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Sage HR Review

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If your company spends hundreds of hours wasting resources handling employees, then Sage HR could be for you. We have compiled all the details from this popular platform in our Sage HR review. Here you will read why Sage HR software is an excellent choice for shift creation and management and discover the things we love about the platform and some of the things we don’t like.

Ease of use
Value for Money
Customer Support
Pricing Details

Starting from: $5,5/month

Pricing Model: Per user

Yes, has free trial

No free version

  • Amazing UI
  • Ease-of-use
  • A strong set of features
  • Interesting pricing plan
  • Best in class shift management tools
  • Self-service features
  • Needs more integrations
  • Not as flexible as some rival HR solutions
  • Not suited to larger organizations
Best for
  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Mobile - iPad

Sage HR Software

Sage HR is a complete human resources platform that provides a suite of tools for managing employees, workflows, and productivity. Web-based Sage HR software allows you to create and manage shifts, track employee leaves, assign projects, and connect platforms and devices. We spent time with the Sage HR system and found it full of useful tools for human resource management.

What is Sage HR?

Don’t let your shift scheduling and management be a bore. Yes, handling shifts can be a tedious task, but with Sage HR, you can make it something easy and, dare we say it… fun. Using the Sage HR and payroll self-service, you can create shifts, edit them, and send notifications to employees. In addition, all users have access to their shift schedule across mobile and web.

Sage HR software is perfect for small to medium organizations that want to avoid the complexity of shift management. Instead of spreadsheets covering a web of shift patterns across your business, Sage products provide a full HR system that is easy to use and effective.

With the Sage software, you get a human resources platform based on the web and integrates seamlessly with your operations. However, we think Sage HR is ideal for small to medium enterprises because larger corporations may require more flexibility. Interestingly, Sage markets itself towards smaller clients rather than big multinationals.

How to Use Sage HR

A big part of why Sage HR is so appealing is its ease of use. All facets of the experience are efficient, thanks to the clean and functional UI. In addition, logging into the Sage HR backend is amazingly easy, even if you are a new customer. In fact, there is a free trial version available that we recommend taking advantage of. This allows you to get familiar with the Sage HR software to decide if you want to continue using it.

Although, it is worth noting you will still need to set up your account with name, company, phone number, email, etc. Alternatively, you can use your Google Account to sign into the Sage HR backend. So whether you are using the free trial or are a paying user, you will get the same interface and user experience.

Sage HR Dashboard

Your central hub on Sage is the site “Dashboard.” In many respects, the interface is similar to WordPress, albeit more appealing and colorful. For example, all major features are shown on the side panel under the dashboard, so you can easily switch between calendar, schedule, timesheets, chat, feedback, company info, documents, and reports. As for the Dashboard itself, here you can see your company shift schedule, prepared tasks, your balance, upcoming time off, and more.

Sage HR Features

If you are getting bogged down by shift management, Sage HR (formerly Cake HR) has an excellent suite of features that make it easy. While large businesses would find more tools on other platforms, it is hard to beat the power of Sage with its ease of use for small to medium companies. For example, when using the Sage human resources software, you can access the following features:

HR Management

At the heart of Sage is its human resources tools. Companies will put a lot of value on streamline HR management, which can often be a hassle. Sage HR allows you to simplify labor-intensive work that usually eats up resources. Thanks to the drag and drop UI, you can be up and running and handling administrative duties in no time. Some of the HR-specific tools available in Sage include:

  • eSignature – Sign documents and send documents for signing electronically through Sage HR. While this is not as complete as a dedicated digital signing tool like DocuSign, it still provides features such as receipts, multiple signors, and document sharing.
  • Announcements – One valuable tool in Sage HR is the Announcements feature, allowing users to share notification content across an organization. It is an ideal solution for improving engagement across teams, allowing them to see the content you want.
  • Org Chart – Sage HR software automatically generates organizational charts showing the structure of your workforce. For example, you can see which employees are under specific teams and which managers they report to.
  • Recipes – This is a fancy way for Sage to say custom workflow creation, including the ability to automate actions and build sentence-based workflows.

Leave Management

As a platform for tracking and automating HR tasks, a calendar is one of the core tools in Sage. This is especially true for the ability to manage time off across an organization. In addition, we found Sage HR has a solid selection of tools for handling leave.

