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Your visitors’ websites are the most valuable assets for your business. That’s why most companies are using lead tracking software that will deliver them the right insights about their visitors. But, if you didn’t know until now that you can find out valuable information about your visitors, let me make some light on your thoughts.

You can boost your business with the right visitor tracking and convert users into actual leads. Leadfeeder is one of the tools on the market that will show you which companies are interested in your business. But, let’s find from this review how you can generate leads from your website traffic and many other interesting things.

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Leadfeeder Visitor Tracking Software

Having a great website for your company is not that hard to achieve. But knowing exactly who is visiting your website is not that easy peasy. Not if you have visitor tracking software that will tell you what you don’t know. Precise statics says that only 2% of your visitors are leaving their contact information.

How can you change that and find out about the other 98% of your visitors? For you, like business, this 98% are missed opportunities. Can you even imagine how many of them you will be able to transform into leads if only you would use the right software?

Thus, I’m hoping that this Leadfeeder review will answer all your questions. And also, to understand that with the right instrument, you can boost your business. No matter the industry. And, yes, you can even find out which companies are visiting your website with a lead tracker system like Leadfeeder.

What is Leadfeeder? 

Leadfeeder is a website visitor tracker that will help you generate leads for your business. This cloud-based platform will show you which companies are visiting your website. What is great about this is the fact that the uninterested visitors will be filtered out. Thus, only accurate leads for your sales team.

So, Leadfeeder is a great asset for your company, as from now you will know who to contact and how to approach them to convert. Don’t worry. This is the beauty of this tool. Leadfeeder will automatically generate all of these insights for you, and you can help your sales team.

We know is frustrating when you’re building a business and a great website for your product, and still not all your visitors subscribe or give you their data. That’s why the people behind this tool are ready to help other businesses with a great B2B instrument that will provide you with some valuable information about your visitors. Now, your sales team will have real assets to work with.

How do you use Leadfeeder? 

Leadfeeder is a cloud-based tool that makes it easy to understand how it’s working. As with any cloud-based or app, you have to create an account. Then you can start generating leads with this one! Wait, but how does it actually work with Leadfeeder? How can a software product identify your visitors or tell you which companies are interested in your business?

Some could say it’s magic. I say it’s just brilliant minds and technology. Thus, this identification can be made by tracking cookies, reverse IP address lookup, or analytic programs. Leadfeeder uses some of them, but it has its own tracking script and machine learning. This Leadfeeder Tracking Script is the one that does mostly the entire job. But let’s see how simple it is exactly to work with this visitor tracker:

  • Install the Leadfeeder Tracker script on your site
  • The tool identifies companies that have visited your website
  • You’ll receive an employee contact database
  • You send qualified leads directly to your CRM and email

Moreover, Leadfeeder will identify and send you only visitors engaging with your content and campaigns. As I said above, no uninterested visitors, only the ones that have the potential to become your customers.

Leadfeeder Tracking Script

Now, this is an interesting system that they have, and it’s worth developing so that you can understand how this tool is working for your business. As I said before, Leadfeeder, like other tracking and analytics products, can identify your visitors with some known instruments. Maybe for some people is a magic wonder that makes things happen for your business. But, in reality, users can translate this magic into technology.

Actually, this magic is a small yet powerful piece of JavaScript that you’ll place on your website once you install the tracking script. This is the simplest way of describing you. Yet, behind this simple code, there is a powerful technology that the team behind Leadfeeder has been working on. But, let’s see exactly what will deliver this tracking script from Leadfeeder:

  • Time and Date of visit
  • Source and Medium
  • Number of pages visited
  • Pages visited (Title, URL, and Length of a page visit)
  • Visitor ID number
  • The total length of visit

Leadfeeder Features

Now that you know what this product can do for your business, let’s see what features. Because Leadfeeder can do more than tracking visitors, I’ll try and divide its features depending on the solutions offered.

Lead Generation

What Leadfeeder can do for your business is to generate leads without too much effort. That’s why they’ve built their own tracking script that will extract from your website only the visitors that have the potential to become leads. And deliver to you the insights your sales team needs. Leadfeeder will show you the leads you didn’t think you had on your actual website traffic.

  • Turn anonymous website traffic into real company names
  • View enriched company and contact information
  • See exactly what each account browses on your website

  • Create feeds based on industry, employee number, web activity, custom properties, and more.
  • Follow specific industries or companies and get timely notifications when new leads come in.
  • Score leads automatically based on their web activity

Moreover, you can automate your process by sending companies to the tools you already use. Basically, you can integrate Leadfeeder into your CRM software, for example. Then, you can have an accurate list of your possible leads.

