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ClickMeter Affiliate Tracking is an affiliate software used to manage all links and commissions in one location. Often, most bloggers and affiliate marketers only focus on tracking the number of links they get. However, this is not enough – tracking the conversion rates is as important as the links. Thankfully, ClickMeter provides the two functions. That way, you can boost sales and commissions. But, let’s discover more things about this tool from our review.

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ClickMeter Affliate Tracking

Aside from link tracking, ClickMeter helps you cloak your links to hide the destination’s website’s URL. Unfortunately, that means visitors who click your links get redirected to the recipient merchant. Masking your affiliate links is vital to your success as an affiliate marketer. It does not only makes it easy to share your links but also easy to manage.

In addition, you can use ClickMeter tracking to shorten your links and customize them in your domain names. That way, your link is not easily detectable, and it makes you stand out among several links. With ClickMeter Affiliate tracking, you can also see clicks from single visitors and multiple links. That gives you an idea of the click’s authenticity.

Getting an accurate report on your links and conversion rate can help you make informed decisions or make adjustments. This is quite easy with Click Master as it offers you real-time reports on the performance of your links and the conversion rates. It also alerts you to any changes in seconds.

You can sync ClickMeter tracking with your favorite e-commerce stores like Shopify, Amazon, Woocommerce, etc., so you can manage all your link tracking under one roof. With advanced affiliate tracking tools, this link tracking lets you optimize your campaign to generate more revenues. In addition, you can easily detect bot traffic and protect your advertisement. Some of its tools include You can monitor your affiliates and understanding them better.

What is ClickMeter?

ClickMeter is a software filled with affiliate tracking tools for managing links and conversion rates. It allows marketing managers and agencies to create effective online campaigns. ClickMeter registers all clicks and vital information, such as which website refers to the user, city, or country if it is a fraudulent click, and if the clicks resulted in a conversion. With these pieces of information, business owners can analyze the clicks and compare their marketing sources to understand better performance. It allows you to focus only on efficient campaigns and get the most out of their advertising investment.

Aside from business owners, other common users of ClickMeter tracking include bloggers, agencies, marketing managers, retailers, web admins. ClickMeter allows you to access real-time reports and manage all your marketing effort in one place. For example, you can manage your Pay-per-click, affiliation, email marketing, blog posting, press releases, mobile ads, and so on.

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With ClickMeter, you can analyze your marketing activities and measure your clicks and conversions. The link tracking software gives a detailed report on the performance of your links. You can then use the information to make necessary adjustments. Also, you have many options to integrate and customize ClickMeter to suit your unique needs. ClickMaster requires no additional software or code before you can use the tracking features. You can start making profitable decisions without wasting time or money on heavy campaigns with a few clicks. The affiliate software is a reliable and easy-to-use platform.

How to Use ClickMeter

Suppose you want to use ClickMeter, head straight to to sign up. Unfortunately, ClickMeter doesn’t offer a free trial, but it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Once you sign up, you can start exploring the great features to monitor, track, share and manage your links. In addition, you will have a personal dashboard detailing all features to improve your marketing. The different sections include:

  • Campaign
  • Tracking pixels
  • Events
  • Last events
  • Conversion

After creating campaigns, you can access them on the left-hand side of the dashboard for easy accessibility. You can also get a comprehensive report on the dashboard to see which of your campaigns is efficient and the rates of clicks or conversion. In addition, you can access the top browser, platform, the particular city or country where the clicks or conversions are coming from, the internet provider, and the IP address. In essence, ClickMaster gives you full details about each click on your link.

The IP address of the clicks can be useful, especially if the click is from a bot. That way, you can check the peculiarities of the links and prevent them in the future. Similarly, you can double your campaigns to generate more sales and commissions when you know the country or location source of most clicks and conversions. The beauty of ClickMeter is that it gives you the access time, the date, and the time a user clicks on your links.

Click on “create new,” add your name, tags, and notes to create a new campaign. If you need some support, you can use the ClickMeter resources featuring, How to create a campaign and campaign articles. Adding tags to your campaign makes it easy to filter tracking links in your reports.

Create tracking links

In addition, you can create tracking links and test them to see how it looks through the “Make a first check” button. Before you know it, you will start getting a lot of traffic and conversion rates on your blogs, social platforms, pay-per-click campaigns, newsletters, or any source you’d like to measure. Each time a user clicks on your tracking link, it redirects them to the landing page you specified in the form.

