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GetResponse Review

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GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing automation software that suits both small & big businesses. It can be used not just for email marketing but also for the auto funnel, landing pages, webinars, marketing automation, and autoresponders. This easy-to-use marketing automation tool combines excellent features with an intuitive and adaptable user interface.

Ease of use
Value for Money
Customer Support
Pricing Details

Starting from: $15

Pricing Model: per Month

Yes, has free trial

No free version

  • Great UI/UX
  • Intelligent list automation
  • Advanced features for marketing automation
  • Support in a variety of languages
  • Solid email marketing features
  • Great Webinar feature
  • 24/7 Live Chat support
  • Phone support provided only for Max Plan
  • No 2-factor authentication at login
  • Analytics needs some improvements
  • Average drag & drop creator
Best for
  • Non-profit Organization
  • StartUps
  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Freelancers
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Mobile - iPad

In this GetResponse review, we will analyze all the features available, as well as pricing plans, integrations, and some of the alternatives.

There are tons of options when looking for the right email marketing and marketing automation tools, all of which do almost the same thing.

However, GetResponse is standing out of the crowd. It is one of those tools that, even though it has been around since forever, continue to deliver well and gets better over the years.

Is Get Response good?

Read our honest review and decide for yourself.

What is GetResponse?

What is GetResponse - Review by Tekpon

GetResponse started as an email marketing software back in 1998. Nowadays, is an all-in-one e-commerce and marketing solution. As the company states, over 350,000 freelancers and businesses use the marketing automation tool today.

As an email marketing tool, with GetResponse, you can:

  • Create mailing lists and capture data onto them;
  • Send email to the subscribers on your mailing list;
  • Automate your email to subscribers by using autoresponders;
  • Get insightful analytics related to your email campaigns.

Accordingly, as is not just for email marketing, it comes also with:

  • E-commerce features
  • Webinar hosting
  • Landing pages
  • Conversion funnels.

Is GetResponse a CRM?

If you need CRM software, you might search in the wrong place. However, with GetResponse, you can profile your contacts and attribute them with a score.

In conclusion, is not solely a CRM, but it helps you identify leads primed for conversion.

In the long run, marketing automation software success comes from constant growth and change with time. The guys from GetResponse are continuously improving their tools. They keep expanding the features and continue to deliver users with the best marketing automation tools to help their businesses grow. We will continue to keep our eyes on them and update this GetResponse review with the latest features they add.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse pricing plans are thought in such a way to fit a wide range of businesses. There are four different pricing options with various features: Free, Basic, Plus, Professional. Moreover, Get Response pricing plans have three billing periods: Monthly, 12-month, and 24-month.

Starting From: $12.75/month (Monthly Plan)

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 30-day – No credit card required – Cancel anytime

By paying upfront for 12 or 24 months of service, you will get significant discounts: -30% for 12-month, and -40% for 24-month.

Equally important is the GetResponse free trial. You can try for free any plan for 30 days, with no credit card required.

GetResponse Features

This GetResponse review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its features. And buddy, this marketing automation software sure has a vast feature set.

As before mentioned, GetResponse is not just an email marketing software. It also features drag & drop landing page creation, webinar marketing, conversion funnels & paid ads, and marketing automation.

But is get response good? Or is it a jack of all trades and master of none?

Let’s dive deep into the ocean of GetResponse features to find out.

  • Ease of use – GetResponse login

Everything feels like a breeze when using this marketing software, starting with the signup process. Enter your email address and name, activate the account from the email sent, and continue the registration.

What are the next steps after GetResponse login? That depends on what you & your business need. As has been noted, the tool is full of features, including eCommerce and marketing automation.

Let’s drill down into its features so you can learn more about what to do after clicking on the GetResponse login.

  • GetResponse features for Email Marketing

Email Marketing Features

With GetResponse email marketing features, you can build beautiful emails your subscribers will want to open with ease.

  1. Email creator

There are 220 GetResponse templates available, grouped into a few categories focused on core goals: promoting, selling, educating, and so on. Thus, instead of creating a design from scratch, simply select the template that matches your email campaign’s appearance and feel.

Next, edit the template with the built-in WYSIWYG editor. You can edit each block or section, change the fonts (wide selection of Google fonts available), drag and drop blocks and sections, and more. Ecommerce sections are also present; however, you can only use these if you set up your store on GetResponse.

Likewise, the GetResponse templates are all responsive. It is a great feature, as your email campaign will look great on all devices.

Furthermore, advanced scheduling options are also present. You can either send it immediately, set the preferred time, or enable the Perfect timing feature. The last-mentioned will send your email at the best time for your subscribers, based on when they opened previous emails.

  1. GetResponse Autoresponder

Autoresponders feature

Autoresponders are the core of GetResponse. But what are they, and how to create an autoresponder in GetResponse?

