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What is Seismic?

Seismic is a sales acceleration software that enables sales teams with resources and reinforcement in one centralized place.

It addresses common sales enablement struggles such as underprepared reps, lack of visibility, and unknown impact. With this platform, sales teams can close deals faster, increase their impact, and ramp up reps faster through personalized content, centralized strategy and planning, and consistent training and coaching.

The software supports sales enablement experts with features like sales content management, learning and coaching, strategy and planning, buyer engagement, and enablement intelligence.

Moreover, it helps sales teams overcome challenges related to acting quickly, building relationships, and scaling successes. It maximizes seller productivity, equips reps to stand out on every channel, and enables data-driven decisions. Additionally, it offers solutions for marketers to improve content effectiveness and customer success teams to enhance training and customer experiences.

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Skills, content, tools & insights for customer-facing teams.
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  • For Sales Teams/Organizations
  • Business Process Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Management
  • Contact Management
  • Gamification
  • Meeting Management
  • Performance Metrics
  • Presentation Tools
  • Proposal Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Training Management
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Workflow Management
  • Third-Party Integrations

Additional Features

  • API
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Approval Process Control
  • Archiving & Retention
  • Audit Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Automated Publishing
  • Batch Processing
  • Document Automation
  • Document Capture
  • Cataloging/Categorization
  • Change Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Commenting/Notes
  • Communication Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Document Check-in/Check-out
  • Document Classification
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Content Delivery
  • Document Generation
  • Document Management
  • Content Discovery
  • Content Library
  • Document Review
  • Document Storage
  • Content Publishing Options
  • Contract/License Management
  • Customizable Templates
  • Data Import/Export
  • Data Synchronization
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Discussions/Forums
  • Document Templates
  • Electronic Forms
  • Employee Advocacy
  • File Recovery
  • File Sharing
  • Image Editing
  • Information Governance
  • Filtering
  • Revision History
  • Search/Filter
  • Full Text Search
  • Version Comparison
  • Version Control
  • Templates
  • Text Editing
  • Version Rollback
  • Video Support
  • Knowledge Management
  • Lead Engagement
  • Mobile Access
  • Multiple Output Formats
  • Offline Access
  • Personalization
  • Pre-Approved Content Library
  • Real Time Editing
  • Self Service Portal
  • Single Sign On
  • Social Media Integration


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Tekpon Score
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