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Salesloop Alternatives

As with any software, Salesloop is not the only lead automation software present in the market. However, it is one of the good ones due to all the precautions they took to protect your account. To get a better perspective of what is going on in the market, we picked three relevant competitors to head with Salesloop and see how they perform. Let’s take a look at it together.

Salesloop- Tekpon Salesloop Review

Still, keep in mind that is a relatively new tool on the market, and the others had time to develop their product, create more integrations, and test other features on the one hand. On the other hand, Salesloop had the chance to see others’ mistakes and start with the right foot from the very start. We are very optimistic that we will be blown away by the new features and integration Salesloop will come up with in the coming month.

Salesloop vs. LinkedIn Helper

LinkedIn helper is probably one of the most popular automation software out there and, to some extent, the inspiration behind It launched a new design recently with a better UI and UX experience overall called LinkedIn Helper 2. This is probably the best thing they could do to wash off some customer concerns about security and user-friendliness. In terms of the product capabilities, they focused more than just on cosmetical aspects.

Some of the features we enjoyed the most in LinkedIn helper are:

                  • Group inviter
                  • Endorsement
                  • Contact remover

These would be some of the features we would appreciate on Salesloop as well. However, as mentioned earlier, this comparison is somewhat unfair to Salesloop, a company at the beginning of its journey.

Still, what Salesloop lack in features right now gains in functionality with its ability to run multiple accounts at the 6 in the Team plan and unlimited in Managed Service. As a bonus, also offers a premium service managed by one of their team experts to optimize your lead extraction and reach.

Now, in terms of integrations, we couldn’t find much on LinkedIn helper 2. We will assume that they probably have more integrations available. Still, for more information on LinkedIn Helper 2 ¬†also check out its review.

LinkedIn Helper 2 vs. Salesloop Pricing Model

In terms of pricing, first of all, you need to decide what you are looking for. Yes, LinkedIn Helper 2 is cheaper than Salesloop at first glance but let’s not forget the limitations you face in terms of accounts running simultaneously ability which, unfortunately, LinkedIn Helper lacks. Circling back to pricing, LinkedIn helper charges $15/month while the cheapest option at Salesloop is $49.

Salesloop vs. LinkedIn helper 2 pricing- tekpon review

Salesloop pricing plan

Salesloop vs LinkedIn helper 2- tekpon review

Salesloop vs. ProspectIn

ProspectIn is an automation tool that can generate several leads a day with no trouble. The unique thing about ProspectIn is the fact that it simulated human behavior like a pro. It limits the number of requests it sends to a maximum of 100 days and sends a maximum of 150 messages to avoid getting your account banned, petty much on the same principle as

ProspectIn comes with some interesting integrations with 2000+ apps such as Zapier, Hubspot, and  Slank. The two tools are fairly similar in terms of functionality and capabilities.

ProspectIn vs. Salesloop pricing model

ProspectIn has a fairly different pricing model than and approach to the thing. They basically focus on the number of accounts and features available to you.

Salesloop alternative -tekpon review

PrspectIn is more accessible than Salesloop price-wise but lacks the Manage Service feature that Salesloop has.

In conclusion, both companies are doing great in terms of security and care for your account and have very similar approaches to what they offer. At the end of the day, it is just a matter of preference and perspective which one you pick.

Salesloop vs. Expandi

Expandi promotes as the safest lead automation tool for LinkedIn. They might be. We might as well argue that Salesloop is. At the end of the day, the customer will decide which software is more reliable.

In terms of features, Expandi offers to a large extent exactly what Salesloop brings to the table. Expandi claims that they will save you 6 days of work each month with their services, pretty awesome as that would mean about 48h more for doing more creative work.

Moving on, in terms of integrations, we couldn’t find any information about Expandi; therefore, we concluded that they don’t have any. In contrast, Salesloop comes with two excellent integrations that will help you increase your leads’ relevance.

Expandi vs Salesloop price

Expandi comes with one strategy that fits all-in pricing, which leaves lots of room for improvement.

Salesloop alternative Expandi pricing-Tekpon review

Therefore, while offering excellent security, we conclude that Salesloop also offers several price plans starting from $49 for the solo account, $199 for up to 6 accounts, and $799 for the premium managed service. In contrast to the $99 per user at Expendi.

Conclusion & Overview

To wrap things up, all the tools we have been reviewing are wonderful and more experienced than Salesloop in some espects. But, we don’t necessarily think they are better in any way than on the contrary.

While more expensive, Salesloop offers a safer option than LinkedIn helper that will protect your account and at the same time allows you to have an expert manage your account for the best results.

Furthermore, ProspectIn great tool with an amazing level of security and over 2000 integrations. We must say we were quite impressed by this one it’s a shame they don’t offer a Management service.

Last, Expendi amazing tool in terms of security, probably the best of the ones we reviewed. However, they are quite pricy, lack integrations and diversity in terms of services. From a feature s perspective, they have more or less the same as Salesloop.

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