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What is Notion?

A start-up with the same name founded the Notion software product in 2016. They created Notion as a note-taking/productivity platform that allows users to create notes, databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars, and reminders. Moreover, they can interconnect these benefits to create a project and task management system, note-taking, data, and knowledge management.

They’ve wanted to create a single workplace to solve multiple needs. As a result, notion software can be used individually or in collaboration with others. Yes, we can say that Notion can be a project management software. Yet, if you want to purchase this tool only for this purpose, I recommend you read about other tools designed only to organize and manage your projects and teams.

Thus, I can describe Notion as a multitasking tool, yet we must see if it excels in all functionalities. To summarize, Notion is a software product that helps users schedule tasks, manage files, save documents, set reminders, keep agendas, and organize their work.

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Notion Pricing

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$5 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Four Notion pricing plans are available - Personal, Personal Pro, Team, and Enterprise. The Personal plan is free forever and includes all the basic features you need to organize your life. Personal Pro has a monthly cost of $5, or $4/month, when billed annually. The Team plan costs $10/user monthly or $8/user/month, with annual billing. The Team Plan has a free trial with a 1,000-block limit.

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Notion Features

  • Cataloging/Categorization
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Comments
  • Drag & Drop
  • Document Storage
  • Import
  • Permissions
  • Searchable
  • Tagging
  • Templates
  • Upload
  • Versioning & Version History

Additional Features

  • Content Management
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Full-Text Search
  • Self Service Portal
  • @mentions
  • Annotations
  • Create Subtasks
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Customizable Templates
  • Idea Management
  • Resource Management
  • Task Tagging
  • Template Management
  • Brainstorming
  • Knowledge Management
  • Meeting Notes
  • Notes Management
  • Real-Time Editing
  • To-Do List
  • No-Code
  • Project Planning/Scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Traditional Methodologies
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Communication Management
  • Document Management
  • Kanban Board
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Reporting/Project Tracking
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • Issue Management
  • Mobile Access
  • Prioritization
  • Progress Tracking
  • Workflow Management
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Budget Management
  • Contact Management
  • Guest Access
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Gantt/Timeline View
  • Activity/News Feed
  • Offline Access
  • Requirements Management
  • Time & Expense Tracking
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Status Tracking
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Spreadsheet View
  • Task Board View

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If you are looking for a note-taking tool to combine your work tasks and personal planning, you must try Notion. We all know that nowadays, we are using so many apps and tools to help us cope with the amount of information and our full schedule, not to mention that we have a personal life that needs to be managed. But with Notion, everything is much easier. This note-taking software product is ideal for your ideas and notes and your projects, plans, to-do lists, database, and many more. From this review, let’s find out how you can use and integrate Notion into your personal and professional life and keep yourself happy.

Notion Knowledge Management Tool

Notion Note-Taking app

If you’re looking for a note-taking app, you will find more than this with the Notion app. But before going deep into our Notion review, let me create a simple context for you. People have been using more note-taking software products in the last couple of years. They allow you to take all your notes anywhere you go. Or write down every idea you have whenever it comes.

This tool can replace the traditional pen and paper with success and avoid carrying too many notebooks after you. If, in the beginning, these software products looked like there were designed especially for students, now, everyone can find a use for them.

The beauty of this Notion app is that you can’t say anymore that it’s just a note-taking app. So, if you want to use it, it’s ideal. Yet, if you need other functionalities like project management for your projects and tasks. Or personal to-do lists. The Notion can do that for you too. So even though Evernote is the most popular tool for note-taking in this industry, Notion is a serious competitor.

I’m already using Evernote for many things, and I’m satisfied with what it offers for my needs. If you want to learn more about Evernote, you can read my full review. Moving on, I want to show through this Notion review that this industry is quite vast.

And each software product has its good things and less good things. So, to sum up, let’s find from this review if the Notion app has the potential to become your next note-taking and project management tool.

How to use Notion?

