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What is Termly.io?

Termly.io is an easy-to-use GDPR software solution that enables organizations to build and maintain privacy compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. Its cloud-based technology integrates with websites and mobile apps, allowing you to apply a single policy across all platforms.

Privacy policies are created with the help of an easy wizard that asks questions about your business and data practices to create a unique policy for your company. Termly.io is appropriate for enterprises of all sizes, from tiny firms to large corporations. A privacy policy is generally required if your company has an online presence where sensitive consumer data may be handled or collected.

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Starting from:

$10 /website/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Termly offers a range of compliance plans for businesses. The options include a free plan, Starter plan at $10/month, popular Pro+ plan at $15/month, and custom Agency plan. Features include legal policies, banner views, cookie policy and blocking, multi-domain management, and more. Monthly and annual billing options are available, with a discount for annual billing, and there's a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Compliance Management
  • Audit Management
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Customizable Templates
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Risk Management
  • Version Control
  • Security Auditing

Additional Features

  • Attestation
  • Audit Trail
  • Consent Management
  • Document Management
  • Document Templates
  • Policy Creation
  • Policy Management
  • Purchasing & Receiving
  • Policy Metadata Management
  • Template Management
  • Third Party Integrations


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Termly is a popular tool for creating legal agreements. This might be the answer if you require free terms of service template or a free privacy policy form. Any internet firm must have legal agreements such as a privacy policy and terms of service. They shield consumers from data breaches and website operators from legal action. Today we will be reviewing Termly.io. Termly is the greatest free terms and conditions generator that will create a customized policy for your company. So, without further ado, let us dig in.

Although terms and conditions policies, often known as terms of service or terms of use rules, are not required by law, they are extremely important. Any user might sue you for liability at any moment if you don’t have a terms and conditions agreement. Why is it, you might wonder?

Well, for any literal reasons. Any company, website, or service can cause harm to its customers. You might be held accountable for everything that happens to the end-user if you don’t have clear terms of use agreement. Even if you believe your business is impenetrable and secure for users, a good lawyer can establish negative repercussions flowing from it.

You may believe that having a legally valid terms and conditions paper is useless, yet it will save your skin — sooner or later. And that’s where terms and conditions generators come in handy: you may have a template ready in minutes for a low price. If you can’t afford a professional lawyer, I strongly advise you to use the terms of service generator.

However, I should point you that engaging a real lawyer is always the better alternative if you can afford it. An automated terms and conditions template cannot match a legal expert’s skill. I’m sure you’re aware that attorneys exist, so let’s get down to business: what are the ideal terms and conditions generator? Do not worry. We have got you covered.

While legal agreement generators cannot replace talking with a lawyer, they can develop customized legal policies for a fraction of the cost. For example, Termly is an all-in-one online privacy compliance and legal agreement generator for small businesses.

This top-tier service provider assists businesses in setting up everything their websites and applications require to comply with international data privacy and business law standards. Termly works with attorneys and legal experts to guarantee that your online business complies with significant international privacy legislation such as the GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, LGPD, CCPA, and others.

Privacy Policy Generator

What Should a Good Terms and Conditions Generator Contain?

Each website’s terms of service are unique, making it impossible to predict which sections your policy will require. However, you should ensure that the terms of use agreements you create, at the very least, address the following questions:

  • What Happens If a User Refuses to Accept the Terms and Conditions?
  • Who are the Website’s Owners?
  • Do You Have the Authority to Change Your Terms of Service?
  • Are You Responsible for Any Damages or Losses?

These are the most basic provisions; a decent terms and conditions template should have many more. If you use an online generator to create your terms and conditions, at the very least, ensure these questions are answered.

Terms and Conditions Generator

Who can use Termly?

Online stores, marketing firms, consultancies, and other organizations collecting personal information from customers and visitors are prevalent company kinds. A customizable consent banner, automated policy updates, various platform support, and branding solutions to ensure that the software matches the aesthetic of your business and website are just a few of the main features of Termly.io.

It might take a long time to stay in compliance with privacy rules. Termly.io is built to comply with GDPR and other security standards such as COPPA and CalOPPA. Termly.io will automatically update its privacy policy to reflect any changes in regulations. In addition, it allows you to amend the privacy policy in several places at once, saving you time on changing individual sites and applications.

