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Linked Helper 2 Review

8.9/10 (Tekpon Score)
Product is rated as #5 in category Lead Generation
Are you searching for a tool designed to automate the LinkedIn process? If you have either a personal or business account and many followers, it becomes pretty hard to maintain connections alive. That's why you need Linked Helper 2 - an automation software that is doing all the tasks in your place. Of course, it's one of the tools. There are so many on the market, but maybe after this review, you'll know which one is your tool.
Easy of Use
Value for Money
Customer Support
  • Easy to use
  • Scale your Linkedin outreach
  • Great features
  • Version 2.0 is a standalone software
  • Had some problems with LinkedIn in the past

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Linked Helper 2 Review, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

LinkedIn is becoming a famous ecosystem in the business industry, and not only. The simple solution to keep in contact with your community is to use automation software. Linked Helper version 2.0 is a standalone application, not a Chrome extension like the first version, and definitely, you will see from this review that it is much easier to be used and offers many more features.

What is Linked Helper?

Basically, Linked Helper 2 is doing all your work and tasks from LinkedIn automatically. Isn’t that amazing? This offers you time and energy to focus on the business or other jobs while the tool is working for you. The tool is also designed to be used for personal and professional goals, companies or individuals, and even recruiters.

What does LinkedIn helper do?

Linked Helper is easy to use, and it automates your LinkedIn marketing and lead generation process. The tool will bring thousands of contacts with one click, and you will automatically send them messages. Linked Helper is helping you grow your connections, endorse contacts, and many more. Moreover, you can use Linked Helper with the free versions of LinkedIn – Sales Navigator and Recruiter. Basically, it is a tool that will help you achieve your business aims on autopilot while you’re watching.

  • Auto Invite
  • Autoresponder
  • Auto Mailing System
  • Group Message
  • Invite 1st Connections
  • Build a Mailing List
  • Auto Visiting

Is Linked Helper legal?

Now, there have been some issues regarding this subject. Basically, the app is against LinkedIn terms of service – the use of third-party LinkedIn Software violates the LinkedIn user agreement, but still is not illegal to use Linked Helper. The tool is not making a fool from LinkedIn; it is doing the same things that you are doing manually. There is a risk that you’ll have to take it, but it also provides you some other advantages.

Why do you need automation software?

Just think you have to send 300 messages, and you’re looking to expand your community by making contact with other people. Can you imagine the amount of time consumed on these manual tasks? Why doing this manually when you can automate the process? Automation software is designed to take your repeatable tasks from you and reduce your intervention by doing them in your place. It can accelerate the process of growing your business or taking care of more important tasks.

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Linked Helper Features

Now that you’ve understood that it is a tool working for you and accomplishing your place’s tasks with no human implication let me tell you about some great features that will help decide if Linked Helper is your tool.

  • Automation
  • Built-in CRM
  • Build smart message chains
  • LinkedIn lead generation

Now, let see what each feature can do for your LinkedIn account.

  • Automation

This is its main feature, which also totally describes what this tool is doing for you. So, Linked Helper is designed to help you automate a lot of your tasks, like profiles following or unfollowing, to get more engagement. You can automatically visit a selection of LinkedIn profiles one or several times to show your interest and get views in return, compose and send emails to 2nd&3rd level contacts.

Moreover, you can remove contacts to make space for new ones, add or remove tags to mark the profile’s status as they move through your LH campaign. What Linked Helper can do for you is also respond through a message to those recently added. If you want to grow your social network, you can send a message with a personal note.

And all of this without a blink. How? Linked Helper mimics real human behavior by clicking buttons or typing in your place, and you won’t have to insert any code into LinkedIn. It is a problem solver for your marketing tasks, and it’s doing automatically, and instead, it will collect connections that will help you in the lead generation process.

If you are working in the HR department, imagine searching thousands of candidates manually. It sounds like a nightmare. But, you can use Linked Helper with LinkedIn Recruiter and save time and energy to accomplish your task. You will get to your desired candidates based on keywords and profiles. You can send the first message to all of them, even personalized, and you can get in contact much faster than before. Moreover, you will be able to do everything you thought impossible in a short period of time by automizing the process.

