10 Best tools for freelancers to succeed

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

If you are a freelancer who’s just starting a business, you might feel that you’re all alone in this. But to be honest, there has never been a time like this to be more accompanied by useful technology for your career. Thus, tools for freelancers are here to help. Taking notes, payroll services, file organizer software, or scheduling software are just a click away. But let’s find out more about some of the greatest freelancers tools you might not want to miss out on. 

The best toolkit for a freelancer to grow their business

To be on your own is liberating, but at the same time, you have to be well-organized to succeed. So, the best freelancing apps can help you be more effective and productive in your business. 


When you work on multiple projects, keeping track of them with pen and paper is not at hand. Evernote is a digital note-taking app that gives freelancers a place to write their ideas, thoughts, or to create lists and post-it notes. Moreover, you can create project plans and schedule tasks on weekdays. Also, Evernote templates will surely ease your job. 

Evernote Overview


One of the most reliable online business payroll services is Deel. Deel payroll is perfect for remote employment. This payroll platform allows you to hire and pay people regardless of their location. In addition, Deel provides tax forms, invoice generation, compliance documents collection, localized contracts, all of them in just one platform. So, you can work with whomever you want no matter where they are because this remote payroll platform helps you with international contract jobs and many other things. 

Deel OverviewiProVPN

Online security is a point of interest in this technological world. Furthermore, freelancers who work for international clients should use VPN software. iProVPN is a business VPN service that allows users access to web content outside their area. With a private IP address that ensures hacker protection, freelancers can also unblock region-locked services and web page results. 

iProVPN User Interface


pdfFiller is a document management software that lets users create, upload, edit, and share PDFs. In addition, PDF filler is well-known for connecting your documents to billing systems for invoicing uses. Besides turning PDFs into invoices, the app integrates well with Google Docs and Office 365, supports document faxing, has a baked-in spellchecker, and gives you access to API for automation. 

PDFFiller Dashboard


A revolutionary PDF editor tool is certainly iLovePDF. This file management app allows freelancers to convert scanned PDFs into Microsoft Word documents thanks to the OCR technology. More than this, it offers a plethora of functionalities that let users convert a PPT to PDF, compress and merge PDFs, or convert PDF into many other document formats. 

IlovePDF Functionalities


Having many contractors means, by default, having lots of meetings and conversations. Calendly is an online calendar platform that works as an appointment software. It allows you to schedule meetings. Calendly scheduling software creates personal meeting links ready to be sent to your contacts so that they can access your calendar. This calendar app handles appointment times, attendees, and dates smoothly.

Calendly Dashboard Meeting Schedule 

Bluf VPN

Another great VPN software you should give a try is BlufVPN. It protects your sensitive information and personal data with advanced encryption. Also, BlufVPN respects your online privacy making your browsing 100% untraceable for your ISP and also from its own eyes, thanks to the app’s no-log policy. Another great thing is that you can switch locations via a private IP address to see restricted content in your country. 

BlufVPN Overview


Another payroll solution and accounting software came from Gusto. This financial software is a great platform for money transactions and payments. It provides an invoicing service that takes care of billing and taxes. This very secure app has automation features that allow you to go paperless. 

What is Gusto


Having endless conversations via email with clients is not fun. Monday.com is one of the most popular project management tools in the market. It facilitates communication with your team and clients. Moreover, this app organizes and manages multiple projects and complex tasks in only one digital workspace. 

Monday.com Project Management


Todoist is a project management tool that manages your daily tasks. It improves your workflow through its functionalities such as project organizing, planning your day, tasks overview, sharing the workload, analyzing progress, and karma system. 

Plan Your Day With Todoist

So, why not take your freelance business to the next level? Try these tools for freelancers and see how your business scales up!