The privacy policy generator on Termly.io is meant to be user-friendly, asking questions about the sorts of information gathered, where you’ll utilize the privacy policies, and how you use personal information. The program then applies GDPR considerations to develop a policy that meets your business goals and legal requirements.

How to use Termly?

Once the popups are finished, you may change the theme, colors, and fonts to fit your existing website or application. Customers may easily change their cookie options and see the privacy policy. Copying and pasting the embed code onto your website is all it takes to have the policy up and running. You may have Termly.io host the policy if you don’t want to host it on your website.

The software allows you to quickly amend your policy from the dashboard if you need to make changes. Also, you can preview changes before they go live on the website, and once you hit publish, it will update immediately. The entire procedure may be completed in a short period.

You may also have Termly.io alert your clients when changes and upgrades are done for further convenience. When users visit your website, notifications will appear as a dismissible banner. Termly.io is compatible with various platforms and company kinds, including blogs, e-commerce websites, mobile apps, etc. However, you cannot presently add your clauses to the privacy policies on Termly.io.

Termly's All-in-One Compliance Solution - Overview

How much does Termly cost?

In most cases, this won’t be an issue, and Termly.io employs a staff of attorneys to keep up with regulatory developments. After reading it, customers can agree to the privacy policy, and you can manage consent from the dashboard.

You can pick from three different plan choices. If you’re just starting, the Basic plan is a terrific way to try out the features without paying anything. The Pro and Pro+ subscriptions include unlimited publication limitations, and site visits are included in the Pro and Pro+ subscriptions. You may also change the themes and style to fit your company’s needs.

The Pro+ option may also examine and audit your privacy rules automatically and generate reports so that you can keep on top of privacy requirements. Termly.io is a robust General Data Protection Regulation compliance solution that can help you keep on top of your business, whether running a small business or heading an enterprise. Termly.io is a favorite among organizations of all sizes because of its emphasis on security, automation, and accuracy.

Termly Features Explained

Let’s take a look at some of Termly’s most notable features:

  • Maker of privacy policies

It’s a reliable legal document creator that generates a legally acceptable privacy policy that defines your data-gathering activities. Third-party obligations and privacy legislation such as GDPR, CCPA, CalOPPA, and UK GDPR are all met by the tailored document.

How To Update a Policy - Termly

  • Terms and conditions generator for Termly

His terms and conditions generator suits websites, blogs, applications, SaaS, and e-commerce sites. In addition, it has configurable features to let you create bespoke standards and protect your company.

Termly Terms and conditions generator

  • Generator of disclaimers

This disclaimer generator can help you prevent copyright infringements and intellectual property conflicts, which can be disastrous for any firm. It will protect your blog, website, mobile app, Facebook app, and other online properties from legal responsibility by establishing a clear and thorough disclaimer.

Termly Generator of disclaimers

  • Generator of return policies

Return policies exist to serve customers while also protecting companies. Therefore, it is an essential component of every service or product supplier. The Termly return policy generator includes all required information and conditions, such as the Returns method, Restocking costs, Proof of Purchase criteria, Item return timeframe, and Cancellations.

Termly Generator of return policies

  • Cookie Consent Manager

The Cookie Consent Manager is a one-stop-shop solution. It includes features like the Termly GDPR cookie consent banner, cookie policy generator, auto-block cookies tool, and manage user consent. These capabilities enable cookie tracking, blocking, and consent management easy for organizations of all sizes to comply with regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, and ePrivacy Directive (EU Cookie Law).

Cookie Consent - Termly's Consent Management Platform

  • Customer Support

Termly’s customer care may be reached by phone, email, or live chat. There’s also a comprehensive FAQ section and a Customer Forum where other users may address frequently asked questions regarding the platform and its products.

Users regard the Termly customer service personnel as competent, eager to explain any ambiguity, and prepared to go above and above to assist new customers with their Termly plan.

How Does Termly Operate?

For company owners searching for simple compliance solutions, Termly is ideal. It takes a few minutes to create your personalized form, and it’ll guide you through the entire process.

Termly Webinar Series - Grow your business through web accessibility and compliance

How do you employ Termly?

After you join up and pick a plan, your profile will show you the dashboard, configuration options, and payment history. Depending on your subscription, you may pick from various items after adding a website to your account.

Then you go to the next stage. It works by asking questions, ticking checkboxes, and filling in input fields to complete legal papers. You’ll also see a message icon on the dashboard, linking you to Termly’s customer care if you have any more queries.

