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Nowadays, it is easier than ever to stay in touch with customers and potential clients. All business owners and marketers know that attracting prospects is essential for the proper functioning of a company. Therefore, most use SMS marketing strategies to reach people directly in their text inboxes. 

Staying in permanent touch with your target audience will give them the feeling of belonging to a community. And that’s what you want to create! A strong and coagulated group that is interested in your company. 

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What is SMS marketing?

SMS is not only a service people use to keep in touch with their friends, families, or coworkers. The short message service can be used as a digital marketing strategy so that businesses can send offers, promotions, news, and coupon codes to their clients. Sms marketing allows you to design a strategy based on texting via automated text messages. Text marketing is a simple and easy way to approach clients and increase your return on investment.

SMS marketing includes welcome texts, product launches, seasonal sales, discount announcements, requesting customers to fill out surveys, or other promotions.

How to do SMS marketing?

The best way to do this kind of strategy is by using SMS marketing platforms to help you automate text messages. You can find on the market many tools specialized in providing only SMS marketing, but there are also other more extensive systems for other marketing automation efforts.

These kinds of platforms are easy and user-friendly. You have to upload your contacts list and their info, and the software will get all the work done, including tracking the marketing campaign data.

Does SMS marketing work?

It seems that customers like this approach, too, with statistics showing that 70% of them think receiving a sales message is a good marketing strategy to catch their attention. Moreover, people open messages received via SMS quicker than an email. This happens because SMS marketing is a more personal way to keep in touch with people.

In addition, the SMS marketing strategy has the advantage of tracking the performance of your sales messages. Some strategies to find out if it works are providing coupon codes available only via SMS campaign or links to your web page. This way, you will see how many sales and web visits you get with the help of this strategy.

Best practices of SMS marketing to increase sales

You should consider some SMS marketing best practices before starting to hit your customers’ phones. However, there are several guidelines to follow when designing an SMS marketing strategy. First, marketers have to obtain permission from contacts to send sales messages.

At the same time, it is important when you send SMS messages. Since it is a more personal way of contacting clients and potential customers, you don’t want to bother them too frequently.

Instead, text message them when you have something important and urgent to announce. And consider the time of the day you apply this marketing strategy. For example, using a discount received through a message at 3 AM won’t happen. And customers will be disappointed by the lack of professionalism of your business.

Thinking about how long should be a sales message is also essential. Don’t get too lost in details. When you have the opportunity to approach people directly in their text messages, be as quick as possible.

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