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Knowledge management software (KWS) helps individuals and organizations of all sizes streamline their information sharing. Also, they support the effective use of knowledge and spread information inside and outside the organization.

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There are two types of knowledge management systems:

Enterprise-Wide KMS

Above all, enterprise-wide KMS helps companies streamline their work and maintaining organizational productivity. It also allows them to focus on the big picture rather than get drawn in a multitude of data.

This type of knowledge management software is often used for good practice manuals and operational manuals that you can share in the organization. Thus, it helps share knowledge in a fast and easy way. And also align the integration of new employees into an already existing work environment.

Knowledge Management Work Systems

The knowledge work system helps organizations share business-wide knowledge. Meaning, for optimal gathering of work-related data, there are several types of subsets that might include: knowledge graphs, databases, and many more.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a system to help you align and optimize the organization’s workflow, you are in the correct category. Knowledge management software will, in conclusion, save you time in:

  • Integrating new people
  • Structure information and share it
  • Automize processes through AI etc.

Study your organization’s needs and see what type of knowledge management system fits. We are confident you will find what you are looking for and you will thank us later.

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