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InPixio Pricing

First of all, before finding the cost of inPixio, maybe you want to know that they offer a free version of the suite and a free trial available for Photo Studio, Photo Focus, Photo Maximizer, and Eclipse HDR Pro. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their programs if you’re unsatisfied with their products. Yet, its pricing is more complex than some plans, as they provide different products for users. So let’s see what kind of products inPixio offers and their pricing.

inPixio Plans

inPixio Photo STUDIO

  • Erase unwanted features: shadows, panels, watermarks, etc.
  • Erase objects, people, or text
  • Correction Patch – erase or clone features in detailed areas
  • Remove scratches, folds, and stains from old photos
  • Clone Stamp (cloning of features)
  • Build montages from your photos
  • Create fun pictures and greetings using AI-powered templates
  • Import several photos in a single edit
  • Cut out your own photos to add to your montage
  • Add stickers and text to your montage

inPixio Photo STUDIO PRO

  • Includes everything in Photo STUDIO, plus:
  • Sky replacement
  • AI background removal with adjustment tools
  • Background blur
  • Automatic correction in one click
  • Noise and sharpness correction tools
  • Creative effects: blur, film grain, LUT styles


  • Includes everything in Photo STUDIO PRO, plus:
  • Photo Maximizer
  • Photo Focus
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inPixio Photo Studio

You get two options to buy inPixio Photo Studio:

  • Standard inPixio Photo Studio: $59.99 per year
  • Professional inPixio Photo Studio: $79.99 per year

For both plans, you can also opt for a free CD that contains your program for $9.99.

For Mac, you get the following pricing:

  • Standard inPixio Photo Studio 10 Mac: $49.99 per year
  • inPixio Photo Studio 10 Mac Pro: $59.99 per year

You also get the option to get five licenses by paying an extra $9.99.

Also, if you are using the older version of Photo Studio, you can easily upgrade to the latest version by paying an upgrade fee. The upgrade cost is as below:

  • inPixio Photo Studio Upgrade: $19.99
  • inPixio Photo Studio Professional Upgrade: $29.99

inPixo Photo Studio Ultimate

The inPixio Photo Studio 11 Ultimate consists of Photo Studio Pro, Photo Maximizer, and Photo Focus. The Ultimate edition is available for Windows PC only. The inPixio Photo Studio 11 Ultimate is available for $99.99 per year. Just like other programs, you can also order a backup CD for an additional $9.99.

inPixio Photo Maximizer

The inPixio Photo Maximizer is available for the following price.

  • Photo Maximizer: $59.99 per year
  • Photo Maximizer: $79.99 per year

It is only available for Windows PC.

inPixio Photo Focus

If you only want inPixio Photo Focus, then you can get it at the following price:

  • inPixio Photo Focus: $59.99 per year
  • inPixio Photo Focus Professional: $79.99 per year

Like other versions, you can get a backup CD for an extra $9.99, and Focus is only available for Windows PC.

inPixio Eclipse HDR

inPixio Eclipse HDR is only available for Windows PC. You can buy it at the following price:

  • Eclipse HDR: $39.99 per year
  • Eclipse HDR PRO: $59.99 per year

How much does inPixio cost?

inPixio Suite is a collection of programs. That means you get different programs at different prices. However, the main program of the inPixio Suite is the inPixio Photo Studio which starts at $59.99 for the standard version and $79.99 for the Pro version. The inPixio Photo Studio 11 Ultimate combines three programs: Photo Maximizer, Photo Studio Pro, and Photo Focus. It costs $99.99 per year.

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