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Diib Alternatives


Diib is a great and easy-to-use SEO tool if you are new to this digital world. Nowadays, every business doesn’t exist for users if it’s not present online, a website, for example. Thus, if you are looking to bring more traffic to your website and understand some basic SEO rules all by yourself without having to pay an SEO specialist to help you with a strategy, then Diib might be your tool.

Indeed, if you are a newcomer in this online world, Diib may live up to your expectations. But, if you are looking for a more complex tool to do more than helping you bring traffic to your website, then you have to look elsewhere. Some big SEO software products in the market are more complex than Diib, and it isn’t easy to work with them even though they offer great insight and features for your website SEO. I would call them SEO titans. But let see some Diib competitors, and in the end, you can see if this is what you need.

Ahrefs vs. Diib

First of all, let’s start with Ahrefs. If you’re familiar with SEO, then Ahrefs is no stranger to you. I’ve been using their platform, and the first difference between these two that comes to my mind is the complexity of Ahrefs. This tool is basically a toolset, not only a platform for SEO and marketing. Moreover, with Ahrefs, you can crawl the web, stores tons of data, and makes it easily accessible via a simple user interface. You can use the data to aid keyword research, link building, content marketing, and SEO strategies. Ultimately, the tool helps to accelerate the growth of organic search traffic to a website.

On the other hand, Diib is more simple. They say that you can scan your website in 60 seconds and sync Diib to your Google Analytics to spot issues, improve SEO and build you an easy-to-follow growth plan to increase your social, mobile, and organic traffic. If you ask me for Diib, you don’t have to be an SEO geek to understand the data that they are showing you. But if you want to use Ahrefs at its full potential, you might need a specialist for that.

Ahrefs vs. Diib Pricing

All great tools are expensive, or at least you have to see them as an investment. Diib offers a free version with limited features, but I think is not enough if you expect more from your website. Or websites. That’s why I recommend purchasing the premium plan, which starts from $29.99 per month.

On the other hand, Ahrefs is much expensive. But, again, it is doing much more than Diib. So we can’t compare apples with pears. So, the Lite plan starts from $99 per month. And they don’t offer a free plan. It’s understandable. Ahrefs is an SEO titan, and people who are using it or want to use it know about SEO. And the most premium plan is the Agency that costs $999 per month.

To sum up, I don’t think that I can compare these tools. Yet, I can help you understand what you need. If you want some lite help for your website, then go with Diib. But if you already have a website and want to grow it big, then go big with Ahrefs.