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MailOptin Alternatives

The MailOptin alternatives that people can consider for business are as follows:

  • Poptin
  • MailChimp
  • Justuno
  • OptinMonster

These powerful tools will help users get in touch with the target group through different channels such as emails, phone messages, and pop-ups, further encouraging people to subscribe to the email list.

MailOptin vs. MailChimp 

MailChimp is a top-rated email marketing service for small and developing enterprises that can handle large emails for big businesses and organizations. It is a user-friendly and affordable tool available on the market. In addition, this software comes packed with various other tools for creating, tracking, and managing email campaigns.

One feature, though, that stands out among the rest is MailChimp’s automation. If someone’s decision of an email marketing service comes down to automation, then MailChimp is their ultimate choice. One cannot do better in the market today with self-sending emails. MailChimp’s automation features cover a broad scope and have something for every scenario.

In terms of pricing, MailChimp’s pricing is also simple. In addition, there’s a free plan that gives users access to templates and simple automation. This package is suitable for beginners who are new to email marketing.

Next, we have the Essentials package. It costs $9.99 but doesn’t allow customizing templates. However, users can perform split testing and branding. The Standard plan does allow its users to customize templates. Additionally, one gets audience insights, costing $14.99 monthly.

With the Premium plan, one must pay $299 monthly. In addition to the benefits of the Standard Package, this plan offers priority phone support.


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