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VideoScribe is one of the most known & used whiteboard animation software in the market. Launched in 2012 by UK-based company Sparkol, VideoScribe is designed to be an easy-to-use tool for creating whiteboard-style animation & explainer videos. Enhanced with images, graphics, royalty-free music & more, you can create amazing videos with zero design knowledge.

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VideoScribe Review – Whiteboard animation software

In this VideoScribe review, you will find details about the software’s features, pricing plans, pros & cons, and other important information.

Whiteboard animation is a new thing in video marketing. Its increasing popularity comes from higher engagement and conversion rates. Also known as an explainer video, marketers and education most frequently use whiteboard animations.

Suppose you are looking to create animations for your webpage, an explainer video or tutorial, an advertisement, or educational videos. In that case, Video Scribe video editing software might be the match for you.

What is VideoScribe?

VideoScribe is a video-making software used to create high-quality whiteboard animations and explainer videos.

The animation maker software created by Sparkol had over 500k users worldwide after its launch in 2012. In 2013, they received the award for Best Mobile B2B app for their iPad version.

It includes drag & drop, animation, social sharing, media, audio library, voice-over, and text overlays. The handful of VideoScribe features will enhance the delivery of your message clearly and visually.

What is VideoScribe - Review by Tekpon

VideoScribe benefits:

  • Easily create amazing marketing videos, tutorials and give life to illustrations by adding great visuals.
  • Reach suite of features, including cloud saving of projects, music import, offline support, voice-over recording, large props gallery, video resolution options
  • No need to create your content from scratch as it comes with an extensive stock library
  • It works with both Mac & Windows, and it also has Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Five-step workflow for animation making

How to use VideoScribe

When using Video Scribe, the creation of whiteboard animation is easy peasy. You will see a blank canvas as soon as you hit the “Create a new project” button.

Even though that white, empty canvas is scary for most creators out there, VideoScribe makes it feel like a breeze to start the creative process.

VideoScribe comes with a five-step workflow process that you can follow:

  • Add images and/or texts
  • Set animation times
  • Record the voice-over or import it into the app
  • Select the sounds
  • Publish your content

It’s pretty clear that it’s not rocket science, but of course, there is a learning curve for this tool. However, don’t let this discourage you! If you are new to video maker tools, working with Video Scribe is always easy.

If you are still unsure if is VideoScribe easy to use, you will find the tutorials on their YouTube channel very helpful.

Do you want to know where does VideoScribe save files? Or how to use Sparkol VideoScribe like a Pro? On their website, you can also find plenty of tutorials and templates to help you with any hiccups that might come on the way.

VideoScribe Pricing

One of the questions that everyone is asking is how much does VideoScribe cost. And we think it’s a natural one. Video Scribe cost is divided into three different pricing options to meet everyone’s needs:

  • monthly plan starting from $35/month/single user
  • yearly plan starting from $14/month/single user
  • one-time payment of USA $800/single user with lifetime access

There is also a free trial available, so you can freely try and use the animation maker for seven days.

[pricing_box starting=”$14/Month (Yearly Plan)” model=”Subscription” trial=”7-Days Free Trial” button=”See Pricing Packages” url=”” ]In-app purchases are available and will have an extra cost.[/pricing_box]

VideoScribe Features

Video Scribe is a unique software that is straightforward to use. It will surprise you with the ability to support all the functions you would expect from professional animation software.

The software has plenty of useful features. The interface is straightforward, but it does not lack any future. So we have here a powerful video maker tool.

Hand types

The main features of VideoScribe:

  • Ability to work offline
  • Tons of premium images
  • Import music & fonts
  • Big image library
  • Impressive music library
  • Voice-overs recording
  • Web publishing
  • Online project saving
  • Many video resolutions are available

VideoScribe Benefits

The most mentioned benefit of using the Video Scribe tool is its support for multiple platforms and different deployment options. The software is compatible and works well on iOS and Windows devices. There are also mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, but these are offering limited features.

Used by over 10k marketers worldwide, there is no doubt that VideoScribe animation software is an impressive tool. A sweeping aria of content creators, businesses, digital agencies, professional video & motion graphics designers, educators, and charities uses this software to explain their ideas and send their message clearly and cleanly.

  • Cross-platform and cloud compatible

As previously mentioned, VideoScribe is fully capable of working on several platforms. It works well on Windows and Mac computers, and there are also mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, though, the apps for mobile devices have fewer features than the desktop version.

