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What is Adobe Premiere Rush? 

Adobe touts Premiere Rush as an all-in-one, cross-tool video-enhancing app. As its name implies, it’s a super-rapid way to create pro-searching videos anywhere, whether on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can shoot and edit video on your tablet or phone using the free cell app, which is genuinely cool; start enhancing a video on your computer, then have all of it sync routinely on your cell tool.

With this method, you may edit expert-searching films right on your phone on the train home from work; then, it’s on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with one click!

Post-processing of a project, be it photography or video, is usually done on desktop computers. Editing photos and videos can be tedious and often requires a larger screen and memory that most mobile devices lack. However, software developers have learned to adapt as smartphone users grow worldwide. Nowadays, Android and iPhone users can access many mobile photo editing apps.

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Shoot, edit, and share online videos anywhere.

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  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Personal


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Adobe Premiere Rush Pricing

Starting from:

$9.99 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

There are several ways to get Premiere Rush. The first one is the Free Plan which comes with unlimited exports, easy editing and effects, animated titles, and free soundtracks library. The second one is with Adobe Express subscriptions which grant access to premium features and content, sync across mobile and desktop, Creative Cloud Express features (including Photoshop Express), and 100 GB of cloud storage.

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Adobe Premiere Rush Features

  • Audio Editing
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customizable Branding
  • Drag & Drop
  • Media Library
  • Privacy Options
  • Social Sharing
  • Stock Resources
  • Text Overlay
  • Video Editing
  • Voice-over
  • Video Capture

Additional Features

  • Unlimited Desktop Exports
  • Multi-Language
  • In-app Instructions
  • Motion Graphics Templates

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Adobe Premiere Rush Integrations

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Some desktop programs like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom have mobile versions for quick and convenient image editing. This trend doesn’t just apply to photos. You can also find several great video editing apps for your smartphone. One of them is Adobe Premiere Rush. This review discusses what sets the app apart from the competition, from cost to features. This review also gives you a quick guide on using the app.

Adobe Premiere Rush – video editing software 

Adobe Premiere Rush is a relative newcomer to the video modifying world. Released as Adobe Premiere Rush in 2018, it turned into formerly referred to as an unreleased software known as Project Rush. Adobe has aimed this new cross-platform modifying software program at YouTubers aiming to up their game or for those who need to generate content material quickly without the extra frills that professional video modifying software offers.

Premiere Rush offers an educational walkthrough while the app is first opened, which is best for the uninitiated. But Rush is pretty easy to familiarize yourself with, even without that. After an easy media import process, users are met with one tracking panel for viewing the edited media and a timeline panel under where to edit. The center panels are flanked with import and fundamental cutting/splicing equipment at the left and modifying equipment at the right. Customers can use it on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android gadgets that meet the minimal device requirements.

Adobe Premiere Rush vs. Pro 

Adobe now has three video-enhancing software program options: Premiere Pro for the pros, Premiere Elements for the hobbyists, and Premiere Rush for the vloggers and social media posters. Having commenced life as a mobile-only app, Rush now gives a computer app. As the product call suggests, the entire concept in the back of Rush is to get from taking pictures to enhancing to sharing fast. We determined that its easy interface and workflow lend themselves well to one’s goals. Rush is worth a look for any social video creator.

Rush doesn’t require a full Adobe Creative Cloud subscription or even a Premier Pro subscription, although you can get Rush if you have one. You can use Rush for free on mobile if you don’t mind the 2GB cloud storage limit. However, this amount is insufficient for longer or higher-resolution videos such as 4K. A subscription is required to use Rush on the desktop instead of a one-time purchase of Premiere Elements. Just for Rush, you pay $ 9.99 monthly, giving you 100GB of cloud storage.

The app is available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10. Unfortunately, it’s not a store app for either desktop platform, making it easy to install, especially on Mac. I was prompted to install Rush on Windows using the Creative Cloud desktop app, even though I could download DMG on Mac. The app requires iOS 13 or higher on Apple mobile devices and a device with an A9 ARM chip or higher. Requires at least Android 9 and certain devices from Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Sony, and Xiaomi on Android devices. On Windows, you need a 64-bit CPU with Windows 10 version 1903 or higher; on a Mac, you need macOS 10.14 or higher; Apple M1 CPUs are supported.

How do you use Premiere Rush?

