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How to send unique emails at any scale

How to send unique emails at any scale | Frank Sondors - Salesforge

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Frank Sondors, the co-founder and CEO of Salesforge. The episode focuses on how Salesforge plans to revolutionize email outreach with AI personalization and scalable solutions.

Frank begins by explaining how Salesforge works. The software combines two datasets: the buyer data and the seller data. The buyer data consists of publicly available information about prospective buyers, such as LinkedIn profiles, while the user fills out the seller data within the app. By leveraging AI technology, Salesforge can create highly personalized emails or sequences in large volumes.

The biggest problem that Salesforge aims to solve is the inability to automate personalized emails at scale. Frank shares his experience as a VP of sales, where he noticed the struggle to send cold email templates in large quantities. With Salesforge, companies can send thousands of highly personalized emails with just a single sales representative, saving them the need to hire more sales reps.

Regarding the standout features of Salesforge, Frank mentions the ability to connect multiple inboxes to the software without additional charges. This scalability ensures that users can send large emails while avoiding spam. Salesforge also includes a built-in warm-up capability and AI-powered email copy generation, eliminating the need for extensive manual labor.
While Frank doesn’t share a specific success story, he believes every customer who sees an improvement in their outreach efforts and saves money using Salesforge is successful. He mentions customers’ positive experiences, particularly in the marketing agency space, who have found value in the software.

One significant milestone that influenced the development of Salesforge was the launch of Chat GPT. While Salesforge had already conceived its idea before Chat GPT, the emergence of this technology made users more aware of the potential for personalizing emails. It also spurred competition in the industry as more players recognized the value of AI-powered email personalization. This development benefits the industry, encouraging the move away from generic templates that often result in low reply rates and poor email deliverability.

In conclusion, Salesforge offers companies a solution to automate personalized cold email outreach at scale. Its AI technology enables users to send unique emails tailored to specific buyers, resulting in higher email deliverability rates and more efficient growth. The software’s ability to connect multiple inboxes, warm-up capability, and AI-powered email copy generation make it a valuable tool for sales organizations, lead-generation agencies, and small businesses.