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Calendly Alternatives

Calendly Competitors

There are plenty of Calendly alternatives, and you may be wondering what the difference between all your options is. Below we will look at some of the top Calendly competitors and see how they match up. Here’s a list of its alternatives:

  • Acuity
  • Google Calendar
  • Bookafy
  • Whenworks
  • Microsoft Bookings

Firstly, it is arguable you can get many of the benefits of Calendly from productivity suites like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. Both have calendar and scheduling tools built-in. Google Calendar is a particularly excellent app, and it is free. However, does it really work as a free Calendly alternative?

The answer is probably no. Google Calendar is amazing, but it lacks the deep automation and scheduling tools of Calendly.

Whenworks is another possibility if you want a way to track meetings and manage schedules. It is more affordable than Calendly but is misses some core features, including a lack of team-oriented tools. Importantly, WhenWorks is only available on iOS and not Android. is probably the best alternative if you want a free service. Certainly, the free tier of the app is better than the free Calendly app, thanks to having unlimited appointments and full calendar tools. However, when you move to the paid plans, stacks up a solid alternative, but we still think it lacks the overall appeal of Calendly.

Calendly vs Acuity

One of the benefits of Calendly is how easy it is to use, allowing businesses of all sizes to manage schedules and appointments efficiently. Acuity is less concerned about capturing all customers through usability and is more focused on targeting big companies. The platform is still easy to use, but it is not as welcoming as Calendly.

Certainly, for big organizations who want to integrate payments into their schedules, Acuity stands out. Sure, Calendly has PayPal and Stripe integrations, but Acuity offers more options in this area. Furthermore, Acuity is smarter and behaves similarly to a personal assistant, complete with taking reservations and putting them on a schedule automatically.

It is a similar story across all metrics when comparing the platforms. Calendly is robust and provides tools to meet the needs of most users, while Acuity is for the power user or big business that needs more granular and custom options. The price reflects this, with Acuity significantly more expensive ($15 to $50 per user/per month) than Calendly.