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We are living in a world where the video is the new content. Thus, if you have a business, you should consider that you need an online video maker to boost your business. There are many great products on the market, but what makes a video maker software a great development? Let’s find out from this review about Moovly and how this online video editor can help your business.

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Moovly Online Video Editor

In these new times, we have to do everything we can to adapt our lives and businesses. Now more than ever, videos are becoming more and more popular. Moreover, businesses are starting to use videos as instruments to bring to life their creative ideas. Thus, if you want to create online videos and engaging content easily, you should use an online video maker. Even if we speak about personal, business, or educational videos, Moovly is a great online video maker that will make your ideas real. But, let’s find out more from this Moovly review, how you can use this product, its benefits and how much it will cost you a Moovly subscription.

What is Moovly?

If you’re looking for an accurate definition, I can say that Moovly is an intuitive video-making software that helps users to create beautiful videos from scratches. In addition, Moovly is an easy-to-use platform; you can upload your own pictures, videos, text, and voice and use them together with media objects from the library. Moreover, Moovly offers millions of royalty-free stock images, videos, sounds, and music in its library. Thus, you can start from scratches and create beautiful videos for your business.

This online video maker review comes in a context where customers prefer to consume more video content than long texts. That’s why you have to adapt your business. And for the transition not to be so hard, you can always use an online video creator instead of spending money with a professional team. However, the technology advanced so much that you can still create nice-looking and professional videos without having too many skills even with these software products.

To sum up this, Moovly is an online platform where individuals and businesses can create beautiful videos for them.

Who can use Moovly?

Both individuals and companies can use Moovly. But let’s see how you can use Moovly to create beautiful and engaging videos, depending on the field of activity.

Make your own videos ads, product videos or company video without hurting your budget

Capture the attention of your workforce and communicate about HR matters with videos you make and update yourself.

Keep staff, employees or workers up-to-date with videos made easier than powerpoint.

Increase the attractiveness and quality of your training or e-learning content with video.

Make personalized videos ads, product videos or news videos without hurting your customers’ budget.

Whether you’re a teacher or a student Moovly is a powerful tool for you to create educational video content yourself.
Moovly is used in education, businesses of any size, government, non-government and non-profit organizations. Moovly is also adopted by private consumers and broadcasters to create videos that explain, promote, engage, inspire, educate and entertain. Videos can be played on mobile devices, TV screens, digital billboards, and more.

Moovly Products

The company has designed multiple products for its user, other than a simple online video maker. Regarding your needs, you can choose from:

  • Moovly Studio
  • Developer API
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Video automator
  • Mobile app

Moovly Studio

This software offers multiple products, as I said above. One of them is Moovly Studio which is their web-based powerful video creation editor. On their platform, they offer over 75 million media objects for users to create whatever they need for their company.

But, wait. With Moovly, the idea of video takes on a different meaning. This means you can do more than some videos, but presentations, tutorials, or different types of video ads for your campaigns. All of this because it offers a large variety of templates easy-to-use at your disposal. With Moovly, you have the base; you have to fill the video with the wanted content. It’s that easy.

Moovly Studio review Tekpon

On the other hand, if you have something better, you can make your video from a personal composition and combine it with those in the Moovly library. Just imagine how much you can boost your business by making a professional video with Mooivly to attract more investors. Or sell your products better.

To sum up, Moovly Studio looks exactly like the studio from Adobe Premier, but way much easier to use and create your videos.

Is Moovly easy to use?

Definitely, yes. This cloud-based multimedia platform is much easier to use than other professional products on the market, making this online video maker affordable and liked by many businesses and industries. For example, this platform is ideal for software companies that want to create how-to tutorials for their users. Or when they want to release a new product. Another perspective is that Moovly is really appreciated in the education field. Now, more than ever, with the pandemic and the online school.

To get started, you have to ensure that you have a connection to the internet, and that’s it. Then, create the account, choose your template and start creating your video. Another great feature is the drag-and-drop element which smooth the entire process of creating and editing. But, what you have to know is that with Moovly, you can create animations too. Or better presentations that you can do in PowerPoint.

Yet, if you want to participate at Cannes with your video created in Moovly, maybe you should think twice. Is not there yet. And probably your budget isn’t too. But, for the rest of the videos, exists Moovly.

How to use Moovly?

I’ll let you with a great Moovly tutorial where you’ll find out everything you need on how to start working with this great video maker and editing studio. And, once again, you don’t need any skill to manage to create multimedia content.


Moovly Features

This is my favorite part of a product and probably the one that will decide this and the pricing plans. But, let’s dive into Moovly features to see what this product is offering to its users and how you can get the best of it. But, first, I have to add that the video umbrella covers other multimedia types of content. So, this tool will get you covered in many areas. Another thing to mention is that you can enjoy most of the features even with the free Moovly account.

