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What is SiteGuru?

SiteGuru is a website auditing and monitoring application that scans websites automatically to look for usability and SEO concerns. Broken links, missing headers and image alt tags, sluggish sites, duplicate content, indexing difficulties, internal redirection, and more are all detected by the platform.

SiteGuru’s entire report contains all of the audit’s findings, but it also includes an actionable list of actions that consumers can use to improve their site immediately. Users can go straight to the task list’s links to solve the concerns that have been raised. Each audited page is given a score, and users may also see their site’s total SEO score. Up to 20 websites can be crawled and white-labeled PDF reports prepared for delivery to customers for SEO services.

Users receive weekly performance reports from SiteGuru and automated notifications when new concerns arise. For example, users may see which pages have been removed and added to their site, and any sites not linked to the rest of the site are automatically detected. SiteGuru also notifies users when their SSL certificates are about to expire, allowing them to take action before their security is jeopardized.

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$29 /month

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Pricing Details:

Siteguru pricing comes with several packages suitable for everybody's needs. As it has previously noted, a free trial does not involve using a credit card. During that period, their SEO audit tool users are entitled to a 15-day free trial. Users can benefit from a 20% promotion if they choose the annual plan.

  • Audit Management
  • Content Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Link Management
  • Performance Metrics
  • Reporting & Statistics

Additional Features

  • Exports to CSV and Word / Google Docs
  • Link Google Analytics and Search Console
  • SEO todo-list
  • Website crawler

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We all know that having a great website is critical to a company’s success. Most businesses invest significant time and money ensuring that their site has a striking design and compelling call-to-action language. This is fantastic, but it won’t help you much if you aren’t on top of your technical SEO. Often, organizations are unaware of the technical website SEO difficulties costing them and their clients. Does this appear to be a significant event? Sure, but you can get some aid using SiteGuru’s online SEO tool.

SiteGuru: SEO Auditing Tool

SiteGuru is an online SEO analysis tool headquartered in the Netherlands that was intended to assist businesses in identifying usability issues with their websites so that they may provide the greatest possible customer experience. SiteGuru, founded by Rick van Haasteren in 2014, assists businesses in identifying and investigating various SEO issues that may be preventing them from gaining more consumers and earnings.

SiteGuru is appropriate for businesses of all sizes and sectors and offers the most value to SEO specialists. There is a perfect alternative for all enterprises, regardless of their budget, thanks to various price packages.

What does SiteGuru do for you and your website?

The tool will evaluate and compute your SEO score, allowing you to quickly find and resolve issues to improve your score and ranks. Moreover, you can run a thorough SEO analysis for your website, which will also discover usability difficulties and technical concerns. Also, analyze and compare your website’s ranking to that of competitors. It doesn’t just look at one page; it looks at your whole website and your competitors.

Other benefits of SiteGuru SEO Analyzer include:

  • Detects and corrects SEO issues on your website.
  • Identify and eliminate usability issues on your website.
  • Resolve all of your website’s technical issues.
  • Every week, we’ll send you a report on the health of your website.
  • Adaptable to mobile devices.
  • Examine your entire website for the most important technical details.
  • Boost meta descriptions, page names, 404 or broken links, and semantic structure.

How Does It Work?

Start by doing a website audit. The program can investigate remedies to SEO traffic concerns in about 15 minutes. Next, you’ll be given a list of SEO chores to complete, such as increasing page speed, writing better meta descriptions, and avoiding internal redirects.

Identify Possibilities. SiteGuru connects your website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, allowing you to gain additional insight into the consequences of site updates, identify new SEO possibilities, and monitor the website’s performance.

Stay up to date. The tool ensures that your site is never left behind since it notifies you automatically when problems arise. Its successful monitoring can also help you save money by eliminating the need for SEO specialists.

Detailed SiteGuru Features

We analyzed the list of features that makes SiteGuru stand out among its competitors; the same are discussed below:

Site Crawls That Are Automated

This function allows you to receive a complete overview of your website, including previously ignored pages. In addition, its structure, such as sitemaps, internal links, and canonicals, may be accessed.

A to-do list for SEO

This is the ideal tool for you if you don’t want to waste time reading extensive reports. It includes a comprehensive list of SEO duties, ranked from most important to least important. As a result, you may immediately resolve issues with your site to improve its exposure. Broken links, duplicate meta descriptions, and sluggish sites are all detected by this function.

Client interaction

This tool allows you to easily collaborate with your team to enhance your website. Send your colleagues an invitation so they can immediately access your SiteGuru account. There is no limit to how many people may be invited; anyone with access can utilize it.

Maintain a record of changes

The tool keeps track of rapid changes in page titles, page speed, and canonicals on your website. This forces you to act immediately to improve traffic and your company’s image.

CSV and Word exports

Reports may now be readily converted to CSV or MS Word if necessary. After conversion, it will feature your logo and company name. This assures that your files are yours alone.

Make a connection between Google Analytics and Google Search Control

One of the most popular search engines is Google. Your company mustn’t lag in search engine rankings. You may link this function to Google Analytics and Search Console to assess page keyword rankings, boost your clickthrough rate, and track your site’s rating.

Titles and meta descriptions

A solid meta description and title may influence how visitors perceive your site, particularly what makes it distinctive and fascinating. This function allows you to look at duplicate titles or descriptions to see where your site should be focused.

SEO performance monitoring software

SiteGuru may serve as your SEO dashboard, keeping track of crucial keywords, competition sites, traffic sources, and visitor activities on your site. Everything you need to know about your SEO performance is contained in a single tool, eliminating the need to switch tabs.

Core Web Vitals and Page Speed

Slow page loading times may deter users from returning to your site. They may abandon your website or post a negative review if it takes too long to load. The SEO tool includes a Pagespeed API that displays page speed data in a single list. It ensures that you won’t miss a single detail and that all pages will load at the optimal pace.


Through the Page Inspect tool, this feature provides an indexation report that identifies pages that can be indexed by Google and issues that prohibit them from being indexed. In addition, it lets you track how Google crawls and indexes your site.


Sitemaps assist users in simply exploring your site by highlighting vital pages and understanding its structure. In addition, this function provides a detailed report on whether the sitemap is complete, up to date, and correct, which can aid in the reduction of broken, missing, or misdirected pages.

Broken links and redirects

You won’t have to spend as much time double-checking broken links now that the tool can do it for you. It can tell the difference between functional and broken connections. It makes it easy to improve the site’s internal links.

Data that is organized

The software generates a report that displays the structured data types found on different sites. This will give you a sense of the current statistics, allowing you to devise new ways to improve your site’s exposure.

Canonical URLs

Duplicate links, pages, or information can be avoided using canonical URLs. However, having the incorrect one might cause problems with your SEO system. This tool may show you which URLs are non-canonical and self-referential, so you know which ones need to be corrected immediately.

Comprehensive Reporting

SiteGuru generates a full analysis of what needs to be improved on your site, including page layout and headers, internal linking opportunities, finding photos lacking alt texts, and more.

SiteGuru Review Conclusions

SiteGuru, a sophisticated SEO tool, provides free website audits and analyses to find areas for improvement and usability difficulties. SiteGuru aids with appropriate website optimization for search engines to provide more visitors to a website. For example, it may optimize meta descriptions, page names, sitemaps, and other important aspects.

Moreover, SiteGuru offers consumers a solid foundation for their websites and extensively analyses essential SEO technicalities to guarantee that visitors are happy and want to return (redirects, broken pages, language settings). SiteGuru does not require additional scripts or HTML code to provide SEO reports for your WordPress installation or static website.

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