Autoresponders are newsletters sent to your subscribers at a specific interval or after an action they do.

There are two types of options: time-based or action-based messages. Time-based options include cycles such as:

  • Right after signup, with a thank you note;
  • A week later, with a discount offer or a reminder;
  • Three weeks later, with encouragement to follow your social media pages.

The action-based, however, are more complex. Here is where the fun begins, as subscribers’ actions or details trigger the emails. Here are some examples:

  • Birthdays
  • Clicks
  • Subscriptions to specific lists
  • Changes in contact preferences
  • Opens
  • They have completed transactions or goals.

To create an autoresponder in GetResponse, first, you have to configure when the subscriber receives the email. Second, you will have to develop and design your email as shown above. Finally, publish it. That’s it. You know how to create a GetResponse autoresponder.

  1. Transactional email

The transactional email feature is a paid add-on that will let you use SMTP-triggered emails. This way, you can send receipts or reminders easily.

  1. List management

List Management Feature

With GetResponse, you can organize and segment your contacts for precise targeting.

The Segmentation tools available will enable you to:

  • Upload a single opt-in list and add data fields for quick grouping
  • Assign tags and scores to create contact segments
  • Obtain and manage consent for the content they want to receive
  • Get to know your followers by using surveys.

Some of the attributes you can use to create granular segments from your customer lists are:

  • Contact information
  • Customer engagement
  • Subscription date or time of the last send message
  • Last action
  • Location
  • Custom details specific to your business

GetResponse contact management feature completes the specific segmentation capabilities. You can create groups in one click from search results by criteria such as contact type, subscription source, or contact status.

Integrations with CRM software are on the table. By connecting your CRM or other contact management tools with GetResponse, you will always have an up-to-date list.

In case you are worrying if is GetResponse GDPR compliant, rest assured. They covered this also by adding multiple consent field options.

  1. Email analytics

Email Analytics Feature of GetResponse

Ok, so you created your email campaign. Next, you need to know if it was successful. For this, use the GetResponse email analytics feature.

First, from the dashboard, you can see an overview of how your followers responded to your email campaign. Second, start digging deeper and check the reports about the bounce and unsubscribe rates, as well as the number of complaints it got. Third, dive even more in-depth with reporting features like:

  • Email ROI
  • Newsletter performance comparison
  • Metrics over time
  • One-click segmentation
  • Per-user information

GetResponse A/B testing feature

AB Testing Feature

To better understand your audience and learn what they like best, GetResponse provides a wide variety of options for A/B testing.

You can test up to five versions of subject headers. Additionally, you can decide the percentage of recipients for each variation. Deciding the winning email can be based on clicks or opens.

  • GetResponse Landing Page

Landing Pages Creator

GetResponse landing page creator is something that most of its competitors don’t offer.

You can create your landing page from scratch or customize one of the 180 templates using the same easy-to-use drag and drop editor.

Equally important, A/B testing and responsive design are also available.

Finally, you can choose the domain to publish your page from three preset domains owned by GetResponse. However, for branding purposes, it’s best to post the GetResponse landing page under your domain.

  1. Signup forms

GetResponse offers four ways to use forms:

  • Create your own HTML form;
  • Use integrations;
  • Choose a List Builder App from the list;
  • Use List Builder Wizard and select from the many templates available.

Once you created your form, you can publish it on your website using a JavaScript code snippet. GetResponse forms do a decent job, and the best part is that they are responsive. Furthermore, you can enable a spambot-blocking CAPTCHA feature.

On the other hand, there is a downside, as there are no controls to turn on or of pop-up forms on specific devices or pages. If we were to consider Google’s recommendations for pop-ups on smartphones, we are a bit concerned. The website might take a hit in search results if it displays “intrusive interstitials” on mobile devices.

  1. Countdown timer

The countdown timer feature is useful for deals available for a limited period and special offers.

  1. Pop-ups

Same as GetResponse signup forms, pop-ups are fully customizable and helpful in increasing conversions.

Amazing features, right? But this complex marketing software has more to put on the table.

Let’s move forward with the GetResponse review and discover the rest of the features.

  • GetResponse Webinars

Webinars Feature

Having built-in webinar capabilities makes GetResponse unique in the market of email marketing software.

As webinars’ primary use is as lead-generation traffic or a revenue-generating feature, having the email database and the webinar on the same platform is very attractive.

Some of the most useful GetResponse webinar features are:

  • Screen Sharing
  • No need to install any software for users to attend the webinars
  • Whiteboard
  • Call-to-action button
  • Pools and surveys
  • On-demand webinars: with just one click, you can record the webinar and turn it into on-demand content
  • Share files in various formats and add YouTube videos
  • Livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube

GetResponse created an entire webinar experience functionality. You can create a stand-alone webinar with minimum functionality or a complete Webinar Conversion Funnel. Trust us. You will be pleased by what you will discover here. We will get into details later in this GetResponse review about the Conversion Funnel Feature.

