. On the other hand, Whitespark is available in over 40 countries, including Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Greece, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, etc.
  • While Brightlocal integrates with apps such as Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, AgencyAnalytics, and so on, Whitespark only synchronizes with Google My Business which the first one does not offer.

Brightlocal Vs. Moz

  • When it comes to price, Moz is more expensive than Brightlocal. For example, the BrightLocal pricing plan starts at $8, which is lower than the average cost of SEO software. Moz Local price starts at $9 per user or month.
  • While the customers of BrightLocal SEO are the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with a customer base of up to 1000, Moz Local is typically for small and medium businesses.
  • An absolute SEO beginner will find Moz easier to navigate than Brightlocal.
  • Brightlocal has many customer support channels, including 24/7 live chat, online, and business hours. Moz, on the other hand, only uses online platforms.
  • Moz appears to be on the high side when it comes to pricing. Its plans begin at $129 per month, while Brightlocal starts at $8.
  • Moz platform integrates with more apps than Brightlocal. For example, Brightlocal synchronizes with apps, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Shift, AgencyAnalytics, and However, Moz’s integrations include Facebook, Google Workspace, AgencyAnalytics, CodeGuard, Prerender, Google My Business, ontology, ListingManager, and SEO review tools.

BrightLocal Review Conclusion

BrightLocal is a local SEO platform that helps business owners rank higher in local searches. In other words, the SEO checker places you in the right position on search engines for your target audience to find you easily. It uses SEO tools such as a local search grid, citation tracker, agency lead generation, reputation management tool, and SEO reporting to help you dominate the web.

Furthermore, BrightLocal users include freelancers, small and medium business owners, digital marketers, and agencies. Also, the SEO platform builds a local directory and finds new opportunities for you to appear in important places. So, if you need to build a brilliant reputation online and attract the right consumers, BrightLocal reviews can help you with that. Furthermore, its pricing plan is flexible and quite affordable when compared to other alternatives.