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Bill4Time Alternatives

What are the Bill4Time competitors?

Bill4Time top alternatives

  • Time59
  • Sage TimeSlips

While there aren’t many Bill4Time alternatives, as the software product is fairly niched, a few could be considered alternatives to this product. Most of the alternative software for time tracking and project management offer to a large extent, the same functionality but without some perks that Bill4Time developed, especially for law firms and consulting firms. However, the basic package for Bill4Time can be easily compared to any time tracking and accountancy software.

Now, let’s look at some software that can be alternatives and suitable for any business.

Bill4Time vs. FreshBooks

As you probably recall, FreshBooks was one of the easiest and most user-friendly accounting and time-tracking solutions we reviewed.

Moving on to the FreshBooks alternatives perspective. Bill4Time vs. Freshbooks share some similar features in terms of:

  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Invoicing

While the two share so much in common, when you dive deeper and test the two products, you will probably reach the same conclusion as we did – they are different due to the industry focus-. Bill4Time vs. Freshbooks has certain particularities in their time tracking and turning time spent into expenses that FreshBooks doesn’t. For example, lawyers’ charges per hour or project include no billable time, converting nonbillable into billable, and the invoice’s whole structure.

On the other hand, as a FreshBooks competitor, Bill4Time can compete with the software in this spectrum alone. The overall interface and experience you get as an outsider of consulting and law practice are smoother and easier to understand for a non-technical user. A feature that we enjoyed at Freshbooks and missed at Bill4Time was the access for accountants, which seems less relevant in the niche product.

Bill4Time vs. FreshBooks pricing comparison

Price-wise, the FreshBooks alternative developed for lawyers and consultants comes with a substantially lower price, with the premium available at $15 per month in contrast to $80 per month still, if you are in charge of picking a time tracking and project management tool for law practice or consulting company we recommend Bill4Time.

Time59 vs. Bill4Time

Time59 is a cheaper alternative to Bill4Time, focused on legal practices of small scales, such as solopreneurs and small legal firms. Regarding Time59 features, the tool covers most of the benefits BillforTime brings to the table with a slight inconvenience for mobile users. Unfortunately, the software does not offer an app for Android and Apple, which will surely make it less mobile than BillforTime.

Furthermore, Time59 comes with a friendlier and simpler UI than Bill4Time, probably also due to the lower complexity of the product.

Time59 vs. Bill4Time pricing comparison

While similar in their focus on the legal niche but different in the size of their target, the two products have different pricing strategies. However, this does not surprise us as the target user of Time59 are solopreneurs and small companies, so a more affordable price is more than necessary.

Time59 comes with a single fee of $199/year, unlimited users, unlimited data, and contacts. In contrast, Bill4Time comes with three price package plans billed monthly and features availability dependent on the price plan.

In conclusion, we would recommend Bill4Time to be medium and large companies and Time59 for freelancers and small companies.

Bill4Time vs. TimeSlips

Sage TimeSlips is a time and billing software developed for legal professionals and service organizations. Like Bill4Time, Sage TimeSlips comes with more or less the same features and has a main customer service industry, such as consulting, architecture, and law practices. Sage TimeSlips, however, does better than Bill4Time in terms of integrations and a more corporate-friendly format. Also, Sage TimeSlips comes with a more user-friendly and nice UI/UX.

Bill4Time vs. TimeSlips pricing comparison

Sage TimeSlips’s pricing starts at $90 per month, while the lowest price point for Bill4Time starts at $29 /per month. So while both products are pricier than Time59, Bill4Time appears to be a cheaper version for companies. However, We can’t say 100% they are better or that Sage TimeSlips comes with a better product for the extra cash. We will have to rely on you to provide more insight into that.

Bill4Time Alternatives Conclusion

As with most tools, which fits you best depends on how developed your business is, your focus, and how many clients you have. All the above-presented tools serve a purpose and make many customers happy. However, if you run a legal practice, you should consider that in contrast to alternatives to Bill4Time, the tool is focused and has been created for legal practices. Therefore, if you are running a legal firm, it is probably the best choice for you.


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