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What is QuestionPro?

QuestionPro is a comprehensive survey and insights platform designed to facilitate data-driven decision-making for businesses and researchers. At its core, it offers robust survey software that allows users to create, distribute, and analyze surveys with ease.

Beyond traditional surveys, QuestionPro’s Research Suite provides advanced tools for market research, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis. The platform also delves into customer experience (CX) management, offering tools to capture, analyze, and act on customer feedback. For internal assessments, the Workforce module aids in employee feedback and engagement tracking.

A standout feature is its vast array of customization options, ensuring that surveys align with brand aesthetics.

With integrations, multilingual support, and mobile optimization, QuestionPro stands as a versatile solution for gathering and interpreting critical data across various domains.

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Starting from:

$99 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

There are four pricing categories: Survey Software, Research Suite, CX, and Workforce. The Survey Software packages available are Essentials (Free), Advanced ($99 per month), and Team Edition (Request quote). For Research Suite, you need to contact sales for pricing. The same goes for Customer Experience plans. The Workforce package cost starts at $5,000/year. A free 10-Day trial is available for the Advanced pricing plan.

  • Analytics
  • Answer Conditions
  • Multilingual Support
  • Skip Logic
  • Templates
  • Questions Library
  • Question Conditions
  • Multimedia
  • Email Distribution
  • Mobility
  • Response Management
  • Scoring
  • Offline Response Collection

Additional Features

  • Benchmarking
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Survey Builder
  • Survey Sample Management
  • Statistical Analytics
  • Panel Management


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Tell us your opinion about QuestionPro and help others.

If you could read minds, whose would you peek into? Hold that thought because we’ve got a QuestionPro review to do. QuestionPro is a survey-making tool and the closest scientific alternative to reading minds. It is a platform dedicated to understanding the customer experience. You can tinker with survey design using the QuestionPro online survey software until you get poignant questions that produce exhilarating insights. Forget about mind-reading. QuestionPro promises something much better — survey tools that help other people speak their minds. Are QuestionPro online surveys worth the trouble? Let’s dive in and find out.

QuestionPro Survey

Humans have intricate relationships with one another and the world around them, which provides them with valuable feedback to help them succeed. This concept is also applicable to social scientists conducting research, business owners conducting market research, and other successful individuals. But, how do you encourage people to give you feedback and manage a potentially large amount of it?

QuestionPro survey software enables you to create online surveys while ensuring that the survey design does not interfere with the feedback. The true power of QuestionPro lies in its customizable scalability. In other words, you can make your survey as comprehensive as you want and still maintain complete control over its design.

QuestionPro is a comprehensive survey tool and software that is augmented with customizable services to help you deploy, manage, and use them correctly. When you gather data through QuestionPro, you can export it to a third-party tool or use it within QuestionPro. This tool can be best described as a framework that helps you create your survey, but it cannot create one for you.

If you encounter any difficulties while creating your survey, QuestionPro will assist you and provide access to resources to help you complete it.

How do you use QuestionPro?

In simple terms, you have four stages of making an online survey:

  • conceptualize
  • design
  • deploy
  • process the data

In step 1, you define your goal, try to figure out what you’ll need, and gather the team. Poorly conceived surveys appear fine but produce useless data. You create questions and answers in steps 2 & 3 to provide useful data. You send out the survey, embed it on websites, install it on tablets, etc. In step 4, you analyze the data and extract insights. My advice is to approach QuestionPro for surveying before you do any of the steps. Plan ahead, include redundancies, and you’ll do just fine.

Details of QuestionPro Features

Let’s explore some of the best features so you know what to expect.

  • Heavy-duty, business-oriented

QuestionPro is a serious platform for serious researchers, with a robust framework that lets you deploy your online survey the way you want it. In addition, the client portfolio on the QuestionPro website exudes confidence and a can-do attitude.

  • Global reach and coverage

You can make surveys in multiple languages, and thanks to regional data centers, they basically cover any culture, market, or region. I like the international survey design, which helps alleviate cultural biases that might pop up in the data. Besides English, QuestionPro is available in six languages: Spanish, Portuguese/Brazilian, German, Russian, Arabic, and French.

  • Automation-friendly

Humans tend to zone out when doing repetitive tasks, such as processing survey data. No matter how quickly you add new people to your survey team, they’ll all get fatigued and start making mistakes. Thanks to automation, at least some struggles can be dealt with, with humans verifying the result. You can use third-party tools or your code to process the data in a way that suits you and your workflow.

  • Plenty of ways to sift through the data

Gathering the data is half the battle; the other half is figuring out how to sift through it. QuestionPro provides about a dozen ways to articulate your survey data to laypeople in a statistically valid way. In addition, sentiment Analysis boasts of using artificial intelligence (AI) to sort open-ended data into three buckets: positive, neutral, or negative.

  • Free e-books

To access the eBooks available on the website’s homepage, click on the “Resources” tab and then choose “eBooks.” There are a total of 30 eBooks that you can download by clicking on the respective links and filling in the necessary form fields.

I tried downloading “Hacker’s Guide to Advanced Research Methodologies,” which is a 33-page PDF file. It provides a brief overview of QuestionPro’s tools and services, leading to QuestionPro help articles. I found the quality of the content to be satisfactory.

Additionally, there is a free 99-page eBook titled “QuestionPro for Dummies” that I highly recommend reading. It thoroughly explains the most common survey design mistakes.

  • Requires a huge budget and/or team

There is no getting around it — survey-making that produces data of statistical significance is grueling work. It would be best to have either a huge budget or a huge team, preferably both. Every position in the team should be doubled, and every task should be done again from scratch to ensure no biases or statistical errors.

