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QuickBooks pricing

QuickBooks pricing plans are very inclusive and have been established to offer every individual a solopreneur or a corporation. Furthermore, the accounting software has two separate pricing segments:

  • QuickBooks online pricing
  • QuickBooks online payroll plan
  • QuickBooks desktop pricing

However, cloud-based accounting solutions are the future of accounting, and desktop versions seem rarer and rarer as they are directed towards the more rigid companies. QuickBooks licked since 2018 that they are planning a soft transition towards only the QuickBooks online and drop QuickBooks desktop in the upcoming future.

Let’s move on to QuickBooks pricing plans and check out the QuickBooks Online vs. desktop pricing strategy so that you can decide which one suits your organization best.

How much is QuickBooks?

This is a complex question that we will split to give you the best outlook on the QuickBooks cost and its value for money. Thus, to answer this question, we will be treating the QuickBooks online pricing and QuickBooks desktop pricing individually.

QuickBooks online pricing

QuickBooks Online or the so-called future of QuickBooks. The software comes with several price levels, meaning that there are two separate products available and several price levels in QuickBooks for its cloud-based version. Let’s take a look at the 4 QuickBooks price levels available.

Simple Start

50% off on the first 3 months

  • Track Income & Expenses
  • Capture & Organise Receipts
  • Maximise Tax Deductions
  • Invoice & Accept Payments
  • Track Miles
  • Manage Cashflow
  • Run General Reports
  • Send Estimates
  • Track Sales & Sales Taxes
  • Manage 1099 Contractors

50% off on the first 3 months

  • Simple Start Package +
  • Manage & Pay Bills
  • Time Tracking
  • 5 users
  • Track Project Profitability
  • Track Inventory

50% off on the first 3 months

  • Plus Package +
  • 25 users
  • Business Analytics & Insights
  • Batch Invoice & expenses
  • Customise Access by Roles
  • Exclusive Premium Apps
  • Dedicated Account Team
  • On-Demand Online Training
  • Restore Company Data
  • Automate Work Flow

50% off on the first 3 months

  • Track Income & Expenses
  • Capture & Organise Receipts
  • Estimate Quarterly Taxes
  • Invoice & Accept payments
  • Track Miles
  • Run Basic Reports
How to pick the right QuickBooks online pricing package?

Now, as you can see, the online version brings lots to the table for the flexible entrepreneur other than the general features you would typically expect for accounting software such as QuickBooks.

Furthermore, QuickBooks’ online pricing caters to essentially all spectrums of users offers a cheaper version of the software for the solopreneur or freelancer and an advanced premium product for sophisticated and complex corporate entities. Each one of the price levels in QuickBooks comes with a different level of complexity and added features.

quickbooks pricing- tekpon review

For example, the Self-employed or the freelancer module comes with six essential features –Track Income & Expenses,¬†Capture & Organise Receipts,¬†Estimate Quarterly Taxes,¬†Invoice & Accept payments,¬†Track Miles,¬†Run Basic Reports- in contrast, the Advanced module comes with full access to all the features.

However, our opinion is that the price modules are very well balanced for the QuickBooks cost and underline the features you will enjoy. The only advice we can give concerning this is that you pay very close attention to what your needs are what do you need.

Now, if the online version of the software is something that you are looking for, take a close to to your organization and see if the price level in QuickBooks is suitable for you in the long run and if the growth of your company won’t make the software expensive for your organization.

Depending on the industry you are in, it might be a good idea to consider the QuickBooks desktop version. This is, however, a big maybe as if you, for example, run a company that prefers remote work and travels a lot or is online-based. So the desktop version of it might not be a good option for you after all.

To help you pick the correct version of QuickBooks online for your business, let’s look at a few aspects that will help you make the right decision.

First of all, here are some essential questions you need to answer:

  • How many users do I need?
  • How mobile am I?
  • How much are we remote working?
  • Which features of QuickBooks Online do I need to run my business?
  • How much can I afford to spend each month?

The answer to this question will help you understand your business needs and pick a price level in QuickBooks which suits you.

Second, now that we went through the essential question you need to ask yourself before purchasing this product let’s get into each of the pros and cons. As you’ve seen above, in the online price packages, each one of them comes with a set of features. Let’s see what, in our opinion, each one of the QuickBooks Online price levels aces and misses.

QuickBooks Online Pricing Package Pros and Cons

While above, we tread each of the QuickBook online pricing packages features below. We will be discussing what you get and what you might be missing in these packages. However, keep in mind that it is based on our experiences and that everybody’s needs might vary, so we encourage you to be critical and give us your opinion in the QuickBooks reviews section.

QuickBooks Online Self- Employed Pros and Cons


  • Low price
  • Report Business Income Tax (Schedule C)
  • Quarterly Income Tax estimates
  • Easy to use


  • It doesn’t track sales and sales tax
  • It doesn’t track Inventory
  • No integrated payroll
  • Basic Reports only

While the QuickBooks online pricing package Self-employed is easy to use for freelancers and comes at the very affordable price of $15/month and a 50% discount of the first three months, it is limited in its functionality. While some of the missing features, such as the payroll function, are somewhat easy to understand as it is, after all, dedicated to a one-person show kind of business.

Therefore for businesses that would like to have better control over their assets and track of liabilities, and plan to expand their team, we recommend checking out some of the other plans.

QuickBooks Online Simple Start Pricing Package Pros and Cons

If you are a hand on individual who likes to take care of your bookkeeping, this might be the module for you.

The QuickBooks Online simple start is the easiest and least complex of the software’s small business packages. Furthermore, this is in QuickBooks Online, the cheapest way to track assets and liabilities.