  • Shared calendar – By hosting a calendar that can span a business, Sage HR allows users to tap into the same schedules. Calendars are available on any device and help plan leave, manage resources, and create shift timelines.
  • Employee self-service – All employees with permission can tap into their Sage HR account to see scheduled time off, leave requests, balances, and which other team members are away.
  • Custom approval flows – Admins have full control over time off and can approve leave requests and schedule replacements directly within Sage HR.


Creating efficient flows of productivity and tapping into the best talent is something all organizations are looking for. By delivering insights and management of resources, Sage HR offers tools for streamlining and boosting productivity:

  • Goals / OKRs – Sage HR claims to have a new system for setting and managing goals. It uses Objectives and Key Results to challenge employees with deep goals that you can track.
  • 360 feedback – Sage also thinks it has an innovative approach to improve feedback with its 360 concepts. However, it is really nothing new, but it does allow employees to manage their own performance by seeing info from executives, team leaders, and other staff.
  • 1-to-1 meetings – There is a dedicated section on the Sage HR main hub for 1-to-1 meetings. Collaboration and workplace meetings are such buzzwords right now, but it is nice to see a 1-to-1 meeting feature that allows managers/admins to connect with employees.
  • Surveys – While excellent dedicated survey platforms are available, such as Zoho, Sage HR has its own decent solution built-in. For example, you can create surveys across a multitude of metrics to help you aggregate employee mood.

Shift Management

The biggest reason to get Sage HR is its amazing shift scheduling and management services for its excellent HR tools. Think of the rest of the platform as a nice bonus. The shift tools are what will help to transform your organization:

  • Interactive shift planning – Using Sage HR software, you can create, edit, move, and share shifts through the drag and drop schedule planner.
  • Order by Groups & Areas – While individual shift management is available, most businesses will handle batches of employees under shift patterns. On Sage HR, admins can run their employee shifts in groups and across multiple locations, even other countries. Another nice feature is the ability to add shift managers.
  • Employees add their availability – Building on its concept of employee self-service features, Sage HR allows employees to add their own chosen shift times or note when they are unavailable for work.

Sage HR Pricing

There are several Sage HR pricing options available to suit organizations of all sizes. As noted, there is also a free trial that lasts 14 days. However, there is no specific free version of Sage HR, so you must pay to use the platform. You can choose between one of their Sage HR pricing plans. If you want to learn more about their pricing, you can read more on our dedicated page.

Starting From: $5.5/month (Monthly Plan)

Pricing Model: Per User

Free Trial: 14-days

Sage HR Integrations

One of the most disappointing aspects of Sage HR is its limited set of integrations. It is common in the modern enterprise realm for services to offer dozens of integrations with third parties. Moreover, such add-ins are increasingly useful as productivity turns more towards collaboration and sharing.

Sage HR is missing deep access to third-party solutions. However, you will find a selection of important integrations:

  • G Suite (Google Workspace) – Google’s productivity suite is available directly in Sage HR, which means you can sign up/sign in to Sage with your Google Account.
  • Slack – Tap into one of the leading workplace chat apps for connections with team members across your organization.
  • Custom Integrations – Sage HR provides custom add-ins through Active Directory, although this is only available on request (and for a fee).

We would like to see Sage allow access to more third-party tools. Although, the reality is Sage is such a one-stop-shop solution for HR management that you can use the platform fine without integrations. Still, for large companies that tap into multiple different services and a broad selection of enterprise tools, the lack of flexibility in Sage is likely to be a problem.

Sage HR Alternatives

While Sage HR provides an excellent human resources management platform, it may not suit all users. As we have said, we think it will appeal to small to medium businesses but less so to larger corporations. So whether you think Sage HR is not for you or want to know your options, Sage HR has several best alternatives.

  • Calamari
  • SutiHR
  • Namely
  • See All Alternatives

Sage HR Review Conclusions

Workplaces are changing. They are becoming places of collaboration and flexibility, challenging organizations to keep up with employees in a unique environment that increasingly includes remote work. Sage HR is a solution that allows businesses to keep up to speed with the rapidly changing enterprise world.

It provides an all-in-one platform for managing employees and control human resources needs. Ideal for the small to medium business that requires streamlining and efficiency, we rank Sage HR as one of the best shift management services. However, in some other areas, it may fall short depending on your needs. For example, the lack of flexibility and integration is likely a dealbreaker for most large organizations.



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