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NordPass Alternatives

Everybody knows how important it is to keep your passwords safe and secure. However, most of us are still using the same password for each account or weak ones. It’s hard to keep your accounts safe, and it’s even harder to remember all your passwords. Fortunately, we live in a world where password managers are not only pretty common, but they also offer their services for a very reasonable price or even free subscriptions. But, let’s see what alternative you have for NordPass:

Best NordPass alternative

  • 1Password

  • LastPass

  • Keeper Password Manager

  • Rippling

  • RoboForm

  • KeePass

  • Dashlane Business

  • Bitwarden

NordPass vs. LastPass

As I said many times, every product that is designed aims to be the best. Yet, not every software product work for everyone’s needs, for various reasons. That’s why it is always good to have some alternatives in case. These two password managers, NordPass and LastPass, are probably the most reliable software products in the market.

NordPass vs. LastPass Features

Both of these products offer many of their features for free. Yet, NordPass has a nice feature that is missing from LastPass, which is Password Generator. On the other side, LastPass also offers auto-saves and auto-fills credentials while you browse the internet. On top of that, you can also take advantage of its multi-factor authentication, syncing, and sharing capabilities. But, again, all of this is provided entirely for free, even including the ability to store an unlimited number of credentials on an unlimited number of devices. But let see if LastPass can really be an alternative for NordPass.

NordPass vs. LastPass Pricing Plans

First of all, both of them offer plans for personal use and business. Also, both have a free personal plan and a free trial if you upgrade to a premium one. However, there is a little price difference between them. The NordPass premium personal plan starts from $2.35, while for LastPass, you have to pay  $3.45. The NordPass Business plan starts from 4.25 per user/per month, while for the LastPass Business plan, you will pay $4.64 per use/per month.

As you can see, the difference is not that big, yet you have to see which one is working for you.

Is NordPass better than LastPass?

There are some key differences between these tools, and you’ll have to see which one will work for you. NordPass is a safe tool overall and is using a more recent encryption algorithm.  However, when it comes to features, especially those provided for free, LastPass is the winner. For example, it doesn’t limit you to one device like NordPass and lets you share credentials with other people.

To sum up, NordPass and LastPass are both reliable and secure, and only you will know which one fits your needs best.



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