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Understand and elevate your app’s reputation

Understand and elevate your app’s reputation | Anatoly Sharifulin - AppFollow

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Anatoly Sharifulin, the co-founder and CEO of AppFollow. The discussion delves into the services provided by AppFollow, the challenges faced in the industry, the company’s journey, and Anatoly’s personal experiences and insights as a tech entrepreneur.

About AppFollow

AppFollow is a reputation platform designed for companies with mobile apps or games striving to engage with their customer base. Anatoly shares that the platform automates analyzing and managing customer feedback and reviews across different platforms, enabling businesses to understand and address their customers’ needs more effectively.

Anatoly discusses the significant problems that AppFollow solves for its customers, highlighting the platform’s ability to automate data extraction and provide insights for businesses to track and respond to user feedback across various channels. Moreover, he emphasizes the importance of integrations with popular platforms like Slack, Zendesk, and Salesforce, enabling seamless workflow and user data visibility.

The interview progresses with Anatoly delving into the key features of AppFollow, emphasizing automation that enables users to understand customer feedback at a higher level, AI-powered review responses, and integrations with third-party platforms, making it convenient for customers to leverage the power of the platform in their daily operations.

The podcast delves into Anatoly’s insights and experiences, covering his career trajectory, the challenges of founding and leading a tech company, and the evolution of his role from developer to CEO. Anatoly shares valuable advice for starting founders, emphasizing the importance of resilience, execution, and belief in one’s vision, drawing from his entrepreneurial journey.

Overall, the episode offers valuable insights into the world of SaaS, entrepreneurship, and the journey of AppFollow, providing practical business knowledge and inspiring personal experiences for aspiring tech leaders.