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Linked Helper 2 Alternatives

Best Linked Helper 2 Alternatives:

  • Meet Alfred
  • Salesloop
  • ProspectIn
  • Dux-Soup
  • Skylead

Lately, LinkedIn has become the best business platform for lead generation, sales, and marketing. It has excellent potential, a less-known algorithm, and is not yet oversaturated like other social media platforms. All of these give you the possibility to reach a bigger audience easily.

There’s no wonder that plenty of LinkedIn automation tools are appearing, and we list them here, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Why use these automation tools? It’s simple: they help you shorten the time for building LinkedIn campaigns to only one hour a day if you use them properly.

Linked Helper 2 vs. Salesloop

LinkedIn is one of the social platforms highly against spamming people’s inboxes with all sorts of messages. That’s why if it detects suspicious behavior will block your account. And you don’t want that. However, you can rest assured that both Linked Helper 2 and Salesloop are not going against LinkedIn’s safest guidelines.

Linked Helper pricing vs. Salesloop pricing

While Salesloop is a cloud-based platform, Linked Helper, the second version, is a standalone app. If we compare them regarding their cost, Linked Helper is the winner, while Salesloop can be slightly spicy. $15 per month for Linked Helper 2 and $49 per month for Salesloop.

You do the math. Indeed, Salesloop allows more than one account connected to the platform; depending on the subscription, you have 1, 6, or unlimited LinkedIn accounts. On the other side, with Linked Helper, you receive only one license for one account.

Linked Helper integrations vs. Salesloop integrations

You can integrate Linked Helper only with Zapier, while Salesloop integrates with VisitorQueue and LeedFeeder. But we also think Linked Helper will offer more integrations as they just developed the standalone app.

Both of them work on LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Recruiter. Still, Linked Helper is coming with some great features like group inviter, endorsement, and contact remover, or even you can build smart message chains. And regarding automation, Linked Helper can put many of your tasks on autopilot, and it’s better developed in that way.

Linked Helper 2 vs. Salesloop Overview

We can say a lot of good and not so great about each of them, but it’s your decision in the end. Each has its way of helping you attract more leads and works differently for each business. So the best advice you can give is to try them out and see which one is yours.

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