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Diib is a website growth monitoring platform ideal for online shops, startups, and freelancers. Customers can use Diib to automate SEO mechanisms like tracking the overall health of their website business. The software runs a detailed scan of its user’s website using an Answer Engine, identifying the biggest opportunities to grow. Besides measuring data, Diib analytics converts the data into real dollar values, helping users understand their present market worth. Let’s see all the features, pricing, and alternatives in this Diib review.

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Tekpon Score
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Diib SEO software

Are you a business owner or an individual that wants to grow your website? Then you’ve probably heard about SEO. What the “tek” is SEO, some people will ask. Many of us have heard about this topic, but few know what it does. Probably you’ve heard too that it is an essential digital marketing tool that will help you make your website more visible, which means more traffic, which means more customers, and growing your profit.

It sounds simple, but the actual reality is that SEO is an entire world. And either you need to hire an SEO specialist. Or you start learning by yourself. But, in the meantime, your website is not going to wait for you to become a specialist. Or, you can use Diib. Let’s see what this software can offer you from the Diib review.

Have you heard about Diib? Me neither, until a Facebook ad appeared to me. After a bit of research and reading a few Diib reviews, I understood that this could be the key for every website owner who doesn’t know some SEO tricks. So, after working a little bit with their platform, I knew that a Diib review was necessary for all those people out there that want to rank higher on Google. Or bring more traffic to their website, and finally get more customers.

All this without being an SEO expert. So, let’s find out from this review what is Diib exactly and how SEO software will bring you closer to your dreams.

What is Diib?

First of all, Diib is an online platform or an all-in-one SEO tool that will tell you everything you need about your website. And, of course, how to grow your business by bringing more traffic to your site. Thus, Diib is SEO software, a Dashboard, Answer Engine, Analytics, Tracker. It can even deliver you new keywords that you can attack and rank better than your competitors and topics for your content—all of this without knowing the entire philosophy of SEO.

This is the main benefit of using a tool like Diib: you don’t have to spend time becoming a specialist; the tool is that specialist you need. What is more surprising is that the tool was developed back in 2012, so it is not that much of a newcomer.

dashboard Diib- reviews by tekpon


Basically, in the beginning, the tool will run a scan of your website. Then will offer you a plan to grow your website based on your current website content. Like other SEO tools, on the Diib dashboard, you’ll be able to see details about your website health score, rank, growth opportunities, and analytics reports. All are very simple arranged and user-friendly that users without experience can understand the insights/data provided by Diib.

How can you use Diib?

First of all, you can sync Diib with your Google Analytics in a breeze. So, you can take advantage of some advanced algorithms and AI so that the tool can deliver you the right growth plan for your website. Then, by running a scan for your website in Diib, you can learn how to improve your SEO. From speed, security, and user experience.

The SEO tool will show you only the biggest opportunities that will help you grow your sales. Finally, you’re going to receive some easy answers to all your questions regarding SEO.

Secondly, you can use Diib to be your specialist in SEO for your website. The tool platform delivers simple, high-impact analysis, reporting, and visuals to know how you are doing and what to do next. With Diib, you will know your site’s annual value and how well your business performs online in your industry. Diib offers an Answer Engine.

This instrument combines your actual analytics data with a deep analysis of your website, competitors’ websites, and industry benchmarks to tell you how to grow online quickly. All of this in a breeze!

Diib Features

Now that you’ve made an idea about this tool and what it can do for you let’s see what makes Diib so unique from other tools. Like many other software products, this one has some excellent features that will help you grow your website. However, as I said before in the review, Diib is not a tool for a specialist but rather for people who build their websites or own a small businesses. If you want more insights and know-how to read analytics, you should go for a bigger tool like Ahrefs, Semrush, or SimilarWeb.

Growth Plan

As I said before, right after creating your account and running a scan on your website, Diib will recommend you a Growth Plan. Every business needs a Growth Plan! Diib will automatically give you, after scanning your website, what you need to grow your website and how you can improve your SEO strategy quickly, improve your social media presence, or improve your visitor experience based on real insights.

This feature is included in the Diib free plan, with limited actions and goals. In addition, the tool delivers understandable data so that you won’t be needing a specialist for that.

growth strategy feature -honest Diib review by tekpon

Website Monitoring

With Diib, you don’t have to worry about what is happening with your website. The tool will automate the process and will notify you if there are any issues on the website. You will get alerts for unusual traffic drops, broken or spammy backlinks, performance issues, security, or even Google search algorithms updates.

Each alert includes actionable steps to fix the issue. So, you don’t have to move a finger: the platform will detect the problem and offer you the right solution on how to fix it. Diib makes SEO understandable for everyone, no matter their skills or knowledge level about analytics.

