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PayKickStart Review

8.8/10 (Tekpon Score)
Product is rated as #1 in category Affiliate Tracking
PayKickStart was co-founded back in 2014 by Mark Thompson to bring some innovation to the field, and so it did. Since then, the company became a leader in the industry and a very appreciated software product on both ends, marketers, and affiliates.
Ease of Use
Value for money
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  • Easy to learn
  • Intuitive
  • UI/UX
  • Safety features
  • Integrations
  • Interactive forms
  • Reports
  • Affiliate management
  • Easy to learn
  • Fairly expensive for all the features
  • No video tutorial

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About PayKickStart

Let us begin our Paykickstart review by looking into what it is and what does this software product do for their users. Furthermore, it will include details about the features, integrations, pricing, and alternative products.

What is PayKickStart?

Above all, it is a modern-day shopping cart and affiliate platform designed to revolutionize the way we do things by offering the means, flexibility, and fulfilling the automation subscription-based businesses needs. To be more specific PayKickStart is making your life easier if you’re selling a subscription-based product and not only. For example, if you are selling email automation software. The SaaS product is available in 25 languages for a better customer experience all the way.

Where is PayKickStart located?

Pay kickstart was co-founded back in 2014 by two software enthusiasts by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen. More importantly, ever since the company expanded, and has two locations in the USA, one in Raleigh, North Carolina, and one in Indianapolis, Indiana. With the more technical side of things apparently in Raleigh.

Now that we found out what the software does let’s continue by looking at features and the benefits it can bring to your business.

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PayKickStart Features

The software tool comes with a multitude of features meant to make, above all, your life easier when dealing with important business tasks and decisions. Important to mention is that what it lacks in features, it more than covers with integrations. So, stay tuned to find all about the features and multitude of integrations Paykickstart comes with.

Accepting payments

The Pay kickstart accepting payments feature offers customers a worldwide, seamless checkout experience. How?

First, by offering you the possibility to integrate your favorite payment gateway with one of their integration partners, for example, Stripe or Paypal.

Accepted payments feature Paykickstart-tekpon review

Second, depending on the gateway you get, it can support various payment options such as Credit/Debit cards, Paypal, Wire transfer, etc. Soon payment options such as GPay and ApplePay will be also available.

Third, let’s talk about check-out design and the way customers pay. So, your customers have numerous possibilities to pay online, in-person, or mobile by using the PayKickStart app.

Paykickstart features-tekpon review

Last, Pay kickstart offers wide options of customizable checkout forms through templates, pop-ups, embeddable checkout forms, and Custome APIs. So, you can create a check-out experience that best fits your branding strategy.

In conclusion, Paykickstart is a very flexible service so far, with high customization options available to satisfy any fussy customer you might have.

Subscription Management

All we can say is get as creative as you can with your subscription model, as PayKickStart has it all.

You can choose from not only a one-time payment model but also a subscription or trial model. Meaning you can always choose one, two, or even better all of the above PayKickStart payment models. However, each one of these options comes with a recommendation for which company it suits best. Thus, let’s take a look and find out what will fit your company like a glove.

Billing model Suitable for companies that offer/charge
One- time payment  A product or a service lifetime & charge only one fee
Subscriptions Monthly, yearly, or quarterly fees such as most Saas products these days
Trial offers
 A free trial period
Setup Fees  A startup fee upfront that after can become a recurring fee
Usage-Based Pricing  Based on usage
Hybrid Pricing Mix recurring non-recurring product
Freemium  Basic services to try for an extended period but charge for more features.
Payment Plans Customers the possibility to break up their higher ticket product
Proration Various plans & want clients to have the option to prorate their subscription based on the price difference amongst plans.
Custom Pricing Offers complete control for companies that have complex pricing plans


To wrap up, the Pay KickStart feature also has Customer billing portals that make it easy for customers to access their previous purchases, download invoices, and manage their billing. Now, isn’t that awesome!?

Subscription management feature- Tekpon Paykickstart review

Revenue Boosters

An interesting feature created by Paykickstart to maximize your sales made by a mix of discounts related to actions, intuitive forms, intelligent conversion, and exit prevention. Let us take them one by one and see what they stand for exactly.

Hook Prices & Offers

An interactive revenue booster directly interacts with your customers to encourage certain behavior such as purchasing complementary products, discounts to encourage comebacks, and the ability to make fast purchases. The exact features we are talking about are:

              • 1-Click Upsell
              • Coupon code
              • Order Bumps

Above all, these are all too familiar to us with an e-commerce store and as customers the so-called “victims” of such tactics. Surely, this doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Even as familiar and old as these physiological tricks are, they are still effective even if they are not proprietary to Pay kickstart. You know what they say, why break something that works.

Revenue boosters-tekpon paykickstart review

Intuitive Forms

PayKickStar’s intuitive forms relate to the software’s ability to autofill addresses and prefilled check-out pages. Meaning that once you start filling in your addresses, Pay KickStart will intuitively give you a few options to amend your address and prefill your check-out based on a previous order.

