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All small business owners have experienced the frustration of investing a large part of their time in financial activities. Furthermore, SMEs are the backbone of society and hold most of the finances in the world altogether. This is the reason why Plooto was created. To make life easier for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Plooto Features

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About Plooto

What is Plooto?

Plooto is a software solution that helps you manage your online payments.

First, the software toll helps you handle all your accounts payable and accounts receivables and supports you to have “healthy” cash management. Second, Plooto, in contrast to other online payments systems, enables you to process payments from customers or vendors even if they don’t have a Plooto account. Third, Plooto has an interesting automation tool connected to the bank account that will automate and take care of payments for you. Last, the Saas integrates with popular cloud-based and desktop-based accounting systems in the USA: QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Xero to support end-to-end accounts payable and receivable.

How does Plooto work?

A relatively simple to use the tool. We would be surprised if it would create any problems for you to set it up and use it in your organization. First, however, let us continue the Plooto review by showing you how this software tool works.

  • Create an account

You can easily create an account without the need for a credit card and enjoy beginning with a reasonably generous trial period of 30 days. The setup will require you to choose what you are going to use the tool for.

How to create an account on Plooto

The difference between the two accounts is essentially the number of clients you manage if you are an accountant or bookkeeper and not by the features you have available in the account.

  • Setting up your information

The vital aspect over here is that you need to follow the steps closely. The tool does not allow you to skip some steps, however, and why would you ?! Not skipping these steps will essentially enable you to enjoy all the functionalities the tool has.

How to setup account - Step 1

How to setup account - Step 2

How to setup account - Step 3 How to setup account - Step 4

How to setup account - Step 5 How to setup account - Step 6

Once you are all set up, the tool will start collecting information from your bank accounts assigned and the accounting tools you provided.

So, let’s continue our Plooto review with the features and the integrations you can enjoy with the software.

Plooto Features

As mentioned before, Plooto is a tool that should not create any problems for any user. The tool is pretty straightforward unless there are any technical errors you encounter; there is no much use for a tutorial for anybody who has expertise in running a business, CFO, account, or bookkeeper.

Accounts Payable

Plooto Inc comes with one of the simplest payment systems we have encountered so far. However, the truly remarkable part is the automation feature. So,  if it is the first time you are paying a vendor, you can use payments by email which will help you avoid some of the transfer costs and save the vendor for future payments. the automation features essentially allow you to import all your bills from accounting software and

Furthermore, you can request and receive approvals with automatic email notifications from the parties in your organization involved with those tasks.

Last, the system allows you to automate the process and set it as repetitive to save time and focus more on what is vital for your business.

Accounts Receivables

As with any accounting software such as Freshbooks, accounts receivables in Plooto work pretty much the same. However, the software will import all the receivables from Quickbooks or Xero. Furthermore, you will also have the possibility to automate the debits from a recurring customer account, and also the software will reconcile your accounts in the accounting system.

Regarding the recurring debits from the customers, Plooto has had some shortcomings in the past. Some complaints from clients that the software did not withdraw the full amount from the customers as there was not enough in their account and failed to send notifications about the issue.

Plooto also enables you to email your customers the generated invoices imported from the accounting platform and ensures that you have a clear overview of your cash flow. Thus, offering a clear overview of paid invoices, pending, paid, and the summary of your bank accounting in real-time.

International Payments

International payments in Plooto work more or less the same as regular payments. The only difference there is the currency you are making the payment. Moreover, for making international payments with Plooto, you do not need a bank account in that currency. Plooto Inc will handle that for you.

CRA Payments

This is essentially a feature meant to “spoil” Canadian customers. Essentially it allows Canadians to save time with filling their taxes to the Canadian Remittance Agency with just a click straight from Plooto.

Online Check Payments

The Plooto feature essentially saves you the time you waste going to the bank and filling your checks. So how does it do that? First, you have to fill in the usual information you would fill on a check and send it. Then, the solution will take care of the rest without requiring a signature from you.

Plooto Feature - Online Check Payments

How to run a report in Plooto?

First, Plooto allows you to generate both payable, receivable, and bank statement reports from the platform. To download these reports, all you have to do is:

  • Go to the bank section in Plooto
  • Select the bank account of interest
  • Mark export from the transaction history section
  • Choose the dates and extra information that you would like to see
  • Select Bank Statement

Bank Accounts Features

The outcome of this will be an Excel( xslx.) file with transactions.

Plooto Integrations

Plooto inc integrates with two of the most appreciated accounting and bookkeeping software in the United States. The integrations will allow communication at all times between the tools.

Plooto Integration with Quickbooks

Meaning, you can import into Plooto all the client and vendor information necessary to make and receive payments. Last, the communication between the software will allow you to reconcile your accounts.

Plooto Integration with Xero

The two integrations available make the software product developed by Plooto inc suitable for both large and small companies and accounting firms.

Plooto Pricing

The tool is fairly priced and with a generous free trial of 30 days. Moreover, the Plooto pricing strategy includes two plans: for businesses and accounts or bookkeepers. However, each one of the plans comes with only 10 free domestic payments, and thereafter you will be charged $0.5 per domestic payment.

Starting From: $25/month - 10 FREE domestic payments

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 30-days - No Credit Card Required

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Plooto Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Plooto is a user-friendly tool limited somewhat to QuickBooks and Xero users. The tool will save you a lot of time through the two-end integration, check function, and account reconciliation features. It will also help you keep a close look at your cash flow which many come in handy if you are a busy entrepreneur. However, due to the pricing strategy, they approach not account-based but payment-based; it can get expensive, especially if you have lots of international transitions or check payments.