When it comes to Get Response pricing for webinars, we can say it is competitive by comparison to other webinar solutions. To access all the webinar features, you need to go with the Plus Plan at least.

Depending on the pricing package you choose, you can:

  • Host unlimited webinars
  • Have room for up to 500 attendees
  • Co-host the webinar with two other hosts
  • Keep up to 20 hours of webinar recordings

Of course, nobody is perfect, and the GetResponse webinar feature is no exception:

  • The webcam video quality might be a bit low
  • You can’t ask questions during replays
  • Live webinar features on mobile devices need some improvement

All things considered, the webinar solution build by is one of the best out there. It is a reliable webinar marketing software with everything built-in.

  • Marketing automation

Marketing Automation Feature

At this point of the GetResponse review, it is clear that we have here full marketing automation and email marketing software. In addition to the autoresponders mentioned before, GetResponse developed a more advanced feature for sequencing emails automatically.

The marketing automation feature is available on the Plus Pricing plan or higher. However, by using this feature, you can automatically trigger different responses based on what your subscribers do. Simply create a workflow path that will tell GetResponse what to do.

  1. Tags and scores

Knowing your audience is fundamental for your marketing campaign’s success. With GetResponse, you can track and rate users’ actions to create custom segments.

Furthermore, you can do so by using an unlimited number of tags, monitoring engagement scores, and adding points to each action your users take on your pages or email.

  1. Automation Flows

Here is where the magic happens! You can create automation flows using a drag and drop builder. Furthermore, GetResponse comes with some pre-made workflow templates with built-in elements, but you can also make the workflow yourself from scratch. The automation flows builder is pretty intuitive and easy to use, so you won’t need any programming experience.

Some of the different conditions that you can add to the workflow are:

  • Sign up for lists
  • Open messages
  • Click on links
  • Visit landing pages

  1. Website visitor tracking

Another fantastic feature that we need to mention in this GetResponse review is tracking and adding website visitors to workflows. By doing so, you can convert your website traffic into sales opportunities.

The subscribers will get personalized emails, as you will be able to:

  • Analyze and tag the habits and preferences of your followers
  • Send personalized emails based on page visits
  • See and study-specific actions users take on a page
  • Create personalized journeys based on data

  1. Product recommendations

After gathering all that information, you can boost your sales by recommending the preferred product based on customers’ purchase history.

  1. Abandoned cart email

This feature comes in handy when you want to reduce incomplete orders and increase sales. You can add this option in your workflow and send an abandoned cart email to send an impulse to complete their purchases. Additionally, you can send them the cart or recommend products’ content based on the purchase history.

  • Conversion funnel

Conversion Funnel - GetResponse Review by Tekpon

The GetResponse conversion funnel feature is what connects eCommerce marketing and email marketing. Basically, you can run an entire eCommerce business without leaving the GetResponse platform.

The conversion funnel software can do the following things:

  • Simple single opt-in funnels to get new leads on your landing page
  • Lead magnet funnels will help you to share valuable content in exchange for email addresses and grow your list faster
  • The sales funnels will promote, sell, and deliver your products online
  • With webinar funnels, you can strengthen relationships and turn your knowledge into revenue

As you are probably already used to, GetResponse puts on the table 30 pre-made scenarios. You can use them to build contact lists, sell, showcase your offers, and grow. Moreover, each system is designed and optimized and features high-quality images, professional sales copy, and designs. Finally, all you have to do is fill in the blanks, and you’re good to go.

Paid Ads

When we said before in this GetResponse review that it is an all-in-one marketing automation tool, we were serious about it. Not only it features build-in creators for funnels or landing pages. But also, it features a paid ads creator. In conclusion, they have everything covered.

  1. Facebook ads

With the built-in Facebook Ads Creator, you can design your ad mockups, set up targeted ads, and track the performance.

  1. Google search ads

What we have here is a relatively new feature of GetResponse. You can use it to create Google Search Ads directly from the platform.

To sum up, there are 6 Steps on How to create Google Ads in GetResponse:

  • Go to Menu – Paid Ads and Select Google Ads
  • Name your ad
  • Provide ad content
  • Choose your target audience
  • Choose your keywords
  • Set your advertising budget

  1. Facebook Pixel

This feature enables you to track your Facebook campaigns and landing pages. When adding the Facebook Pixel ID, you can create Custom Conversions or Custom Audience. Consequently, you can start running Facebook remarketing campaigns.

  1. Social ads creator

GetResponse Social Ads Creator is an individual app for creating promotional posts fast and easily.

