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WebCEO Alternatives

What would be the WebCEO Review without presenting some of its Best Alternatives? Indeed, 1,400,000+ businesses rely on WebCEO. However, it may not be the best for your SEO agency. That’s why we compared this SEO software for agencies with some of its competitors.

Best WebCEO Alternatives are:

  • SEMrush

  • Moz

  • Ahrefs

  • Raven Tools

  • SEO PowerSuite

WebCEO vs. Semrush

Web CEO is very similar to SEMrush, but the first-mentioned could be easier to use, less expensive, and an excellent alternative to the second-mentioned software.

When it comes to features, WebCeo & SemRush share some similarities. However, there are also some differences worth mentioning.

Although both tools pull data from the Majestic API, the backlink feature is more accurate and robust than SEMrush.

Moreover, you will pay an extra $399.99/mo for Majestic backlinks with SEMrush, while WebCEO covers this at no cost, and you won’t have to subscribe individually to Majestic. WebCEO’s fixed plans provide backlink data at no extra cost, and the Agency Unlimited Plan charges you only 40 cents for every 1,000 specific backlinks found.

In SemRush, you can check your website positions only on Google and Baidu. Still, with WebCEO, you can track rankings on Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Ask, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines (global & local). Moreover, you can track all types of search results (Places, Features, Snippets, People Also Ask, Ads, News, Images, and more).

Compared to SEMrush, WebCeo is easier to read. It allows you to create white-label sites on your own domains and site domains and make excellent customized PDF SEO reports.

WebCEO vs. Moz

If you’re running an SEO agency, choosing WebCEO over Moz Pro might be the right decision. It features tools specially created for agencies that help with lead generation and improve your client’s overall SEO health.


  • Allows Google product integrations to help you in your research.
  • You can create more campaigns at a lower cost.
  • More affordable, especially if you are a startup.


  • The keyword research feature is better in Moz Pro.
  • It has more features that help you find on-page issues that hurt your domain.
  • You can create optimized content easily in Moz Pro.

WebCeo vs. Ahrefs

Which is Better – Ahrefs or WebCEO? Let’s find out together.

Web Ceos’ traffic analysis tool reports your traffic numbers. It gives you valuable information that will help you understand your site visitors’ behavior better. You can use the data to perform superior customer intelligence.

Ahrefs have data for 150 million keywords within the US alone (+ more for over 150 other countries). Calculating the monthly search volume of keywords that mix data from Google Adwords with clickstream data is excellent.

With tools like analysis of social media popularity and integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, WebCeo is an advanced and diversified SEO toolkit. All things considered, if you own an SEO agency, WebCeo is a better option than Ahrefs.

WebCeo vs. SEO PowerSuite


  • WebCEO integrates great with Google products.
  • You track social media activity and mentions of your brand online.
  • The spy monitoring features give you an overview of your competitors’ activity.


  • SEO Powersuite is a desktop app & that lets you work offline.
  • You can automate your tasks and email alerts.
  • SEO Powersuite is more cost-effective if white-label reporting is essential to you.


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