I like these software products because the people behind them are designing them to be intuitive and easy to use. But, of course, some tools can be managed only by specialists in those domains. But regarding productivity and management, I’m sure that everyone can deal with using a tool.

Coming back to our sheep, Notion covers so many needs in one app and is pretty flexible. You can use it for your notes, keep track of your tasks, personal things that need to be done, and so on. People nowadays tend to use so many apps for different needs, but you can keep track of everything from one workspace with Notion.

Use Cases - Note Taking

Even though the design looks minimalistic, you can create complex projects with Notion and collaborate with your teammates. As a result, not only can you boost your productivity, but also you can keep track of everything you are working at. Moreover, Notion offers three products:

  • Team Wiki
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Notes & Docs

What is a Wiki in Notion?

Probably you’re asking what Team Wiki is and how you can use it. First of all, a wiki is a collaborative tool that allows users to contribute and modify one or more pages of related materials. Wikis are collaborative and facilitate community-building within a course. In Notion, you can organize every aspect of your life and work all in one place. That one place where you store all your content is called a personal wiki. With Notion, you can build your wiki from scratch.

Use Cases - Team Wiki

For example, if a new employee is coming into your company, imagine how easier it would be for both of you to understand each other if you had a digital place where he could find everything he needs. All the information is in one workspace. And this is a nice and unique feature that Notion offers that is missing from Evernote.

Notion Templates

Another great thing about Notion is that it offers templates for different case studies and jobs like HR, students, nonprofits, startups, remote work, personal or work. The templates that Notion offers to users are designed to ease each action and create the ideal digital context for what you have to do.

That’s a great thing I like about Notion; its flexibility allows users to keep their stuff, work in balance, and be on top of everything without error. You can find all their templates on their website, and I’m sure you’ll find some amazing designs for you or your company.

Details of Notion Features

Notion offers many great features to make you fall in love with this tool. Of course, users can find some of the features in other tools, yet Notion offers unique instruments to ease your life. I will try and group them regarding their functionality.

  • Tasks

Besides taking notes, Notion can help you organize your tasks for each project. Thus, Notion offers you the right instruments to plan, track, update your projects, and add due dates. This feature will give you accessibility, clear visibility of your projects, and real-time updates. Moreover, you add team members and collaborate on projects with the premium plans.

Tasks Features

So, besides being a great note-taking app, Notion can be considered a medium project manager software. I’m saying medium because it was not designed to be developed just in this way. If you’re looking for a software product just for this topic, you have other tools like, Asana, Trello, or Teamwork. Yet, Notion is doing a good job in project management. So, let’s see what other features you can get to deal with this part:

  • Creation & Assignment
  • Due Dates
  • Task Prioritization
  • To-Do Lists

  • Dependencies
  • Mass Updates
  • Drag & Drop
  • Recurring Tasks

  • Projects

Another great thing that differentiates Notion from other note-taking apps is the possibility of managing your projects. Besides its notes benefits, Notion offers users the right instruments to create and plan their projects with many features. The team behind this has built a strong project management system connected to your notes and gives up using two or three apps to cover all your needs.

Notion Features - Projects

Yes, it is also suitable for big projects. To sum up, they’ve designed one highly modifiable application that’ll successfully replace many of the tools you’ve used for project management. And, for this, I think it’s somehow ahead of Evernote. So, let’s see what other features Notion offers to ease the workflow of your projects regardless of their dimension and goals.

  • Planning
  • Project Map
  • Calendar View
  • Views
  • Project Budgeting

  • Issue Tracking
  • Templates
  • Critical Path
  • Time & Expense
  • Methodologies

  • Projects Monitoring

Regarding your projects, Notion offers you the possibility to track each of them. You will need these features to improve your team workflow and productivity and adjust them at the right time.

  • Baselining / KPIs
  • Resource Allocation
  • Dashboards

  • Wiki

This feature allows you to create a home for your company’s information. Notion will allow you to gather all the important information for your team and new members in one digital place so that everyone can easily have access whenever they need it.


personal wiki


For example, you can add data like employee benefits, office guidelines, or policies to the Wiki pages. And every time an employee needs to access that information, they can do it in Notion. In this way, you can save time and misunderstandings. Instead of asking somebody, every team member can go into the Notion app and have that info.

