How to create a powerful online store with these amazing tools

Author Cristiana
Updated Feb 3rd, ’23
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Many businesses have gone online because of people’s easy access to the internet. Furthermore, with the aid of an efficient device, it is easier to organize your business from the comfort of your own house. Therefore, online stores are also a prevalent trend in the digital era. As a result of this expanding tendency, hundreds of online firms are founded each year. So perhaps it isn’t difficult to start creating your online store. But in addition to creating an online store, there are many processes you should take care of to grow your business. 

For example, an online store needs to look professional and trustworthy. For this to happen, how you present in front of your audience sets the prerequisites for a successful course or not. To be successful, you have to know your public in order to implement a marketing strategy that engages them. Moreover, owning an online shop takes a lot of work and effort. To be efficient, automation tools can relieve you of the burden of performing certain operations.

Great eCommerce tools to boost sales for your online store

The eCommerce industry is expanding. And for online store business owners to keep up with this competitive industry, many eCommerce solutions can help them. You’ve probably wondered many times how to grow your business. Yet, you can find on the market many eCommerce software that can suit every online store regardless of its products and services. An online selling system must consider the importance of using automation platforms, eCommerce analytics tools, email marketing software, and so on. So, let’s see what tools you should use to increase online sales without further ado.

  1. Shippo

Of course, the products you sell on your online store must also reach their destination. And an international and local shipping platform like Shippo can optimize the shipping operations to deliver your products effortlessly. Shippo is known for providing free shipping labels to users. This sales app saves merchants time and money by automating the process of making shipping labels and giving cheaper shipping prices. Your online store can benefit from the Shippo sales app since it supports many carrier services such as UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx. 

Shippo Shipping Platform

Moreover, this shipping platform allows users to track the current location of their shipments and the estimated date they will arrive. In addition, it is a low-risk platform, meaning that you get shipping insurance from the online store you are buying. Shippo integrates well with popular eCommerce software like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento, etc. 

  1. MonsterInsights 

Knowing your customers is crucial when you start selling online. Therefore, you need eCommerce analytics tools to gain insights about website visitors. MonsterInsights is a WordPress analytics plugin that allows online store owners to set up Google Analytics for their digital business. Thus, MonsterInsights is a useful analytics software showing how much time visitors spend on your online store, their age and gender, conversion rates, and many more.

MonsterInsights Analytics

Based on the insights provided by the MonsterInsights plugin, you will understand how to develop better-targeted marketing strategies, produce better content for your website, and convert visitors into long-lasting clients. Moreover, it has many great features such as a sessions chart, new and returning visitors, and e-commerce reports about conversions rate, transactions, revenues, average order value, top products, and top conversions sources. And because we live in the marketing era, the SEO score tracking functionality proves its usefulness because you can track web page ranking in real-time. 

  1. BigCommerce

One of the most popular platforms for people looking to open an online store is BigCommerce. This is an online selling system solution for B2B and B2C purposes. BigCommerce is suitable for enterprise-level businesses and medium and small online shops. In addition, this eCommerce host platform takes care of your online store security. It has essential management functionalities such as products and client administration, marketing and analytics, and multi-storefront. 

Moreover, this eCommerce software allows you to sell your products and services on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, or WordPress. You can automate core functions of BigCommerce to optimize your online store. This includes store inventory updates, sales taxes, and syncing data from third-party systems. 

  1. Privy

Staying in touch with customers and potential clients is the Privy sales app thing. Privy software provides you with tools to create powerful email marketing campaigns for your online store. Marketers can design newsletters and send follow-up emails, updates, and promotions to customers. In addition, it offers the possibility of creating unique coupon codes and discounts.

This email automation software works as a pop-up builder providing spin-to-win, pop-ups, and banners templates to grow your emailing list directly from the online store. This marketing strategy encourages customers’ interaction with the online store. More than this, Privy offers other automation tools that can turn online leads into long-time customers. These refer to sending website visitors welcome emails, cart abandonment email notifications, and customer win-back messages. 

Customization is a big part of Privy email marketing software. Every message your clients receive via email or text is personalized.  This makes them feel more connected to your online store. This marketing strategy aims to increase conversion rates and boost sales. 

All in all, every online store owner should stay up to date with the latest software developments to turn their business into a powerful one. Used properly, marketing strategies, automation tools, analytics platforms, and other eCommerce solutions can be a precious game changer for your digital shop.