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Did you know that the logo is one of the essential elements of your brand? A logo is reduced to a graphic symbol or visual that can be abstract or figurative. But its role serves for identification and recognition. It is your business identity. People will know who you are or what you are doing by only seeing your logo. So, why not make it memorable? We always like to discover new tools that can help people grow their businesses or even themselves. And DesignEvo is one of these tools. Let’s dive into this review and learn how you can design your own logo from scratches!

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DesignEvo Features

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DesignEvo is an easy-to-use design app that creates beautiful and professional logos within a few minutes, even without previous design experience. DesignEvo is a logo maker tool with more than five thousand logo templates that allow users to customize their logos easily. Pearl Mountain, the developer of this design app, has been researching and developing graphic design software since 2006. There are many stylish fonts you can explore on DesignEvo.

DesignEvo Logo Maker

 DesignEvo logo maker is an online tool that enables anyone to create professional and top-notch logos with less stress. And we think it is ideal for people or businesses that need a logo quickly. Or without spending too much money. This design app contains more than ten thousand templates that you can explore to customize a unique logo for yourself. It also has more than one hundred fonts and icons that you can use to create beautiful logos–all you need to do is get creative.

Another beautiful thing about this app is that you can use it for free, and you don’t need to download it before you can use it because it is also web-based. So you can scale your PDF or SVG logo files to any of your preferred sizes without needing to pixelate them.

What is DesignEvo?

As we said, DesignEvo is a web-based logo design app with many logo design ideas that you can get creative with to customize your logo. Also, you don’t need prior logo design experience to be able to use this logo-maker-free app. DesignEvo enables you to download premium logos in many formats. It has a lot of logo templates, logo editor, logo icons, logo backgrounds, logo fonts, logo colors, a wide range of resources like shapes, icons, and fonts. Startups and small business owners can use this logo design app to create logos within a few minutes.

DesignEvo dashboard review by Tekpon

How to use DesignEvo?

 Do you want to learn how to use DeisgnEvo? If your answer is yes, check out the procedures below.

  • Step one: Type in in your browser. Go to the homepage, and click the “make a free logo” button to begin your design.
  • Step two: Select a template. There are many logo templates on DesignEvo that you choose from to customize your logo. First, select the logo template you prefer. Next, type the logo name and slogan in the pop-out window before clicking the “get started” button to enter the editing canvas.
  • Step three: Include and adjust icons and shapes. Design Evo has a library of several icons. Please search for the icon you like and add it to the logo template you chose. You will find the icon tab on the side panel. When you do, open it. Type in a keyword to quickly look for icons you need and then click or drag to include your preferred ones on the canvas. Plus, there are many shapes on DesignEvo that you can use. Go to the shape tab and open it. It is located on the side panel. Select a category and then scroll down to preview all the available options. Then, drag your preferred shapes to the canvas. When you choose an object, the editor toolbar will appear on the top. You can adjust the color, opacity or flip it horizontally or vertically.
  • Step four: Include and edit text. Open the text tab on the side panel and input the logo name or slogan. One-click to apply various font styles or WordArt that you like. When you choose a text box, the text editor toolbar will reflect on the top immediately. At this point, you can alter the text font, color, size, shadow, style (Uppercase, bold, italics), alignment, opacity, and outline.
  • Step five: Download your logo. Sign up and sign in to your account before clicking the “download” button located at the top toolbar to download your logo. Also, there is a free low-res logo that you can access if you share DesignEvo on your blog, website, or any of your social media pages.

DesignEvo Features

Now, let’s see what features this logo maker provides to know if it’s the right one for your demands.

  • Logo Color

If you don’t have an eye for design, it will probably be hard to choose the right colors for your logo. Yet, DesignEvo offers you suitable instruments to help you understand colors, how to use them. And the most important aspect is which colors to use for your logo. This logo maker app can even make a scheme of colors and combinations that works better together.

  • Logo Fonts

DesignEvo offers over 100 logo fonts in various styles. In this way, you can choose the right one for your business.

  • Logo Backgrounds

You can choose even the background of your logo: solid, transparent, color, or gradient.

  • Logo Icons

You don’t have to create anything from zero. Moreover, you don’t need any design skills. With the app, you can choose from millions of free vector icons, the ones that fit your business. Moreover, this tool offers you editing features so that you can obtain the desired logo.

  • Logo Templates

DesignEvo offers a rich templates library from where users can choose what they want. Also, the templates are created by freelance designers, and you can find any style you wish. Oh, you can pick them even by categories!

DesignEvo Pricing

DesignEvo provides a free trial that you can use and a free version too. The basic plan costs $24.99, and the Plus plan is $49.99. The premium versions have more features than the free plan.

Starting From: $24.99/month (Monthly Plan)

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 14-days

DesignEvo Alternatives

DeisignEvo is not the only app you can use to create professional logos; it has other alternatives that you may want to try out. Below there are some of the alternatives of DesignEvo that you can try:

  • Inkscape

This tool is an open-source vector editing program that anyone can use for free. It is straightforward to use.

  • CorelDRAW

This is a graphic design tool that you can use to draw and create beautiful graphic designs. You can also use it to edit photos. Many professional graphic designers use this tool to create beautiful designs. Many tools are provided for users to use on this app. However, your l need to pay for the premium version to enjoy all the features.

  • BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd is an online logo maker for businesses. It is like a marketplace for logo templates or a vast library where you can find what you need.

  • Sketch

This is another graphic design tool that helps you to create excellent designs within a few minutes easily.

  • Adobe illustrator

This is a well-known vector graphic software that so many designers use to come up with typography for every type of media, illustration, or digital graphics.

  • Snappa

Small business owners and digital marketers use this graphic design software to create amazing photos without the aid of a graphic designer. You can try them out by using their free plan, and users will not need your card details to do that. You are also free to change your plan at any time. In addition, all the images on Snapp are royalty-free, and you can use them for both non-commercial and commercial purposes.

  • Vector Magic

This is a desktop and online tool used to convert PNG and JPG images to completely available PDFs or SVGs with ease and speed. In addition, this software suggests the settings you can use and helps you trace the image immediately.

BrandCrowd vs. DesignEvo

Both BrandCrowd and DesignEvo can be used to create professional logos. Also, these two apps request that you insert details like your font styles, keywords, business name, color, or logo styles before you begin to design a logo. That way, it will be effortless for them to suggest the logo templates that would suit your needs.

BrandCrowd and DeisignEvo have free versions that you can explore. Still, if you want to gain access to more features to create professionally designed logos, you need to pay for their pretty affordable premium versions.

BrandCrowd and DesignEvo can be used by startups, restaurants, real estate businesses, or small businesses to create their logos. All that is required of them is choosing their keyword or industry. On both BrandCrowd and DesignEvo, you don’t need to sign up before you can design a logo. Instead, you are free to create a logo, and the moment you’re done, you will download it by entering your email address and getting the logo you designed sent to you through email.

Both BrandCrowd and DesignEvo give you the freedom to customize your logo to suit your needs. On DesignEvo, there are more than ten thousand logo templates you can use, while on BrandCrowd, there are over 22,000 logo templates available for you to use.

DesignEvo Review Conclusions

 DesignEvo is a great free online logo maker software that you can create professional and beautiful logos. It has more than ten thousand templates that you can use to customize any logo you design. Startups and small business owners can use this design app to design logos quickly. You don’t need to have prior knowledge of logo design to use this app effectively. You can easily create an account on DesignEvo–you can either sign-up with your Google account or Facebook account.

The app has a user-friendly interface and many tools that will help you create creative logos. In addition, its added, it has a free version that you can use if you can’t afford the basic or plus plan.