To start video editing, you must create a new project and upload the media you want. First, you may select your video format: a horizontal rectangle, a square, or a vertical rectangle. This could be very useful, as you could alter the video for the platform you’ll be sharing it at. For instance, the vertical rectangle is ideal for Instagram Stories. In this app, you can:

  • Reduce the videos,
  • Alternate the order,
  • Make the video quicker or slower,
  • Change the media’s color and contrast,
  • And upload transitions, music, and text.

To make an element longer or shorter, you need to press on it for a second and drag it after seeing the orange edge. Each new element can be added as a new icon, which users can further adjust as per their needs.

Details of Adobe Premiere Rush Features 

The features and elements that make this software stand out among the others available in the market are listed down below:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

The Premiere Rush workspace is arranged chronologically from import to editing from left to right. Click the trash can icon on the left side of the window, and the project window will open, containing all of the media you’ve imported for editing. Renders each media file in a sharp 1: 1 square within the panel and has a lot of negative space on the left edge, which preserves the neat work area that Adobe is looking for.

From here, you can filter by file type and sort by name. Then, please select the file you want and click the Add button to add it to the timeline. It is so intuitive that almost anyone can work with it, even without a tutorial. However, we’d like to see the ability to right-click media files (be it audio, video, or tracks) in the project window and open their file directory in local storage, if only to keep track of each project saved.

  • Editing Capabilities

The basic editing tools for timeline clips are on the bottom right, which seems strange, considering the rest of the editing tools are on the right side of the window. In both cases, you can add media to the timeline, split, duplicate, and delete clips from here. You can also control each video and audio track by clicking the Control Tracks button, which opens a small window on the left side of the timeline with controls to lock, mute, or hides specific tracks. Unfortunately, people can only use the timeline on phones in portrait mode. Placing the phone horizontally zooms in on the video monitor, and you can use the transform controls on the current clip, but an option to work on the timeline in this view would be helpful.

  • Title Modification

In the edit segment of Premiere Rush (at the right aspect of the window), you could upload titles by selecting from the pre-established templates, searching Adobe Stock for more, or putting in your own. It’s easy to apply via the drag-and-drop feature and may be edited speedily by double-clicking on the display panel’s name. The edit panel of the title device is now pulled up to adjust font, size, shade, and different options. This panel is displayed in layers, with every layer named by the text content (i.e., if you type ‘review’ into the name, it’ll show as that within the edit layer).

  • Audio Features

In addition to adding music and effects, you can record voiceovers directly in Premiere Rush. In addition, you can make various audio adjustments: manual and automatic volume levels, noise and echo reduction, and speech enhancement (which raises or lowers pitch). ). While not as in-depth as desktop software like Premiere Pro, they’re intuitive, simple, and not as complicated as audio editing. For example, people can expand the audio channel in the timeline for more precise editing in two ways: using the bottom left button or by right-clicking the clip in the timeline and choosing Expand Audio. This reflection type is rarely seen in Premiere Rush, so it’s a surprise.

However, you can make some audio adjustments in the audio tool in the editing pane on the right, including volume, muting, and automatic adjustment of volume and attenuation. We’d like to see at least a simple manual audio editing tool. Here, similar to what we found in the Edit Color column. For example, a simple compressor, parametric EQ, and noise gate would be simple enough to include in the sliders and useful for those who know a bit about audio production to make some specific adjustments of their own.

Adobe Premiere Rush Review Conclusions 

Premiere Rush fits the vlogger and YouTuber who desires to generate plenty of content or spend much less time enhancing and extra time shooting/publishing. It’s additionally best for creatives that need to edit at the go along with cell gadgets such as tablets or smartphones.

Adobe Rush is function-packed, but the interface makes it appear smooth and sparse. Numerous alternatives are presented to you, or you can stick with the default presets. This makes for a very flexible app. The truth is you may additionally apply it to a computer and seamlessly import projects into Premiere Pro is, however, the icing on the cake. You don’t want to be a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud atmosphere to use its features completely – a subscription is an added advantage to an otherwise very well-designed app.

If you need to make extra complicated videos, you’ll be disenchanted that many capabilities lack depth, and different apps like KineMaster have extra refinement available. However, compatibility with Premiere Pro is an advantage. Shopping for the two as a bundle is worth thinking about for busy editors who, on occasion, should begin edits even at the move.

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