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How I’m helping SaaS founders expand to the US

How I'm helping SaaS founders expand to the US | Michael Versluis - Expansify

Welcome to another insightful episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast. Today, we had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Versluis from Expansify as he shared his incredible journey and expertise in successfully assisting SaaS founders to enter the US market. In today’s episode, we uncover the strategic approach necessary for SaaS businesses to thrive in one of the most lucrative yet competitive landscapes.

Michael Versluis kicks off the episode by shedding light on the significance of the founder’s presence in the US to validate their ideas and effectively tap into the market. He sets the stage by outlining the prerequisites for his clientele, highlighting that they should be funded entities with a minimum of 20 employees or should have already achieved product-market fit stateside.

Our guest warns about the pitfalls of overspending in the US market, cautioning against hiring an expensive VP of sales as the first step. Instead, he offers his services at Expansify Consulting BV as a more viable and cost-effective alternative, helping companies test the market before making larger commitments.

Michael Versluis’s background

Diving into Versluis’s backstory, he recounts his tenure at Sentient AI, a spinoff from Siri, where he managed sales for an AI website optimization program. His career trajectory took him back to the Netherlands, where he honed his skills as a consultant specializing in creating predictable revenue streams.

His proficiency caught the eye of Incision, a health tech SaaS company, where he crafted a go-to-market strategy, spearheaded the opening of the US office, and ascended to the position of CEO of the US business. Underpinning his vast experience in SaaS and keen insights on market strategies, Michael has recently launched his venture, Expansify, alongside a book and a podcast series to share experiences and foster engaging discussions.

Our fruitful conversation with Michael extends to his approach in sales—immersing himself in the art of cold calling, leveraging the challenger sales method, and valuing the human touch in an increasingly AI-driven domain. While acknowledging AI’s potential advantages and risks in sales, the speaker accentuates the power of personal relationships and underscores the importance of adding value to marketing endeavors.

As we wrap up, Michael stresses the role of events in acquiring clients, especially in the healthcare market, and the necessity of cultivating trust through relationships for successful sales, particularly in high-value deals. He advocates spending time in person with clients to solidify such relationships, especially for larger contracts.