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Loom Alternatives

If you go for a Google search for screen recording software, you will see plenty of Loom alternatives. Some are similar to Loom but have unique features that better fit your needs.


Soapbox is one of the Loom alternatives but with quite similar features. This Google Chrome extension allows you to video record your screen and yourself, customize the player interface, and edit the final result. Although the free plan lets you create unlimited videos, you can download them only if you switch to the paid Solo Plan. On a separate note, what makes the platform interactive is the possibility of using call-to-action options throughout your video. Moreover, your can personalize your experience by customizing the looks of the video player. The news here isn’t so great if you want to see yourself while recording on screen and camera. You can’t do this so it might require video recording retakes.


Another app that allows you to record your screen is Camtasia. It is also a video editing software suitable for creating video tutorials, presentations, and other instructional and educational video content. Camtasia brings to the table pre-built video templates that will ease your editing efforts. Moreover, you can add music and sound effects from this app’s free music library to make your videos engaging. And it is also very interactive due to the possibility of adding quizzes to your content. However, unlike the Loom video recorder, this tool does not offer a free version and is more expensive than its direct competitors.


CloudApp screen recording software allows users to use the camera and the shared screen. In addition, you can add text and messages to the videos as a complementary method to the already given information. CloudApp supports your creative process by allowing you to easily design GIFs you can share using an automatically generated link to the videos. This app offers a free plan, but its functionalities are limited. However, the paid plan is affordable.


Another notable app on the list of Loom alternatives is Vidyard.

Vidyard is also a Chrome extension you can use to record your screen, and it seems to have a rich yard of video features literally. Using this app, you can benefit from video optimization that automatically enables video captions. It is also metadata friendly, meaning your videos are processed with metadata to rank better. Like Loom software, Vidyard sends notifications when someone watches your video so you can keep track of the engagement data. Also, the platform lets you share your video message across multiple channels, like email, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. And it has a free version that includes unlimited recordings, uploads, and share options.

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