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Spott is a popular content management system that marketing teams use to create interactive content by including pdf documents and shoppable links to videos and photos to display the current product promotions. Team members can easily add interactive layers to their videos and photos using Spott.

From our Spott review, you’ll understand that you can use Spott to tag products and add CTAs to enhance engagement conversions among customers. So, with Spott, businesses can enjoy more benefits from published videos and photos by just including interactive elements to make them look measurable and actionable. In addition, advertisers, publishers, and retailers can use this tool to engage their audience by including interactive content in their videos and photos.

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Spott – interactive content management platform

This interactive content management platform that people can use to add shoppable links to videos and photos, link pdf documents, get newsletters subscriptions, or display your current promotions, is everything you could wish for your business. With Spott, adding an interactive element to your videos and photos won’t be a big problem. You can also add tag products, call-to-actions, get newsletters subscriptions and enhance conversions.

Our Spott review revealed that you could transform your inspirational content into clickable content through Spott’s AI-driven interactive overlay. Moreover, users can get more value from their published content by making it measurable and actionable in a multichannel environment.

What is Spott?

As we have mentioned above, Spott is a content management tool that allows its users to include shoppable links to their videos and images, link PDF documents, get newsletter subscriptions, and showcase recent promotions. In addition, with Spott, you can easily add an interactive element to any of your videos and photos. So, if you want your videos and images to be interactive, Spott is the best tool you can use to create interactive content.

Moreover, if you want to tag products, add call-to-actions, increase conversions and get newsletter subscriptions, you’ll be able to do it easily by using this tool. If you’re worried about their customer support, don’t. They offer a reliable customer support team that is always available to respond to your questions. Or any difficulty you experience when using the software.

On Spott, you will enjoy click-through rates of up to fifteen percent. As a result, you will have a higher audience, you will experience an increase in ROI and revenue, and you will enjoy interaction with technology.

How to use Spott

Let’s recap all the things we know about this tool until now. First, you can use Spott to enhance conversions, add tag products, call-to-actions, and get newsletters subscriptions based on our Spott review. Also, you can use Spott to transform your inspirational content into clickable content through its AI-driven interactive overlay.

Who can use Spott? That’s a great question, and the answer is as simple as it is to use their platform. Small businesses, midsize businesses, large businesses, advertisers, publishers, and retailers can benefit a lot from using Spott.

Here are the steps you can take when uploading your content on Spott:
  1. Upload your content

To upload your content, you will need to drag and drop your videos, photos, od catalogs into the Spott platform.

  1. Choose interactive Spotts from the library.

Spott has a library to drag and drop any feature you need in your content to make it interactive.

  1. Customize the Spott

The next thing for you to do is organize the content and links of the interactive layer and customize the feel and look to look like your product or brand.

  1. Share and publish

After customizing the Spott, you can go ahead to share your interactive content on various social media platforms through an easy link or integrate it into your website by simply copying and pasting a line of code.

  1. Analyze the results

The interactions from your customers with the interactive content you posted are real-time submitted to a dashboard, so you can easily analyze them.

Spott Features

Now, let’s discover what great things this tool offers its user. Here are some of the features of Spott that we have discovered to be interesting:

  • Card feature

With this card feature, you can add cards and a call to action on the top of your video. This way, your audience will know what you expect them to do after watching the video.

  • Interactive Content

And, this is exactly what Spott offers: the possibility of creating interactive content. The only thing you have to do is drag and drop your images, catalogs, or videos.

  • Data & Metrics

Another great thing you can do with Spott is tracking your content to improve next time. To do that, the tool provides a nice dashboard that will give you instant feedback on how your content is performing. And which one performs the best.

  • Spott Library

You can choose different interactive layers from an extensive library. Thus, you can build up your audiences, likes, and shares by engaging clients with challenges and links to your social channels directly from your content.

  • Branding

Thus, you can customize your content with your branding elements and save them as templates with this feature. Moreover, the tool offers the possibility to manage multiple brands.

  • Automation

This is a life-saver for everyone, and if the wanted tool has it, you should buy it. Instead of taking care of repetitive tasks, you can use the automation feature, and the tool will do the job for you. You can save time by connecting your database of products with their product feed to overcome any manual work. In this way, you immediately start to create interactive layers.

  • Multi-channel publishing

With Spott, you can share and publish your interactive content in a breeze. You can share, copy and paste a small piece of code as a link, and integrate it on your website. And even add them to your mail campaigns.