Intelligent Forms

PayKickStart also has a series of intuitive forms available for its users, forms that anticipate a user’s intent and retarget it once he visited your webshop. Such intelligent mechanisms are:

              • Exit-intent Popups
              • Retargeting
              • Tracking pixels

Revenue Retention

In short, it is a lifecycle approach to revenue management. Meaning that it helps you increase customers’ lifetime return, increase retention, and minimizes churn. Moreover, these PayKickStart features fall under the following categories:

    • Dunning Management
              • Email Sequence
              • Cancelation rules
              • Billing Methods Updates
              • In-app Notifications

If you are like you and us are wondering what dunning is, well, it is a process of communicating with risky and delinquent customers to ensure follow through with the payment and contract.

    • Customer Communication
              • Subscription renewal reminders
              • Trial ending reminders
              • Credit card expiring reminders

Revenue Retention-Tekpon Paykickstart review

To sum up, all we can say is that they are a good practice measure that ensures that you won’t forget the important things.

Affiliate Management

Promote your business through affiliate marketing straight from your own PayKickstart platform.

First, affiliate marketing is probably the cheapest and best advertising you can get out there if you wonder if it’s worth it. Second, if you’ve been looking into this type of traffic source, you know that both you and your partner need to track the traffic and the clients coming your way. That’s exactly what the PayKickStart affiliate management platform does for you:

  • Tracks all the traffic that comes in instantly
  • Tracks all the commission that you have to pay, both total and individual
  • It gives you several options on how to pay the commission and many more.
  • Built-in marketing materials for your partners.

Finally, a great aspect is that you can hold records of your partners’ legitimacy directly into Paykickstart. What type of information, might you wonder? Well, all from tax details, address, and payment information.

Paykickstart affiliate management-tekpon review

So, if you were wondering if you need this. The answer is yes, and the cool part is you can have Paykickstart affiliate together with all the benefits a shopping cart can offer. Above all, remember that an affiliate program brings you traffic and lets you control how much you want to share with the affiliate (20%, 30%) from each paying customer they bring.

Furthermore, build your sales funnel by choosing products that you would like to promote through your army of affiliate partners. You can also allocate different commission percentages, cost per acquisition, cost per lead, or hybrid for certain products you offer. Add banners, text, and coupons to incentivize affiliate partners to sell your products.

Billing and Accounting

Moving on to the billing and accounting side of PayKickStart. Other than all the billing and accounting aspects we mention in the affiliate management section, Pay KickStart comes also with all the benefits a shopping cart has to offer. Meaning that you can see detailed sales reports, subscription reports, affiliate reports, funnel reports, traffic reports, and create invoices all without having to leave the software. Moreover, you can also count on Pay kickstart for accurate tax management and compliance globally, not just in the US. If that did not yet sweep you off your feet, hold on PayKickStart also integrates with Taxamo.

Reporting and Analytics

As with accounting, you can do it all; you name the report, and PayKickStart will deliver it: a subscription report, sales report, affiliate report, and funnel report. To top that all up, you also have an activity log that will show you who made changes in the campaigns, product, funnels, etc.

Security and Compliance

Probably one of the most common concerns we all have these days with any software that helps you handle sensitive personal data that you collect from your customers. So, let us run a Paykickstart review on the security measures it takes to keep you out of trouble.

Security and compliance- tekpon Paykickstart review

First, PayKickStrat is compliant with :

  • PCI DSS Level 3 Compliant  – meaning that the software is PCI certified, and even though the billing information is never stored on their own servers, they hold an enterprise-level of security
  • SCA Compliant – PayKickStart is fully compliant with the new authenticating process instated in the EU back in September 2019
  • GDPR Compliant – the software is fully compliant with all the data compliance directives in the EU
  • SOC-1 & SOC-2 Compliant – meaning that you can accept payments that are also subject to SCA or the second Payment Service Directive

Second, PayKickStart also has as a standard feature a series of security measures like two-factor authentication, single sign-on, user management and permission, fraud detection tools, and 99.99% uptime and data.

The two-factor authentication

Now, the two-factor authentication tightens up the security level in things like changing passwords, login, and updating personal information like payment methods, for example.

Single sign-on

On the other hand, the single sign-on is focused more on your employees and protecting your customer data when handling it. The feature offers PayKickStart employees a streamlined login experience.

Management & Permissions

User Management and Permissions help allocate the right person to campaigns. As an advanced user, you have the credentials to create sub-users with predefined roles depending on the level of permission you want to provide.

Fraud detection tools

Moreover, PayKickStart has managed to prevent fraud by developing a state-of-the-art fraud detection tool aside from the ones provided by their payment gateway partners.

99.99% Uptime

The 99.99% uptime and data for the less technical of us the feature literally ensures that we’ll have an uneventful experience with the software. Thus, PayKickStart offers server redundancy, real-time monitoring, DDoS protection, and many more for more technical ones.