At this stage, ClickMeter starts collecting important data such as the user’s browser, location, phone type, and so on. Then, ClickMeter creates real-time marketing reports you can use to make necessary decisions. For instance, you can direct people using a smartphone to your mobile website or desktop to your web page. Then, it takes just a few steps to add your unique ID, create a campaign, create tracking links and generate more revenues.

ClickMeter Features

ClickMeter offers incredible tracking tools, but some of the most important ones are:

Conversion tracking

Tracking products and services are essential to the success of affiliate marketers as it allows them to know the performance of their campaigns. You might not own the products directly, but it is vital to monitor them like it’s your own. ClickMeter Conversion tracking makes this easy. You can monitor your trackings and follow up on them. For instance, you can see the conversion location, track your links and follow up on your conversion rates. That allows you to see specific keywords, ads, and campaigns driving customers’ actions the most. Also, it makes you know your return on investment (ROI) and make decisions to improve your ads.

Link tracking

The link tracking tool can help attribute the traffic you get to different marketing campaigns, such as Facebook or AdWords. That makes it easy to see the performance of the links. Besides, the tags you add when creating your link aid in tracking custom campaigns. You can see how many customers interact with your ads on one browser or device. For instance, content creators can see the valuable content to people and the ones that need adjustments.

Link cloaking

Most often, affiliate links are long URLs with unnecessary information. If it doesn’t make sense to a tech specialist, how will an ordinary person perceive it? Using these links directly can affect your marketing engagement and campaign. Thankfully, ClickMeter links cloaking allows you to mask a link to conceal the destination website URL. In other words, when a visitor clicks the link, it redirects them to the intending seller. A cloaked link is clean, easy to share, and suitable for tracking and reporting.

By presenting a clean link to visitors, they will be willing to click on the link. It inspires trust in the marketer. Besides, it makes it seamless to share and manage the links.

Links report

Another awesome feature of ClickMeter is the link report. For every click and conversion on your links, you get a detailed report from ClickMeter. Once a visitor clicks on your link, it redirects them to the merchant page. While this goes on, Click Meter works underground to gather data, such as user’s location, browser, device, authenticity, access time, and so on. Then, it compiles this date to give a comprehensive report, which you can use to make an informed decision. For example, you can get a guideline on how to remove fraudulent clicks.

Traffic distribution

The purpose of tracking links and conversion is to increase the traffic on your different social platforms. ClickMaster tracking alerts you to the top-performing landing pages, offers, and campaign paths. That way, you can save time, optimize your setups correctly, and increase the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

ClickMeter Pricing

ClickMeter does not offer a free trial, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee to assure users. Moreover, the ClickMeter pricing plan is in three stages Medium, Large, and X-large. So let’s check them below and find which one fits your needs.

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ClickMeter Integrations

To get a more inclusive view of your data and marketing efforts on your dashboard, you can connect ClickMeter tracking with other valuable apps ensuring that they function together. You can perform operations such as recording sales, keeping track of links and visitors’ data in one location.

ClickMeter integrations incorporate all of these different applications into one system, where you can collect and analyze data. That way, you don’t have to jump from app to app, wasting time and effort. From your dashboard, you can access all essential functions to enhance your campaigns and boost your conversions. ClickMeter integrations include:

  • Google Ads (Adwords)
  • Facebook ads
  • Affiliate networks
  • Campaign manager
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Backpage
  • Retargeting/remarketing
  • Megaphone
  • Rebrandly
  • Safari
  • Shopify
  • WordPress

ClickMeter Alternatives

If you want to try other link tracking software solutions, there are great alternatives to try out. Most of these platforms help you maximize your sales and conversion by monitoring, managing, and tracking your links and conversions. Other important factors to consider when choosing alternatives to ClickMeter include reliability and ease of use. The alternatives are:

ClickMeter Review Conclusion

Many link tracking platforms help you monitor and manage your links. However, what they don’t do is track your conversions as well. ClickMeter combines link and conversion tracking to improve your overall marketing campaigns. ClickMeter tracking platform enables users to monitor their affiliate links and marketing campaigns’ performances. Its common users of ClickMeter include Affiliates, advertisers, marketing agencies, and publishers. Also, It helps them optimize their clickthrough and conversion rates.

With ClickMeter, you have access to important information about your visitors. For instance, you can tell if a particular is a bot, the browser used, device type, country, and location of the users. Then, while a user clicks the link and heads to purchase the product or service, ClickMeter assesses them to garner their demographics. It then collates the information into a digestible report. That allows users to make informed decisions and see the performance of their campaigns. You can sync ClickMeter with any e-commerce apps, including Shopify, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc. Although ClickMeter doesn’t offer a free trial, it promises a 30-day money-back guarantee if you arent satisfied with their service.