How To Use Multi-User Management - Termly

Alternatives to Termly

The top alternatives that are available in the market to Termly are listed down below:

  • TermsFeed
  • Privacy Policy Generator
  • Iubenda
  • Osano
  • Openil
  • Accountable
  • iComplyKYC
  • PoerDMS
  • GetTerms
  • FormSwift


This tool reclaimed its position as the most popular online privacy policy generator. TermsFeed comes the closest to hiring a legal professional with online privacy policy generators. Their privacy policy is unsurpassed in extent, thoroughness, and correctness.

TermsFeed is a wonderful alternative if you’re a business or someone who gathers personal information from visitors, such as email addresses, or shares this information with third-party services, such as payment facilitators. It includes every key provision for a reasonable price.

Your document will create itself thanks to its simple policy-generating process. Don’t know what to include in your privacy statement? Don’t worry; TermsFeed will ask you a series of basic questions before generating your policy based on your responses to the ones you already know. This ensures that no crucial information is overlooked. In addition, we appreciate how open they are — all pricing is plainly shown, so you aren’t caught off guard when it’s time to pay.

No other privacy policy generator straightforwardly goes into such depth. They even go out of their way to protect you from little-known things like using Google Analytics or having a Facebook Page (Yes, that matters).

Accuracy, detail, legal compliance, and usefulness are excellent. The only drawback is that you get what you paid for!

BONUS: TermsFeed has a one-time cost structure. Pay once and keep your document forever. This is a significant advantage over other services that you must pay monthly.


GetTerms came in second on our list due to its excellent value. They have a straightforward price structure: a free document, a $25 “Starter Pack,” and a $49 “Comprehensive Pack.” In addition, their free policy generator generates simple policies that should be enough for most people. For example, a starting privacy policy is available for $25, including log data, cookies, personal information, and third-party access.

The $49 complete bundle includes a thorough and clear privacy policy, terms and conditions, and excellent cookies.

Features of GetTerms

  • Mention of log data
  • Addition of cookies
  • Personal information
  • Third-party access
  • Terms and ConditionsGeneratorr
  • Preferred contact for the data controller
  • Ease of use that complies with GDPR

Why Do We Enjoy GetTerms?

GetTerms is quite simple to use. For example, you can get a simple privacy policy page in about two minutes. However, the major reason we choose GetTerms is the value for money. For only $49, you may receive the three most important policies for your website.


FormSwift is another free terms of service generator that promises to make your website legally compliant without costing you a dime. However, as much as I wanted to enjoy this generator, I couldn’t since it didn’t work properly on my machine. The customization forms started jumping out of my screen, and despite how intriguing it sounded at first, I gave up before even getting a hold of the terms of service policy.

Maybe it’s because my screen resolution is greater than the norm, or maybe because of my browser – I’ll never know… However, I know that different terms of service generators were chosen due to my advice.


This one works similarly to TermsFeed, in that you must check options that apply to your business. PrivacyPolicies.com claims to be a “free terms and conditions generator,” but it’s not that simple. Your terms and conditions paper will not be free most of the time since some very simple sections may cost payment. If you’re just selling one thing on your website, your document will be premium, and you’ll have to pay for it. This is understandable, given that they are a company that must earn a profit.

Aside from the pricing, PrivacyPolicies.com is an excellent platform. Their materials were less comprehensive than TermsFeed’s, but they are still worth reading. Overall, I would consider TermsFeed’s terms and conditions generator superior because their ultimate pricing was quite similar, if not even more expensive, than theirs.

How To Scan Your Website For Cookies

Termly Review Conclusions

Choose your privacy policy generator carefully, and remember that this is an investment, not a cost, in your organization. It’s worth a little money now to prevent costly penalties later on and build consumer confidence.

You don’t need to know the law to put legal safeguards regarding data compliance. Simply determine whether your website needs a privacy policy. If so, you can save money on legal representation using an online service like Termly.

The platform is designed so that you may personalize the privacy policy and cookie consent forms by answering questions. The sign-up process is straightforward, and the dashboard is simple to use. Termly also searches for required changes, ensuring you are up to speed on the constantly changing compliance laws. Termly is also very cost-effective, with a free edition and a competitively priced premium plan.

Finally, our thorough examination of Termly reveals that the firm earns a spot on our list of the top privacy policy generators and legal compliance solutions.