You can automatically create ads by adding photos and text. The app will generate different sets of branded promotional assets. Additionally, you can choose from over 200 templates that are fully editable and customizable.

  • Web push notifications

Web Push Notifications - GetResponse Review by Tekpon

The list of GetResponse features would not be complete without mentioning the push notifications. These are handy when it comes to bringing people back to your site, notify customers about offers and updates, and so on.

The Web Push notifications are:

  1. Customizable: add a relevant message, custom colors, brand icon, or logo
  2. Unlimited: send as many push notifications as you want, as long as they are relevant and engaging
  3. Optimizable: Web push analytics are available so you can optimize your strategy by analyzing impressions, delivery, and click-through rates

How to use GetResponse?

First, GetResponse user interface is intuitive and easy to use. It can be a bit overwhelming at first when you see all the features available. However, trust us when we say that you don’t need to be an expert to create compelling campaigns.

Second, GetResponse has a customizable user interface, so you can design the user experience as you need it.

Finally, if you are having doubts about how to use GetResponse, there is a knowledge base put in place that will guide you every step of the way.

What is GetResponse used for?

GetResponse is not just an email marketing software. It is also an eCommerce, CRM, marketing automation, and lead generation software. In conclusion, the use-cases are extensive and adaptable to every need.

GetResponse Integrations

GetResponse Integrations

GetResponse has 125 integrations with popular platforms, apps, and third-party software. As an illustration, you have integrations with eCommerce, CRM, Social, Analytics, CMS, and other tools. The newest one added to the list is the integration with Zapier – an online automation tool.

Furthermore, if you need to build your own integration, you can do so by using GetResponse API.

GetResponse API gives you the same functionality as in the web panels: manage campaigns, newsletters, statistics, and more.

To sum up, you can see the full list of integrations in this GetResponse review:

  • 123ContactForm
  • Ads Workbench
  • Alter
  • Amazon Payments
  • AMZPromoter
  • Bing Ads
  • Brave Popup Builder
  • Capsule CRM
  • Chargify
  • ClickBank
  • ClickDesk
  • ClickMeeting
  • Convertful
  • CS-Cart

  • Deadline Funnel
  • DPD
  • E-junkie
  • Etsy
  • Eventbrite
  • Evernote
  • Facebook, Facebook Pixel & Web Form App
  • FormDesigner
  • Formstack
  • Freshbooks Imports
  • Fyrebox
  • GetSiteControl
  • GitHub

  • GMail
  • Google Ads, Analytics, Contacts & Tag Manager
  • Highrise
  • HubSpot
  • Interact
  • Jabber
  • Join by Text
  • JotForm
  • JumpOut
  • Justuno
  • Kickbox
  • Kissmetrics

  • LandingCube
  • Lightspeed
  • LiveAgent
  • LiveChat
  • LiveHelpNow
  • Magento
  • MailMunch
  • MailOptin
  • MailSync
  • MailTimers
  • Manzana
  • Member Mouse
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365CRM
  • Mixpanel

  • MonkeyData
  • MoonClerk
  • NewsletterBreeze
  • Notify My Android
  • Omniconvert
  • OptiMonk
  • Outleads
  • PadiAct
  • PayKickstart
  • PayPal
  • PayU
  • Picreel
  • PieSync
  • Poptin
  • PrestaShop

  • Privy
  • proTimer
  • Qiwi
  • QuickEmailVerification
  • Recurly
  • Retently
  • RSS
  • Salesforce
  • SeedProd
  • SendOwl
  • Shopify
  • Shoplo
  • Slack
  • SlickText
  • Square

  • Stripe
  • SugarCRM
  • SumoMe
  • Textiful
  • Twitter
  • Unliche
  • Uscreen
  • Vidyard
  • Viewbix
  • Vimeo
  • ViralSweep
  • Visual Website Optimizer

  • WisePops
  • Wistia
  • WooCommerce
  • Woorise
  • WordPress
  • Wufoo
  • Yandex Metrica
  • YesInsights
  • YouTube
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho

GetResponse Alternatives

There are many alternatives to GetResponse available. And all of them are great. The goal of this GetResponse review is to provide you with all the details needed to make an informed decision.

Some of the well-known GetResponse alternatives are:

  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • Hubspot

GetResponse Review Conclusion

Is Get Response good? When it comes to email marketing and automation, it sure shines. GetResponse marketing automation software has lots of features and is easy to use. Moreover, the automation features for list management and the intuitive and customizable automation workflows are just some of the great things about GetResponse.

Overall, GetResponse is one of the best tools for email marketing and automation. It is excellent at engaging the audience and converting it into customers. Finally, if you are not convinced that you and GetResponse are a match, you should at least sign up for its 30-day free trial and give it a try.


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