Tiny errors introduced early on lead to radically different conclusions. Team communication then works against the survey goal; people tend to agree with false data, even when they are obliged to challenge it. So, now you need two teams doing identical work: the first to do the survey and the second to check up on the first. See the problem? This kind of work exceeded expectations before a single question was drafted.

QuestionPro will somewhat help you with this, but there’s only so much it can do. I’d like to see QuestionPro adopt machine learning (ML), an exciting programming field related to AI.

  • No machine-learning integration

ML is a way to make a standalone program that can intelligently onboard itself and do the work of an entire team, becoming better as it solves problems. For example, ML interns can evaluate X-ray scans to diagnose diseases with near-perfect accuracy. In addition, an ML-powered survey would scan forum discussions, social media posts, and other public information sources to collate and correlate all kinds of data points.

For example, instead of creating a survey to understand flight delays, you could power up an ML assistant to scan forum posts of people complaining about their flight delays. But, unfortunately, there’s no trace of QuestionPro adopting ML anytime soon. I understand why — nobody wants to take radical risks. Besides, there is a lot of money to be made out of survey-making the way it’s done today, which leads us to QuestionPro pricing.

QuestionPro Cost

There are four pricing categories: Survey Software, Research Suite, CX, and Workforce. But first, let’s discover how much you’ll pay for this tool.

  • Survey Software

  • Essentials cost $0
  • Advanced is $1,548 a year
  • Team Edition is custom-priced

The main difference between the plans is in the survey scale. Essentials allow up to 1,000 responses per survey, but there doesn’t appear to be any automation. You can add your logo to the survey and export the data. XLS and. CSV, though.

Advanced provides API and Salesforce integration with advanced logic capabilities. It has a 10-day free trial without having to supply a credit card. Team Edition provides custom scripting options, region-specific data centers, five seats, and more. As the name implies, team management is the biggest forte of this plan.

There is a Nonprofit License plan as well. You need to create an account and a backlink to QuestionPro on your website alongside a thank-you note. When you do, contact QuestionPro with proof, and your license will be upgraded for free for 12 months. After that, keep adding thank-yous to renew the license.

  • Research Suite

Starting at $10,000 a year, this pricing plan boasts conjoint data analysis, a way to break down any product into a set of values. Then, each value is researched on its own, providing a detailed overview of the user experience. You also get A/B testing and community management software, with 22 million respondents itching to fill out your surveys.

  • CX (customer experience)

Starting at $12,000 a year, this pricing plan is about putting your finger on the pulse of your customer base. You can analyze customer sentiments to figure out how product attributes impact them. Insights gotten through CX can help you build trust with your customers and detect new trends as they arise.

  • Workforce

Starting at $5,000 a year, Workforce is a survey tool designed to analyze the Entire Workforce. It lets you define your measurement models, use performance management, and put out visually appealing workforce analytics. The resulting diagram is full of statistical jargon, but colorful bars and curves exist. In essence, you get data on your average employee and then measure how much any given one deviates from the average. I imagine this can help with promotion, demotion, and termination decisions, though it’s a bit too abstract for my taste.

Alternatives to QuestionPro

The three most popular alternatives to QuestionPro are:

  •  Survey Monkey
  •  Medallia
  •  Qualtrics

QuestionPro vs. Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is a more accessible alternative to QuestionPro, ditching the high-brow jargon wherever possible to ease you into survey-making. Instead, the emphasis is on streamlined surveys and mobile apps used to gather data, which may not be scientifically vetted, but are available on the fly.

QuestionPro boasts better e-mail integration, geo-coded responses, participant statistics, and so on. In my opinion, Survey Monkey is aimed at people who want to leverage stats with minimal fuss. For example, one Survey Monkey feature automatically turns a survey participant’s response into a testimonial. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice QuestionPro showcasing a similar feature. It might be there, but QuestionPro doesn’t put it front and center.

QuestionPro vs. Medallia

Medallia is a customer- and employee-oriented survey company. You can request a demo or watch a video presentation, which I did. The 2-minute video emphasizes “frictionless customer experience.” Instead of discarding the outlier data, Medallia tells us to embrace human moments. Does that make sense?

A chatbot asks the customer to explain the poor rating in the video. The customer replies, “My dog destroyed this in 10 min!!” with a picture of the havoc. It’s goofy and messy but a realistic and valid survey response. That’s what customer feedback looks like, and Medallia states it should be embraced, not discarded as unreliable. Medallia calls this “unstructured data,” advising us to capture and understand it. But, acting on that data comes naturally and without friction, which is an apt summary of Medallia’s philosophy.

QuestionPro vs. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an enterprise-level survey company and a guarded one at that. So I couldn’t get any sensible info on product features from the Qualtrics website, but I did find something. On the home page, I clicked “Customer Trends,” filled in the form fields, and got a PDF report on UK consumers in 2022.

The 19-page report states no-brainer insights, such as “treat customers as people.” It mentioned unstructured data, which lifted my hopes, but they were dashed when I saw the amount of jargon used. Qualtrics seems like a top-heavy company that lags 1–2 years behind the market. The report felt written by and for managers out of touch with reality.

QuestionPro Review Conclusions

Surveys are amazing. They reveal reality, especially when it comes to bottled-up moods and opinions. Anyone who wants to succeed should plan on making surveys, but how can you tell which survey software is the best for you?

This QuestionPro review hopefully showed you that every survey company has a philosophy, and in the case of QuestionPro, I would sum it up as “vetted data.” QuestionPro is the most professional, high-brow, and academic survey company out there. But I don’t think that’s always an advantage.

QuestionPro surveys require so much preparation and expertise that I think you should get them only if someone else is paying. If you need customer experience surveys or any online surveys without caring about survey design, go with Medallia or Survey Monkey. The data won’t be exact, but it will be in your hands much faster, which matters more than accuracy on the 21st-century internet.

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