  • Templates
  • In-Content Feedback
  • Comments
  • Versioning and Version History

  • Knowledge Management

Regardless of your business, knowledge is one of the keys to success. It is what you are doing and can store all the processes of your departments and teams. This system aims to improve understanding, collaboration, and process alignment. A system like this can help you save time instead of wasting it, help your teams follow the right process in their work, and share the right information.




Building a knowledge management system — or KMS — is about more than just making employee benefits information clear and easily found. It’s like building a shared brain for your org that collects learnings and helps everyone operate more efficiently. To sum up, Notion can successfully replace other knowledge management software products like Confluence, Archbee, or Infinity.

Features Conclusions

As you can see, Notion can do for you or your company more than help you make orders in your notes and ideas and keep them in one place, replacing your old notebook. Moreover, with Notion, you don’t have to keep a notebook for every personal or professional project; the app offers one digital place to manage this.

So, I can’t say that Notion it is just a note-taking app, but a complex system that offers the right instruments to gather your projects, your notes, and your to-do lists with the help of some special features.

But on the other hand, I don’t think that Notion can beat the software products dedicated to project management, yet it is still a promising tool that, in the future, I’m sure will beat tools like Teamwork,, and so on. Yet, regarding features offers almost the same as a project management tool.

Notion Pricing Detailed

Before going further, probably you’re asking how much does Notion cost. The Notion app offers a free version for personal use. And indeed, it is amazing if you want to organize every aspect of your life. Moreover, you can sync your account between devices, choose to work on their platform or download the Notion app for Mac or Android.

Think about it; you will have all your notes, ideas, plans, tasks, and every possible content supported by Notion in one workspace. Their monthly plan starts from $ 5 per month. Notion offers 50% off on Team plans for registered nonprofits or the international equivalent. Moreover, the Personal Pro Plan is free for students and educators.


You can connect your favorite tools to Notion with their API. Until now, this was a con for Notion, but they are finally launched their API. In public beta for now, but you’ll be able to Customize Notion. So your teams and developers can build powerful integrations that connect Notion to the daily tools and workflows they use.

This opens up a whole new set of problem-solving capabilities for Notion users. While the API will continue to evolve, Zapier, Typeform, and teams are already building integrations you can use to bring information from disparate apps together in Notion.

Notion Integrations

Zapier integration with Notion

Zapier automatically moves information between Notion and other applications you use every day. It already supports thousands of other apps, such as Slack, Jira, Salesforce, and more. Using Zapier, you can create automated workflows that set Notion as your team’s information hub. For example, you can centralize new sales deals, advertising metrics, or website analytics in Notion without requiring your team to copy the information manually.

Alternatives to Notion

Even though Notion is a great product, it might not fit your business or personal needs. That’s why I always recommend being open to discovering new ones. Thus, here are some of the best alternatives that you could try.

  • Evernote
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Confluence
  • Quip
  • Slite
  • Infinity

Notion Review Conclusion

In conclusion, the Notion review to make the best decision, I can affirm that Notion is more than a note-taking app where your ideas can transform into digital notes and give up all your notebooks. Instead, the Notion app is a versatile software product that can mulch on everyone’s needs and company.

It offers more than a digital notebook to manage and organize all your ideas and notes, but is an all-in-one workspace where you can transform your ideas into real projects. The software can sustain small projects and collaborate with your teams on the most complex ones. With Notion, you’ll have all your ideas, projects, lists, and daily plans in one tool without the need to spread them among more tools.

The Notion app is a must-try software product; thus, they offer a free plan that allows you to taste it. It will help your process and productivity and keep you more organized and on time on top of everything. Moreover, their product is so flexible that it can be ideal for individuals and big companies. But you don’t have to take my word; give it a try and share your experience with us!

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