For those who prefer working and saving the project on the cloud, rest assured; Video Scribe offers this possibility to work on your project on the cloud and keep it there. The option of working offline is also available by download.

This versatility of VideoScribe gives you the freedom to choose when and where you can use the software.

  • Plenty of features

Changing Colors

Video Scribe’s uniqueness comes from offering all the necessary features without burdening the interface or the learning curve. The interface is very user-friendly with many functionalities that make VideoScribe a formidable competitor to other animation software.

  • Animations

Everything in this software interface is as easy as ABC, including animations. Every content you will add to your video is added to the timeline. Here you can drag and drop to change the order and choose what to draw first. If you want to adjust the screen time of a piece of content, you have to click on it, and the tool will expand the details.

On the right side of the timeline, you will find a group of handy buttons for copy, cut, paste, clear camera, set camera.

  • Media

Images Library

There’s no video without props. On this matter, Video Scribe is above its competitors. The content library is rich, and the categories are from “arrows” to “weather.”

You will soon notice that the images are broken into free and paid (marked with a red ribbon). Unfortunately, the paid images are not included in the subscription and will incur additional costs.

After you pick your image, click on it to insert it into the canvas. The Image Properties windows are now open, and here you have the freedom to choose how long it will be visible, how to draw, and a few visual details.

If you don’t find what you need, you can easily import your media files. The file types supported are SVG, GIF, bitmap image, JPG, PNG, or ZIP. The only filetype that can help the full drawing effect is the SVG, and the Internet is full of web-based databases from where you can pick.

  • Text Insertion

Custom Fonts

Yes, there is the voice-over feature available, but the text is also necessary for videos. Your videos will be more engaging and with increased quality if you add text as titles, notes, image details, and so on.

You will find a wide variety of fonts available. The only downside is that only the basic font is pre-installed. In contrast, the other ones need to be downloaded first.

The text editor is similar to the media one. It allows you to choose the animation effect, text color, transitions, and so on.

  • Audio

Audio Library

VideoScribe has over 200 audio clips available in its library. You will find different sorting options to find the exact sound you need or upload it from your computer as an MP3. Although audio doesn’t appear in the timeline, you can still change the track’s volume or if you want it to play in a loop or just once.

The voice-over option is somehow manageable. You have to click the microphone button and start recording. The downside of this feature is that you have no editing possibilities, and you have to get it right from start to end or do it all over again from scratch. It is not possible to join voice-over clips either. No need to stress too much, as there are third-party apps out there that get the job done, and you can import the voice-over clip in VideoScribe.

  • Exporting & Sharing

Now your animation video is ready, and all that is left is to export and share it. Suppose you currently use only the trial version. In that case, you will only export to Facebook, PowerPoint, YouTube, and the exported video will have a watermark.

Download video

There are many export options for the paid version like different formats, embed it to your website, and the before-mentioned platforms with no watermark.

The next question that might pop into your mind is if is VideoScribe safe. You are indeed asked for your credentials to share your creation on Facebook or YouTube. But it can’t do anything without your permission, which makes it entirely safe for use.

VideoScribe download is also available, and the software supports AVI, WMV, and MOV files. You also have various resolutions available, from 640p to 1080p (Full HD). Frame rate choosing is available as well.

Another option for export to share a video online is to publish your final whiteboard animation video on Sho. Co. This feature also comes with privacy settings, so you don’t need to worry about your content’s safety.

  • Streamlined workflow for animation making

Whiteboard animation video making sounds so complicated, but once you start using VideoScribe, you will see how easy it is to use. The software has a five-step process you can follow.

It is one of the most straightforward video and animation creation software on the market. Sparkol developers made everything easy to use: manipulate media files, simple and effective timeline, intuitive interface, tools, and options labeled clearly… it’s a breeze to edit videos.

You will also find a VideoScribe tutorial that will show you all the features necessary to rock the learning curve and excel in whiteboard animation video production.

VideoScribe Alternatives

Whiteboard animation software makes sense for those who want to approach video creation with a more personal and hand-drawn feeling. VideoScribe is one of the best in this field, but if it does not seem like the right one for you, we gathered some alternatives and competitors that might help you out.

VideoScribe Review Conclusion

VideoScribe is at the top of whiteboard video-creating software. It will be your partner in creating great explainer videos and video marketing content, even if you are at the beginning of your journey in a video animation.