  • Built-in CRM

First of all, CRM is customer relationship management, which means that Linked Helper has an internal tool that will help you get contact information and export that information to a CSV file to help you build a targeted mailing list.

When you are extracting those profiles, you can apply different filters. How will it help you with this feature? You can collect all these profiles into a campaign by adding them into the CRM and then used them for your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. All of this automatically, based on targeted lists, without doing all the tiresome process.

  • Build smart message chains

Besides doing the tasks automatically in your place, the other main reason you should have LinkedIn 2 is to create smart message chains. This feature allows you to build campaigns of follow-up messages in specific time intervals with a reply detection using your CRM profiles.

Moreover, you can personalize your templates in Linked Helper by using your own variables in LH Template Editor. Just upload them from a CSV file or insert them manually via LH CRM profile card.

  • LinkedIn lead generation

Having many great features and tools, Linked Helper will make your dream possible and help you in the lead generation process. In other words, Linked Helper will do in your place what you are trying to do with an entire team manually.

Also, you can use it with Free LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter. You will get thousands of possible clients, customers, and desired people to your LinkedIn community, all of this with one tool designed to ease your lead generation process.

I will probably need days to tell in this Linked Helper review what this great tool is doing for you, step-by-step, feature with a feature. To better understand, you’ll have to try it to see how it works for your LinkedIn account and your community. The simple fact that is taking from you all the boring stuff and leaving you doing business.

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Linked Helper Plans & Pricing

If you ask how much can cost a tool that will automate, let me begin by telling you that LinkedIn offers a 14-day trial, and then the pricing starts from $15 per month. You have included all features for this subscription, but you can’t use one license on two LinkedIn accounts.

Starting from: $15.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free trial:14-day free trial.
You can’t use one license on two LinkedIn accounts simultaneously, but you can switch it between them at any moment. For more information, visit the pricing page.

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Linked Helper Alternatives

Automate your process on a LinkedIn account should be on your to-do list. And out there are a lot of tools that can do it for you, besides Linked Helper. Before taking a decision, the best you can do is to inform yourself about which one is suitable for you or your business. If, by reading this review, Linked Helper hasn’t convinced you yet, don’t worry. Our goal is to help people by giving them alternatives. So, the best alternatives for Linked Helper are:

If you want to learn more about what Linked Helper 2 can do compared to its competitors, go to the alternative page and enjoy it!

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Linked Helper Integration

Linked Helper 2 can be integrated with Zapier Webhooks, and you can use it to transfer data from Linked Helper to any app that supports Zapier. Via this integration, you will be able to integrate Linked Helper 2 with other apps like Gmail, Google Sheets, and many more. They also put a user manual at your disposal where you can find everything you need to know about Linked Helper 2. Or if you want an answer to a specific question.


Linker Helper Review Conclusion

What is left to say? Maybe a recap for this Linked Helper review and summarize what this tool can do for you. Therefore, Linked Helper 2 is now a standalone application, not a Chrome extension like before. And is coming with many improvements. Its primary goal is to help you with the lead generation process and automate your tasks.

Linked Helper 2 will invite people, respond, create an automated mailing system, visit targeted profiles, and many more. Yes, I’m saying that Linked Helper will do that because this is what this tool is doing. Automate the process and let you do the business. It has a fair price, and you can try it for free for 14-days to see with your own eyes how this world of technology is evolving, and the central role is to help you get rid of the recurring and tedious tasks. Isn’t it amazing?

Specification: Linked Helper 2

customer-type Non-profit Organization, Personal, StartUps, Freelancers, Large enterprises, Medium business, Small business
device-supported Desktops
features Automation, Build message chains, Built-in CRM, Conections remover, Expand Social Media, Export CSV files, Group message, Lead generation
integrated-with Zapier
languages English
price-range 1-50, 51-100
pricing-model Monthly payment
works on Apple Mac OS, Windows

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