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Yotpo Alternatives

We keep saying that what is working for a company is not working for all companies. That’s why all you have to do is inform. Read as many reviews as you want before making a decision, and after that, you can say what you really need. If you are not convinced yet that Yotpo is the solution that your business needs to grow and boost its sales, don’t worry; there are other tools on the market, and I am sure that you will find a Yotpo alternative.

Top Yotpo Alternatives:

  • Bazaarvoice

  • Trustpilot

  • PowerReviews

  • Feefo

  • Loox

Yotpo vs. Loox

Let’s take a look at Yotpo vs. Loox and see what offers each of them.

First of all, both offer you the possibility to collect reviews from customers, not only written but also photos and videos. But after writing reviews for each, there is an interesting difference between them. Why is Loox an alternative to Yotpo? Loox can be useful for small businesses and shop owners who want to obtain more reviews from their customers to convert future buyers easily.

On the other hand, Yopo is playing in a different league; medium businesses, enterprises, and global brands. And that’s because Yotpo is collecting reviews and helps with marketing strategies and SEO tools to boost your sales and transform your customers into regular ones.

From this point of view, Yotpo definitely is designed with many more features and can do a lot more things for you if you want to play in that league.

Yotpo vs. Loox Pricing

Yotpo offers a free version and does not offer too many features, but it offers more than enough for a newly released business to boost sales and attract new customers. While for Loox, you only have paid subscriptions, and the price starts from $9,99 per month.

Both of them offer free trials if you want to go to the next level and try it with a premium plan. You have to know that for Yotpo, there isn’t a defined price because each plan is custom-made for each business’s needs. The premium plan for Yotpo can be more expensive than the Loox one, which is $99,99 per month, but again is offering many other things that Loox is not.

Yotpo vs. Loox Integration

Regarding this,  Yotpo offers integration with many more eCommerce platforms, apps, and tech partners, than Loox. Just the thing that Yotpo can be integrated with big eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, says something about its capability.

Overall, both of these tools are working great, and people are satisfied, but each one is dedicated to a certain level of your online shop. If you need something much more than collecting reviews of your customers, like SMS marketing, great integrations, SEO tools, Yotpo, it should be your choice. But if you only need to convert more customers from user-generated content at a great price, then Loox should be on your list.