  • Video creation and editing

Moovly is speaking through its definition about what this software is and how to use it. Thus, video creation and editing are mainly its strengths. You don’t need to install any plugin or software on your device because it is cloud-based. Yet, you can access all your assets from anywhere, anytime. A great feature that many of its kind have is the drag-and-drop feature. And this makes everything easier because you need no skill for that.

Another great element of Moovly studio is that you can either use the built-in media libraries or use any photo, screenshot, illustration, sound, voice recording, or footage you have on your device. Speaking of the media library, Moovly Studio comes with a huge base of assets; from images, sound, music, and stock videos. All these media objects are free to use (no need to pay extra) and royalty-free. 

Moreover, you can also search the immense iStock library of Getty Images, which contains an additional 100 million royalty-free stock images and videos. Of course, you have to pay for them, but with Moovly you get a discount.

Types of videos you can create

This is another thing that you have to take into account when choosing Moovly over other products. With this tool, you can create videos of any type and style. From cartoon style videos, whiteboard videos with hands drawing and writing, documentary-style footage-based videos, animated illustrations, motion graphics, or your own mix of styles. Everything you need in this studio for your branding.

Moreover, with Moovly, you can play with your videos and animate your elements like fade, fly, wipe, bounce, move, zoom, rotate. Moovly Studio also contains many transparent motion graphics you can use as transition effects, television-style lower-third banners, or overlay effects.

In addition, you can add multiple soundtracks from voice-over, background music, supporting sounds. You can record even your own voice or choose royalty-free background music or special sounds from more than 100,000 free audio tracks.

Another great thing you can do is change the background or its color. Add subtitles to your videos, or generate them automatically, translate the text content and/or subtitles automatically to any language using the Google Translate integration in Moovly.

  • Video Publishing

When you’re done creating your video, and it’s ready to be downloaded or published, Moovly offers you the possibility to choose from: Standard Definition quality (SD 480p), High Definition HD Ready (HD 720p), High Definition Full HD (HD 1080p). Moreover, no matter if you want to publish the video directly on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook. You can do that directly from your Moovly account.

Another feature included in Moovly studio is that you can share every project with other Moovly users. With the View right, the other user can only watch your video. The Copy gives a user the possibility to copy your project and use it as a template for a new project. And with the Edit right, the other user can make changes to your video project or add new content to it.

  • Templates

This is another great feature of Moovly that I like. You have loads of templates to choose from and integrate them into your videos. If you don’t want to use your own assets, you can always start with one of its templates and edit it however you want. Moreover, with Moovly Studio, you can modify them via a web form using the Quick Edit option if you want to adapt them.


Moovly templates review Tekpon


  • Users and groups

With the platform, you can manage your team members and organize them into groups. The group also has a designated Group Admin, who can add and delete users, reassign subscriptions and view usage statistics. This will help the users/members to collaborate better on certain projects.

  • White Label

Moovly can be fully customized to a white-labeled version with different colors, fonts, a selection of libraries, and features. Even the Moovly logos, web, and mail domains can be hidden and replaced by yours. Thus, this software will become your company’s own internal video maker.

Moovly Pricing

After understanding how many great things you can do with this product for your business, probably you’re asking how much it will cost you. Of course, pricing is important when deciding to purchase a subscription. First of all, let me assure you that Moovle offers a free version of the product to have a taste of it or if you don’t need advanced features in your plan. Then, you can choose from 3 different premium pricing plans and some dedicated plans for educational institutions.

Starting From: $49/per month(Monthly plan)

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 14-days

If you want to see all the pricing plans and what Moovly offers for each of them, we have a dedicated page. And, yes, an individual non-profit subscription is available at a 50% discount on a yearly Pro or Max subscription. Non-profit discounts are also applicable to the Enterprise plan.

Moovly Integrations

With Moovly integrations with other apps, you’ll be able to make engaging content. But let see exactly with what other apps you can integrate this great video maker:

  • Dropbox
  • Bynder
  • Google Drive
  • Storyblocks
  • WordPress

  • MicrosoftOneDrive
  • Box
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • iStock by Getty Images

Moovly Alternatives

If you are looking for something else to create your company’s videos, let me assure you that there are plenty of alternatives to Moovly on the market. Depending on what you’re needs are, the tool has some serious competition. My advice is to try different tools to see which one is the right one for your business model. Then, compare between them and find out which one is suitable regarding what package of features offers or pricing plans.

Thus, let’s see which video maker software products are Moovly alternatives:

If you want to read more about Moovly best competitors and compare them, you can discover more on our dedicated page and convince yourself.

Moovly Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Moovly is a great platform to create and edit your company’s videos online. It is not perfect, for sure, you can find other products on the market that are working better than this, but it’s exactly what you need for what is promising. Moovly Studio is intuitive and easy to use, and you can create animated videos, tutorials, how-to, educational videos, product and brand videos, and many more. Compared to other complex products on the market, this online studio is ideal if you want to save money and time but still deliver professional video content to your customers.