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Google Cloud Firebase

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Google Cloud Firebase Pricing

Google Cloud Firebase offers flexible pricing plans tailored to developers’ needs, from startups to enterprise applications.

With two main pricing options, the Spark Plan (free) and the Blaze Plan (pay-as-you-go), Firebase provides essential tools for app development, including Realtime Database, Firestore, Hosting, Authentication, and more.

The Spark Plan is ideal for small projects with generous free usage limits, while the Blaze Plan offers scalable, usage-based pricing for growing applications.

Google Cloud Firebase Plans

Spark Plan

  • Realtime Database: 1 GB storage
  • Realtime Database: 10 GB download
  • Firestore: 1 GB storage
  • Firestore: 50,000 reads/day
  • Firestore: 20,000 writes/day
  • Firestore: 20,000 deletes/day
  • Hosting: 1 GB storage
  • Hosting: 10 GB transfer
  • Authentication: 10k verifications/month
  • Cloud Messaging: Unlimited
  • Analytics: Unlimited
  • Crashlytics: Unlimited
  • Performance Monitoring: Unlimited
  • Test Lab: Unlimited
  • Cloud Functions: 2 million invocations/month
  • Storage: 1 GB storage
  • Storage: 10 GB download

Blaze Plan

/GB storage
  • Realtime Database: $5/GB storage
  • Realtime Database: $1/GB download
  • Firestore: $0.18/100,000 reads
  • Firestore: $0.18/100,000 writes
  • Firestore: $0.02/100,000 deletes
  • Firestore: $0.26/GB storage
  • Hosting: $0.026/GB storage
  • Hosting: $0.15/GB transfer
  • Authentication: $0.01/verification after free tier
  • Cloud Functions: $0.40/million invocations
  • Storage: $0.026/GB storage
  • Storage: $0.15/GB download
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Ana Maria Constantin

Google Cloud Firebase Pricing: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigate the various Google Cloud Firebase pricing structures and options available. Firebase offers a range of packages to cater to different needs, from startups to enterprise-level applications. Here, we will break down the available pricing tiers, including free and paid plans, along with what each package includes to help you make an informed decision.

Pricing Packages Overview

Firebase provides two primary pricing plans:

  • Spark Plan (Free)
  • Blaze Plan (Pay-As-You-Go)

Spark Plan (Free)

The Spark Plan is an excellent option for beginners and small projects. It allows you to start building and testing your application without any upfront cost. Here’s what the Spark Plan includes:

  • Firebase Realtime Database: 1 GB of stored data and 10 GB of download data per month.
  • Firestore: 1 GB of stored data, 50,000 reads, 20,000 writes, and 20,000 deletes per day.
  • Firebase Hosting: 1 GB of stored data and 10 GB of transferred data per month.
  • Firebase Authentication: 10k verifications per month.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging: Free unlimited usage.
  • Firebase Analytics: Free unlimited usage.
  • Crashlytics, Performance Monitoring, Test Lab: Free unlimited usage.
  • Cloud Functions: 2 million invocations per month.
  • Firebase Storage: 1 GB stored and 10 GB download per month.

The Spark Plan is designed for individuals and small teams who are just starting and need essential features to develop and test their apps.

Blaze Plan (Pay-As-You-Go)

The Blaze Plan is a pay-as-you-go option that provides scalability for growing applications and businesses. You only pay for what you use, making it ideal for projects that have outgrown the Spark Plan. Here are the key components of the Blaze Plan:

  • Firebase Realtime Database: $5 per GB stored, $1 per GB downloaded.
  • Firestore: $0.18 per 100,000 reads, $0.18 per 100,000 writes, $0.02 per 100,000 deletes, and $0.26 per GB stored.
  • Firebase Hosting: $0.026 per GB stored, $0.15 per GB transferred.
  • Firebase Authentication: $0.01 per verification after the first 10k verifications.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging: Free unlimited usage.
  • Firebase Analytics: Free unlimited usage.
  • Crashlytics, Performance Monitoring, Test Lab: Free unlimited usage.
  • Cloud Functions: $0.40 per million invocations, with additional charges for compute time and network egress.
  • Firebase Storage: $0.026 per GB stored, $0.15 per GB download.

The Blaze Plan is suitable for applications with variable or high traffic, providing the flexibility to scale resources according to demand without upfront commitments.

Google Cloud Firebase Free Trial and Version

Firebase offers a generous free tier through the Spark Plan, which allows developers to get hands-on experience with Firebase’s features. This free tier serves as a trial version for small-scale projects, helping users understand how Firebase can benefit their application development process.

In-Depth Feature Breakdown

Let’s delve deeper into what each Firebase feature includes in both the Spark and Blaze Plans:

Firebase Realtime Database

  • Spark Plan: Up to 1 GB of storage and 10 GB of download bandwidth per month.
  • Blaze Plan: Charged based on usage, ideal for applications requiring dynamic data sync.


  • Spark Plan: Basic usage with 1 GB of storage, and daily quotas for reads, writes, and deletes.
  • Blaze Plan: Pay for what you use, with costs scaling as your application grows.

Firebase Hosting

  • Spark Plan: Includes 1 GB of stored data and 10 GB of transferred data per month, suitable for hosting small websites or static content.
  • Blaze Plan: Cost-effective for larger sites with higher traffic, priced per GB of storage and data transfer.

Firebase Authentication

  • Spark Plan: Covers up to 10k verifications per month, enough for small applications.
  • Blaze Plan: Beyond the free tier, each additional verification costs $0.01, making it scalable for larger user bases.

Firebase Cloud Messaging

  • Both Plans: Free unlimited usage, ensuring seamless communication between your server and client applications.

Firebase Analytics

  • Both Plans: Free unlimited usage, providing robust analytics tools to understand user behavior and app performance.

Crashlytics, Performance Monitoring, Test Lab

  • Both Plans: Free unlimited usage, offering comprehensive tools to monitor, test, and improve your applications.

Cloud Functions

  • Spark Plan: Includes 2 million invocations per month, sufficient for moderate use cases.
  • Blaze Plan: Additional invocations and resources are billed, catering to more complex applications requiring extensive backend processing.

Firebase Storage

  • Spark Plan: Offers 1 GB of storage and 10 GB of download bandwidth per month.
  • Blaze Plan: Charged per GB stored and downloaded, providing scalable storage solutions for media-rich applications.

Quotas and Limits

Firebase enforces certain quotas and limits to ensure fair usage and to protect the system from abuse:

  • App Check: Limits are set to prevent abuse and ensure fair resource distribution. For example, the Spark Plan has stricter quotas compared to the Blaze Plan.
  • Firestore: Daily limits on document reads, writes, and deletes under the Spark Plan.
  • Realtime Database: Limits on simultaneous connections and storage under the Spark Plan.

These quotas are generally sufficient for most small to medium-sized applications, but as your application scales, you may need to transition to the Blaze Plan to accommodate higher usage.

Google Cloud Firebase Pricing Conclusion

Firebase offers a versatile pricing structure that can cater to a wide range of application needs. The Spark Plan provides an excellent starting point for small projects and testing, with a variety of free services that cover essential development and monitoring tools. As your application grows, the Blaze Plan offers scalable, pay-as-you-go options that ensure you only pay for what you use, making it a cost-effective solution for larger, dynamic applications.

By understanding the details of each plan and what is included, you can make an informed decision that best suits your project’s requirements and budget. Whether you are just starting or looking to scale your application, Firebase has a pricing plan that will meet your needs.


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Ana Maria Constantin

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