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Visitor Queue Alternatives

Visitor Queue vs. Leadfeeder

First of all, Visitor Queue is a platform that turns your visitors into leads and helps you identify your users. Why would you need a tool like this? Simple. Because Visitor Queue can convert these users into actual customers, but only if you can find out something about them to make them interested in your business and the product you are offering.

On the other hand, Leadfeeder is more of a sales intelligent tool that uncovers users and transforms them into leads to boost your sales. But, basically, both tools are doing the same thing for your business. Yet, Leadfeeder has a Technology Tracking that can identify new targets (users). Both tools are cloud-based software and can be used by small, medium, or large businesses; both offer a free trial for you to try.

Leadfeeder can be integrated directly into Google Analytics while Visitor Queue is using a third party. Moreover, Leadfeeder has a CRM system and more lead features like Lead Generation, Lead Management, or Lead Notifications. 

In terms of costs, the Visitor Queue pricing plan starts from $29 per month, while Leadfeeder can cost $69 per month. Visitor Queue pricing plans are based on unique companies per month with all features included, unlimited websites, and unlimited users. On the other hand, Leadfeeder offers two plans: Lite and Premium. The premium plan includes all features.

To sum up, both tools are lead generators and help your company know its users who visit the website and convert them into customers. Each one has its benefits and pricing plans, and all you have to do is inform and choose the right one for you.