Weekly Snapshot email

You don’t have to worry about your website anymore. Diib will give you a quick weekly update on how your business is performing online with this feature. You’ll get data about your website traffic, ranking and any changes, social performances, and statistics if there are any new opportunities for your business to grow.

In addition, you can get data about your security, website speed, and an SEO overview. To sum up, you’ll get the big picture of your website performance without having to read all those metrics and data like in other more complex SEO tools.

Daily Health Score

The health score is a metric that determines the degree to which a page, or a website overall, is optimized for SEO. The higher the score, the better. Moreover, the score is based on industry surveys and common best practices within SEO. This is the easiest way to check if your website is in a proper context or if you need to improve things. Diib combines 12 metrics into a single score that assesses your website’s overall performance. Moreover, you can even check how your website is performing versus similar websites.


Wouldn’t that be great and helpful to be able to compare your website to your competitors? To analyze their performance and see what you can improve on yours? With Diib, you can do that too! This feature will help improve where your website is underperforming and track your progress versus other websites.

Social Media Analytics

Nowadays, every business is going digital and is building an online presence. Oh, wait, you have to master this too besides SEO? With Diib, you can master your social media without knowing so many things about it. The tool syncs to your social media data and gives you insights based on accurate data. You’ll make sure that your audience engages your post; you can be active when your followers are online. In addition, it will help you to keep a regular social media calendar which is essential for better online performance.

Diib SEO & Keywords

And, of course, Diib can help you with keyword research and show you the words you can attack to gain authority and be more visible. Moreover, the platform will show you the relevant keywords, and it will help you get new ones.  Even better, if a ranking drops, the tool will let you know what page on your website was affected. And what changed so you can fix it. With this feature, you can track your SEO keywords, and backlinks, monitor your competitors, and on what keywords they are not ranking. Plus, you can get new keywords and content ideas.

track your important backlinks and focus keywords - Tekpon Diib Review

Learning Library

Another great thing about Diib is it’s offering its users an extensive Learning library on topics like SEO, Content Marketing,  Google Analytics, WordPress, Social Media, Google Ads, and even Website UI/UX. Here you can find anything you need to improve all by yourself, your SEO strategy, and not only. But also to understand how this engine called Google is working and what you can do to better partner with it regarding your business and website. Moreover, you can learn the best of Diib and how you can create a great, still basic, PPC campaign with Google Ads.


This one is their new feature developed this year, in 2021. Diib is bringing the future closer to its users. RankGuard is their new biggest technology that uses big data to scan your current keyword rankings on Google. Until here, nothing new. But, wait. Diib can predict where you already deserve to rank higher. Next, Diib will automatically tell you what you need to do to move up to the higher predicted position.

It seems like guessing in the crystal ball, yet new technology and algorithms are helping you reach your website goals. Moreover, Diib is monitoring your keyword rankings, and if they change, they alert you to the competitors that changed positions, and most importantly, the tool will tell you why.

Diib Pricing

Probably you’re asking how much this tool costs, given the things that it can do for your website and your SEO strategy. Let me begin with a remark. Most SEO tools are pretty expensive, even though they are more complex than Diib. Yet, Diib offers a free plan to use at the beginning with limited features.

Starting From: $29.99/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Besides the paid plans, there is a Diib Free Plan that gives you access to some of the features.

Diib Integrations

Diib is not only a tool that will help you grow your website but a place where you can start learning a lot of great things about digital. From SEO to Analytics and Content. It transforms complex data into simple answers for every user to better understand how you can boost your business with a great website. In addition, the intelligent analytics platform integrates with your existing Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Google My Business accounts to provide you with a custom Growth Plan based on your actual data. Moreover, you can integrate Diib with other tools like:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Joomla!
  • Weebly
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce

Diib Alternatives

If you are looking for a more complex tool and this Diib review made you think that it might not be that tool. In my humble opinion, Diib was built for people that want something simple, fast, and easy to grow their website without the desire of understanding so deep how SEO is working, which is great for small businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, or freelancers. Thus, if you need something more advanced, a software product that will help you bring your website to the first positions in Google and your customers to find you organic, I think you need some other tool. Yet, Diib is a great tool to try, and you can work in parallel with other more complex tools.

But, let see what other SEO tools are Diib competitors:

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Moz

Diib Review Conclusion

To sum up this Diib review, I think it is a great tool for growing a website and having basic SEO knowledge. Like I said in this review, it is not a tool for big websites or those aiming to be in the first positions in Google. For those, there are others Diib competitors that are doing a better job. What I really liked about this tool is the extensive learning library. You can find many great topics explained and articles to understand better how Analytics are working and what you can do with Diib or without improving your website content. Moreover, offering a free plan is also great. Usually, this kind of tool costs a lot of money. And when you are a newcomer online, this could be too much for you. In the end, this tool will not only help you bring more traffic to your website but also save you money and time.