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PlanGuru Reviews

& Product Details

What is PlanGuru?

PlanGuru is a comprehensive financial planning and analytics platform designed for small to mid-sized businesses and their advisors. It empowers users to make informed decisions by offering budgeting, rolling forecasting, and strategic planning capabilities.

With integrated 3-Way Forecasting software, users can create intelligent scenarios, analyze financial performance, and project for up to 10 years using various forecasting methods. The tool imports data from QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Excel, enabling easy historical result importing and budget vs. actual reporting.

PlanGuru’s flexibility allows for simple to detailed budgeting, consolidation, and customization. Scenario analysis aids in making critical investments and strategic choices while reporting tools provide valuable insights for success.

Starting at $99/month, PlanGuru offers a free 30-day trial, making it an Excel and QuickBooks compatible solution for businesses seeking efficient financial planning and performance evaluation.

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    United States

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Starting from:

$99 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

  • Free Trial
  • Free Version

Pricing Details:

PlanGuru offers cloud-based and desktop solutions for budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis. The cloud-based "Single Entity" plan starts at $99/month, including 1 user and additional users at $29/month. The "Multi-Department Consolidations" plan costs $299/month for 3 users and further users at $29/month. The desktop "Single Entity" and "Multi-Department Consolidations" plans are also $99/month and $299/month respectively. Advisor plans are available for $99/month, covering 3 clients and additional clients at $29/month (single entity) or $99/month (consolidations). "Launch" offers tailored assistance for project implementation, priced at $250/hr USD.

  • "What If" Scenarios
  • Integration APIs
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Forecasting
  • Profit/Loss Statement

Additional Features

  • Cash Management
  • Consolidation/Roll-Up
  • Income & Balance Sheet
  • Multi-Company
  • Multi-Department/Project
  • Projections
  • QuickBooks

    Accounting Software

  • Xero

    Accounting Software

Global Average Score
  • Helpful Support

    Users have noted that the support team is particularly helpful, especially at the beginning of their experience with PlanGuru, which contributed to a better overall experience​.

  • Simplifies Complex Budgeting

    The software is praised for its ability to automate and simplify complex budgeting and forecasting practices, offering solutions without relying on cumbersome Excel sheets.​

  • Flexibility

    The product’s flexibility is highlighted, especially its capability to handle not just the forecasting of P&L efficiently, but also to compute the balance sheet and cash flow using various calculation methods. This allows for comprehensive “What if” analyses​.

  • Integration with QuickBooks and Excel

    PlanGuru’s integration with QuickBooks and Excel was a significant positive for users, enabling them to rely on quality reports for their decision-making processes​.

  • Intuitive Use

    Despite its depth in features, the tool is described as easy to use and intuitive, which appeals to users looking for a top-level planning tool without steep learning curves​.

  • Learning Curve

    Some users found the program difficult to learn at the outset, indicating that despite improving over time, initial training or onboarding could be enhanced​.

  • Report Formatting

    There were criticisms regarding the organization and formatting of reports, especially about comment sections not printing out completely in margins unless exported to Excel​.

  • Limited Forecasting Years

    A user mentioned the difficulty in making forecasts beyond three years, suggesting that extending the forecasting capability could enhance the tool’s utility​.

  • Time-Consuming Functions

    Certain functions within PlanGuru were found to be time-consuming, indicating a potential area for making the software more efficient and user-friendly​.

  • Seasonality Depth

    The depth of seasonality analysis provided by PlanGuru was found lacking by some users, who would appreciate more detailed functionalities in this area​.


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