Spott Pricing

Now, let’s see how much Spott costs and what pricing plans you can choose from. First of all, they offer a Free plan, where you can have the basics of interactivity with limited customization. Then, you can choose from three different plans regarding your needs. Here are the plans:

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Spott Alternatives

The interesting part of this industry is that people always have other choices or alternatives. Maybe this tool won’t fit your needs or need other features. There are many other Spott alternatives that you can try on and see which one is working for your business. Below are some of them:


Businesses use this client management platform to arrange and monitor their connections with prospective or existing clients and partners. Users can log and manage client interactions, capture and save lead data, generate sales reports, and carry out the segmentation of target audiences. The leads gathered from a user’s website can be entered directly into the CRM. Users can then create message templates, send individual or group emails to leads and contacts, capture notes on client interactions, schedule meetings, and assign tasks.

Users can develop personalized invoices for clients by automatically entering customers’ information and sending them directly to their email addresses.

Bitrix24’s sales funnel functionality shows details of sales transactions in progress and their respective stages. For example, through the sales dashboard, sales agents can view the number of deals they could win, the number of clients they have not invoiced yet, and an agent’s rating compared with other sales team members.


This is a cloud-based fleet management platform created for small, medium, and large businesses. It has routing guides and route planning features. Users can use this application to upload or type in customer addresses and plan a route. Also, users can monitor driver progress on routes in real-time and manually transport customers from one route to another. With this software, you can plan routes to fit on-demand, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly schedules. Route4Me is available in different parts of the world, it was founded in 2009, and its mobile apps are available for iOS and Android.

Route4Me has a free trial that is available for everyone to use. The mobile application subscriptions begin at 9.99 dollars. The Dynamic and Recurring Routing packages begin at 149 dollars monthly. If you want the Enterprise plan, you will need to reach out to Route4Me to get a custom quote.


Marketers, recruitment managers, and sales representatives use Lusha to look for the contact details of prospects to reach out to and generate leads. This tool lets managers gather contact details B2B websites, email inboxes, social media handles, create lists and export them to CRM systems. Administrators use Lusha to generate lead scores, automatically update contacts in the Salesforce database, and analyze previous deals to comprehend sales patterns. Also, recruiters use this tool to look for personal contact numbers to interact with prospects.

This platform provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows businesses to change the system and integrate it with different applications like Zoho, SalesLoft Outreach, Pipedrive, Zapier, Salesforce, and HubSpot. In addition, their Customer Support is available through a knowledge base, FAQs, and other online platforms measures.

Lusha has a free Starter plan. A Professional plan that costs 99 dollars per user every month, a Premium plan that costs 199 dollars per user each month, and an Enterprise plan that is customized, so you will need to contact them to give you the cost.


This amazing cloud-based live chat platform can perfectly fit into any organization’s website. It has a customizable interface that allows organizations to make the live chat interface suit the feel and look of their existing online assets. Plus, Tidio has support for more than 140 languages. In addition, Tidio has integrations with renowned business applications like CRM software, Email Marketing, and eCommerce.

Tidio Chat is mobile compatible, and it ensures that customers on mobile devices can interact with the chatbox on small screens. And for instances where the agents are unavailable, customers can leave offline messages. In addition, through a Google Chrome plugin, Tidio Chat allows organizations to receive instant notifications of any pending offline messages.

Tidio has a seven days free trial that you can use to test features from the free and paid plan. When the free trial ends, the free features will remain there forever. The forever free plan gives you access to five hundred emails monthly, three chat operators, JS API, integrations with popular platforms and websites, free Mobil and desktop applications, visitors list monitoring, and unique chatbot conversations with one hundred special visitors monthly.


This is a  powerful customer support tool created to aid businesses in managing procedures similar to live chat, email marketing campaigns, behavior tracking, and others to enhance clients’ experience with the brand. With Froged, Customer Support agents can send personalized messages to clients, get information about a customer’s history, and get notified when new interactions come up.

Companies can use Froged to segment their customers based on their features. They can also analyze customer interactions by monitoring the rate of opened, clicked, or sent marketing campaigns. Send personalized emails to every contact by adding a company, name, and other information. Froged has a live chat functionality that allows agents to connect with clients in real-time and gather visitors’ contact information in case of unavailability. With the drag-and-drop interface and  WYSIWYG editor, organizations can develop a knowledge base, letting users streamline self-service procedures for clients.

Spott Review Conclusions

In conclusion, Spott is a great content marketing and content management system that allows advertisers, retailers, or publishers to create interactive content. Or add shoppable links to videos, photos, link pdf documents, get newsletters subscriptions, and showcase their recent promotions. Spott is the best tool you can use to include an interactive element in all your videos and photos. Based on our Spott review, you can also use Sport to enhance your conversions, tag products, and include call-to-actions. Moreover, Spott has a great user interface, is less expensive, and has a free version that you can explore.