  • Automatically send qualified leads to your CRM or marketing automation system.
  • Populate your CRM with high-intent leads for your sales team
  • Integrate your lead generation process into your existing CRM and sales structure

  • Develop lists of high-intent sales leads from your website traffic
  • Segment lists based on industry, geography, employee number, web activity, custom properties, and more
  • Set up alerts and get notified when new companies are added to your lists

Account-Based Marketing

With Leadfeeder, you can ease this process and identify new leads opportunities. The tool will show you the companies visiting your website and improve your lead problem with a database of employee contacts. You have to sync lists of your accounts to Leadfeeder, assign an SDR, and get notified as soon as they visit your website. In addition, the tool is capable of automatically identify anonymous accounts that are looking on your website.

  • Import lists of target accounts to monitor
  • Get alerts via email or Slack as soon as they visit your website
  • React in real-time to build a rapport quicker than ever

  • Create custom feeds of accounts you would like to retarget
  • Export a CSV file of your target accounts
  • Upload to LinkedIn matched audiences and use in your ad campaigns

Visitor Tracking

You can grow in the digital ocean without data. Accurate data. Thus, without having this data in your hands, you can’t scale your business and start growing. And here comes Leadfeeder. This product offers you the data you need about your website visitors. The companies that are already interested in your product. Yet, it would be best if you had the context to approach them. And this is what Leadfeeder can do for you – generating leads by creating the context for your sales team to approach your visitors. And this is how it is doing:

  • Search a robust database of company employees
  • Filter contacts based on job role, seniority, or location
  • Find emails and reach out to the companies already interested in you

  • Create feeds based on industry, employee number, web activity, custom properties, and more.
  • Send your team notifications via email or Slack as soon as companies visit your website.
  • React in real-time to build a rapport quicker than ever

Sales Prospecting

We all know that is a tough task to accomplish. And sometimes, it may take some time until you find those leads. But, Leadfeeder is designed to ease your job and stop you from losing time searching those leads. So, more time for your sales team to focus on the selling strategy rather than looking for prospects.

  • Turn anonymous website traffic into real company names
  • See exactly what each company browses on your website
  • Know what marketing channels are driving high-value traffic
  • Find emails and social profiles of decision-makers
  • Create feeds for your sales team based on industry, employee number, web activity

Leadfeeder Pricing

If you’re wondering how much money you will pay for this tool, let me help you have a clear picture. Thus, they offer two types of pricing plans – Lite and Premium. Then, the monthly pricing is based on the number of unique leads. To find more about its pricing plans, you read more on our dedicated page.

Starting From: $93/month (Monthly Plan)

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 14-days - No credit card required

Leadfeeder Integrations

To make the most of this lead generation software, you can integrate Leadfeeder with your favorite sales and marketing tools. With these integrations, you will boost your business and finally convert your visitors into customers. Thus, let’s see with what other great software products you can integrate Leadfeeder:

  • Pipedrive
  • MailChimp
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho CRM
  • webCRM
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Hubspot CRM
  • Zapier
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Slack
  • Google Hangout Chat
  • Google Data Studio

Pipedrive Integration

First of all, Pipedrive is a great CRM software designed to help sales teams manage their processes and pipeline. With this integration, you can send companies, deals, and other activity details from Leadfeeder to Pipedrive. Moreover, you can send the insights and details from Leadfeeder into Pipedrive to help your team building a context for your potential customers. In addition, our tracking software offers an automation feature that is ideal for Pipedrive. For example, users can set some parameters and define how a visiting company as a sales qualified lead.

Leadfeeder Alternatives

Finding the right software for your business model is a hard task. Leadfeeder is a great product to have if you aim to generate more leads from your website traffic. Yet, at the same time, it might not be right for your business. That’s why you should look after its alternatives and see if you find something that will meet your needs. Thus, here are some of Leadfeeder alternatives for website visitor tracking:

Leadfeeder Review Conclusions

To sum up, Leadfeeder is a powerful tool to have for your company. With this one, you’ll be able to generate leads from your website traffic and discover which companies are interested in your business. I promise you’re sales team will be happy. Leadfeeder will create some context for them and will know exactly how to convert those visitors into real customers. Another great thing that Leadfeeder offers compared to other tools is its own tracking technology called Tracking Script. With this solution, the tool will deliver accurate information about your website visitors. Plus, it offers a lite free version and a free trial to try the premium plan.

Thus, from now on, nothing will stay between your visitors and your business growth. Leadfeeder offers you the missing piece to start generating some real leads and boost your business.