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How to get clarity by communicating user problems visually

How to get clarity by communicating user problems visually | Ohad Ronen - Record

About Record, previously Tuto

Ohad: Record is an add-on for any SaaS product that enables end users to record their issues. You just embed our code script, and then any user can record these issues without downloading anything. And what’s special about our technology is that it’s not a screen capture tool; it captures just the product, and we know how to animate it and make their recording a visual representation of their issues. And we also capture, in the background, all the things that the support agent needs to solve the issue much more quickly. We are focusing on the end user and trying to provide him with the best experience we can to solve his issues.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Ohad: After we talked with customer support agents, we understand there is a lot of room to improve in this space. The customer experience they have today is insufficient, and there is a lot of room to do stuff and create better micro journeys as we have journeyed as users to become paying users or a sale or adoption journey. We know how to use the product, so we have the same thing in customer support. As users, we think we have an issue: their start and customer support journey. Then we can decide to go to the support or solve the issue ourselves. As a company, we need to see this journey and be proactive in how we try to communicate and work with the customer to resolve the problem.

Best Record features

Ohad: Right now, our top three features are. The first is the ability to share a shareable link with the user to record the screen and the product. This is the primary, core feature that most of our clients need and want. The second feature is basically the ability to record what happened in the background, all the cons, logs, and networks at the same time. The user doesn’t know that we do that, but customer support must solve the issue more quickly. And in the end, we have all the customer-facing widgets and facing models that we provide to the company so that the end user can see that he’s been can understand that someone helps him and makes him feel better by understanding that somebody takes care of the issue.

Record pricing plans

Ohad: Our pricing starts from free forever. We believe in that. We’re a PLG company. You can get started with our free plan. The next tier will be $250 per month, and then we will have $750 per month. And above that, we have the enterprise. But it’s very initial, and this is how we start from these prices, and we believe that it will be higher than what we have right now. If it’s important to you, go and claim it right now before it’s going to be more pricey.

Are you the first company to solve this problem?

Ohad: We have a few unique things for our approach and how we do that. But today, we’re in a global war, and somebody probably has the same idea somewhere else. There are some companies who try to do the same thing in the space, in our case, to shape the future of customer support. They are not necessarily in the same areas, but in the end, it’s good that you have competition. If it doesn’t have competition, it means that maybe the market is not mature enough or big enough.

When did you start the company?

Ohad: We started a company a year and a half ago. We started to work with something different. We were focused on tutorials and helping companies do better tutorials, more smart tutorials on the adoption side for products, not support. Still, our journey leads us to where we are right now. And we pivoted a few months ago, and I’m delighted that we pivoted. We basically had massive traffic from amazing big companies, public companies, and PayPal among them, and even Riverside was one of our clients. Shout out to Riverside, it’s a fantastic platform, and it’s an Israeli company, and we really like the customer, the head of customer support of Riverside. It’s nice to behold this whole conversation and podcast inside Riverside. It’s very nice to see it.

Do you think you have found the product market fit?

Ohad: No, I think that. You find your market feet after you reach $1 million in ARR and understand that there are enough sufficient people that want your product from one end, but they are willing to put enough money for the company to grow, right? Depending on your business plan, you can have fewer users who pay more. Then you get to product market fit because you have the necessity and can build the company upon the money they put into it. You need a lot of customers to get something that makes the company valued and can grow from there, even without any support from venture capitalists. I believe you can find product market fit when you have $1 million in ARR, and it’s somewhere between Seed and Series A rounds for companies.

How big is your team right now?

Ohad: We’re six people based in Israel, and everybody works full-time. We divide the company into R&D, where we have three people and people working on the business side of the company – operations, marketing, and sales. This is how we divide the company, and we’ll look right now to grow to 12 people. We are expanding mainly product, UX, and development. The company will be able to scale much faster on the product side, but we’ll also add some marketing, operations, and HR to the team.

Raising funds

Ohad: We raised 1 million from notable VCs. Justin Martin also invested, he was the CMO and co-founder of Tinder previously, but now he doesn’t do it. We have a few angel investors, one of them was a partner at YCombinator for seven years. We have a few more investors from big companies and public companies. I’m really glad that we have this team that is invested in our company. And in the end, we are also a Techstar company, one of the biggest accelerators.

Any piece of advice for founders who want to attract angel investors?

Ohad: I think that, in the end, any entrepreneur or founder needs to understand what is the current focus and what the company needs right now. I don’t believe that money is something that the company needs. Because to raise money, you need things first to go to investors and show them you have these strong cards. If I need to give my advice, it will be to focus, focus, and focus on what outcome you need and where you need to focus your resources to get this outcome. Because as an entrepreneur, the most valuable thing for you, it’s time, and you need to know how to allocate your and where to put your resources.

What’s your favorite software apart from Record?

Ohad: I will say that what comes to mind is ClickUp. It’s where we manage all our software and not necessarily like it’s the most amazing software. They have a lot of bugs, and they are like Monday.com. When they grow, they have more and more issues, and the software is not soft enough and not as fluid and smooth as I expected. But I want to say something I appreciate about this software that Zeb, the CEO of ClickUp. He has this mentality that they release something new to the platform every week. And I really like this approach that we always provide something new.

I also want to shout out to the Akiflow team, a hybrid personal productivity tool I like. I’ve also been featured on their blog because I use it for personal use. I think that what they do very well is understand their users. They have a massive community of people helping them shape the product and giving them suggestions of features and new features daily. And they hear everybody, and they, you know, involve the community in the developing process. They are always asking, and they always get feedback from users. And I think it’s something that is highly appreciated as a user.

Podcast Host & Guest(s)

Cristian Dina


Cristian Dina

Managing Partner & SaaS Podcast Host @ Tekpon
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Managing Partner & SaaS Podcast Host @ Tekpon

As one of the founding members of Tekpon, Cristian has worn many hats within the company, but perhaps none shines brighter than his role as the charismatic host of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast. With over 200 SaaS industry leaders gracing his episodes, Cristian's insatiable curiosity ensures he always has one more question. Cristian is a community builder at heart, being the Bucharest city leader for SaaStock Local and the author of the best-selling book King of Networking.

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