Data Portability

PayKickStart strongly believes that the data that you collect belongs to you and not them. Therefore, you can at any time import all your customers’ credit card data using an API to import the secure token and transaction details if you want to change providers.

To wrap things up, you can fully count on the data security and transparency with your data that PayKickStart has. We think they show a great deal of fair play by giving you full access to your data even when deciding to part ways with them. To that, all we have to say is that they gained our respect.

Customer experience

PayKickStart has a lifecycle approach to your customers, pleading for an all-around experience commencing from the signup process and ending with the automated invoicing system after the process

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Mobile apps

PayKickStart comes with a fully functioning app available both in the Apple App Store and in Google Play. Above all, the PayKickStart app allows you to do nearly as much as you would from your computer but on the go.

Mobile app-Tekpon paykickstart review


You will be able to monitor everything that is going on with your business from wherever you are. More importantly, you will get real-time alerts, accept payments, manage subscriptions, monitor affiliates and get reports from your mobile devices.

In conclusion, go ahead and download the PayKickStart app for real-time information about your business, and you’ll never miss a thing.

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As the founders of the company publicly stated, it is impossible to be good at everything. Therefore they decided to develop the number one software for shopping cart and affiliate management for the rest; they just partnered up with the best in the other fields. Furthermore, Paykickstart offers full integration with over 60 apps from payment gateways to CRM and webinar services. Amongst some of the most familiar apps that integrate with the software are:

  • Mailchimp,
  • GetResponse
  • Drip
  • ClickFunnels
  • Demio
  • Google Analytics
  • PayPal
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • Kalviyo

Above all, keep in mind that PayKickStart keeps an open mind regarding integrations, so feel free to contact them for any requests for other software integrations.

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There aren’t many software that can do what PayKickStart does; however, there are a few that you and us guys see as possible competitors for them. Let’s take a look at who they might be.

  • Thrivecart
  • Ultracart
  • Clickfunnels
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PayKickStart Pricing

Start from: $99/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: 14-days

Furthermore, for all about Paykickstart pricing, check out the dedicated section here.

Pricing paykickstart-tekpon review

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In conclusion, Pay KickStart is a software tool with a lifecycle approach to customers. The tool offers you a complete set of services in the shopping cart and affiliate spectrum, starting from acquisitions boosting security and mobility techniques. Furthermore, PayKickStart comes with more than 60 integrations and is available in 25 languages making it easier to comment with other software. The language variety makes it easy-to-understand information in the application for both you and your customers.


Specification: PayKickStart

customer-type StartUps, Large enterprises, Medium business, Small business
device-supported Desktops, Mobiles, Tablets
features 1-click upsells, 99.99% uptime&data, activity logs, address auto-complete, affiliate reports, automated bonus delivery, billing method update, built-in marketing materials, cancelation rules, cart abandinment reminder, Checkout Experince, coupon codes, credit card expiring reminder, Custom API, custom pricing, data portability, email sequence, embedded portal, EU-GDPR compliant, exit-intent popup, exports, fraud detection tools, freemium, funnel reports, hosted portal, hybrid pricing, in-app notifications, instant& detailed commision payouts, leads & sales tracking, lifetime commision, on-demand invoicing, One-time payments, order bumps, Payment Gateways, payment method management, Payment Options, payment plans, PCI DSS level 3 compliant, Popups, pre-filled checkout page, proration, real-time affiliate contests, retargeting pixels, sales report, SCA Compliant, Setup Fees, single sign-on, SOC-1 & SOC-2 Compliant, subscription renewal reminder, subscription report, Subscriptions, tax management & compliance, tracking pixels, traffic reports, trail ending reminder, Trial Offers, Two-factor autentification, Usage-based pricing, user management& permissions, W9/W8 tax form collection
integrated-with ActiveCampaign, aMember Pro, Authorize.Net, AWeber, Braintree, Campaign Refinery, ChartMogul, ClickFunnels Membership, ConstantContact, Convertkit, Demio, Digital Access Pass, Drip, Easypaydirect, evertlesson, Everwebinar, FreshMember, GetResponse, GetResponse 360, Google Analytics, GoToWebinar, iContact, Infusionsoft, Interspire, kajabi, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, mailerLite, Markethero, Maropost, Memberful, MemberMouse, Ontraport, OptimizeMember, PayPal, Piperdrive, ProductDyno, ProfitWell, Prosper202, S2Member, SegMateApp, SendGrid, Sendlane, ShipOffers, ShipStation, Slack, Stripe, Taxamo, Teachable, ThinkiFic, WebinarJam, WebinarJeo, Webminar Ignition, Wishlist, zoom
languages Arabic, Bosnian, Chech, Chinese, Croatia, Danish, dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Montenegrin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Vietnamese
price-range 101-200, 201-300, 51-100, Custom
pricing-model Custom, Annual Subscription, Monthly payment
users Unlimited
works on Android OS, Apple iOS, Apple Mac OS, Linux, Web Browsers, Windows
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