  • Track sales and sales tax
  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • Connect multiple bank accounts
  • Send Estimates
  • Invoicing


  • Single User
  • Can’t track unpaid bills
  • No inventory accounting
  • No time tracking/ billable hours by customer

After this close observation, we concluded that the Simple Start QuickBooks package is not suitable for businesses holding inventories as it doesn’t have this feature available. Also, we would not recommend companies that rely on billing their clients by the hour as it does not track time.

QuickBooks Online Plus Pricing Package Pros and Cons

The QuickBooks online pricing Plus package is the first and most accessible one that offers inventory tracking. The packages also come with other interesting additional features to the ones previously reviewed, making it a suitable “candidate” for a company with inventories and several employees.


  • Inventory tracker
  • P&L by projects
  • Five users
  • Tracks billable hours by customers
  • Manage and pay bills
  • Unlimited reports


  • No average cost of ending inventory only FIFO
  • No comparison between projects available
  • No KPIs
  • Limited charts of accounts to 250

Suitable for most businesses’ needs. However, for a company that is on a path to keep track of its performance, it lacks KPIs and doesn’t allow you to compare projects amongst each other.

QuickBooks Online Advanced Pricing Package Pros and Cons

The most complex QuickBooks online pricing package comes with all the software offers on the online side of things, and it suits most needs. However, ¬†none of the available models seems suitable for a complex hour billing business such as law office, consulting, and architecture. I guess you could make it work if you wish, but you would have to go through the trouble of searching the features you need through the multitude of features that don’t bring you any value. Therefore, for this practice, we would recommend software such as Bill4Time.


  • Up to 25 users
  • Customizable access roles
  • Complex business analytics and reports
  • Online training available on demand
  • Unlimited chart of accounts
  • KPIs
  • Automation
  • Premium Apps


  • No average cost of ending inventory only FIFO
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for all businesses

With this being said, there isn’t much to complain about this module that is very thought through and suits most businesses. However, at the price of $150/month, it can be costly for some small companies.

QuickBooks Payroll

As mentioned before, QuickBooks has been one of the industry leaders in its niche in the US for years. One of the areas where the product aced so far has been the payroll. Today QuickBooks has about 2.7 million users in total, from which roughly 1.4 million also use the QuickBook payroll services.

Furthermore, there are two types of QuickBooks payroll:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll
  • QuickBooks Online Payroll

If you wonder what the difference between the two is. So, the difference is mainly given by the plans it works within both QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

How to use QuickBooks Online  Payroll?

To use QuickBook Online Payroll, you need to have a running subscription for QuickBooks and a Payroll account, while in the QuickBooks desktop version, it comes predefined.

If you are familiar with how QuickBooks works, you will be happy to find out the QuickBooks payroll has a very similar interface, and it will be a piece of cake for you to get started.

QuickBooks online payroll also comes with Apple and Android mobile applications.

QuickBooks Online Payroll Pros and Cons


  • Same interface as QuickBooks
  • No commitment to a yearly contract
  • 24h direct deposits
  • Automation
  • Law updated


  • Could do better in customer service
  • Linked to QuickBooks specifically
  • Hard to understand pricing

Now, maybe some of the arguments we brought to the table as nontransparent pricing policy might raise some questions in your mind right now. So now, let us develop a bit on that in the following section.

QuickBooks Online Payroll Pricing

Now, to make this clear, from the start, QuickBooks online payroll pricing and QuickBooks desktop payroll pricing are not the same. While QuickBooks Online does not come with the payroll feature integrated and it requires the following extension, QuickBooks desktop pricing also includes the payroll function in its features.

Essentially, QuickBooks online payroll comes with three district pricing packages that can be added to your current QuickBooks online pricing plan.

Core Premium Elite
Price $45/month
  • Full- service payroll
  • Auto payroll
  • Health benefits
  • 401(k) plans
  • Workers Comp
  • Expert product support
  • Next-day direct deposits
  • QuickBook Core payroll pricing package +
  • Same-day direct deposits
  • HR Support Center
  • Expert review
  • Track Time on the go
  • QuickBooks Premium Payroll pricing package +
  • Expert Setup
  • Track time & projects on the go
  • Tax penalty protection
  • 24/7 expert product support
  • Personal HR advisor

Each one of the packages comes with a 50% discount for the first 3 months.

Moving on to what we called tricky in the previous section QuickBooks online payroll pricing comes with some additional cost that isn’t mentioned in the features sections. Workers Compensation Insurance is not included in the price. It will cost you an additional $5/ month to use AP Intego’s pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance, the company that Intuit partnered with for this service.

However, even if their approach could full you and make you think that it is not relevant, keep in mind that the Workers’ Compensation Insurance is mandatory in all 50 states.

Other fees that are not included are:

  • Labor Law Poster Subscription Service
  • E-file 1099s
  • Multistate processing fees
  • Medical/Dental/Vision

QuickBooks Desktop Pricing

There are three different price plans for QuickBooks desktop.

The pricing plan starts with the Pro Plus 2021 QuickBooks desktop pricing package at $299.99/ year.

This is followed by the Premier Plus 2021 QuickBooks desktop pricing plan at $499.99/ year with essentially two extra features than the substantially cheaper previous version and access for 2 more concurrent users.

Quickbooks Desktop pricing - tekpon

Lastly, the expensive version of them all at $1275/year is the Enterprise 21.0 QuickBooks Desktop pricing package which brings to the table access to up to 40 users concomitantly, mobile inventory barcode scanning, and end-to-end sales order fulfillment.

All packages come with a discount at the moment for the base pricing level of QuickBooks Desktop without added services.

QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop Pricing

While features-wise, QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop pricing is not that different price-wise, the difference is much more obvious.

There are some differences and disadvantages to the QuickBooks desktop version, such as being dependable on one computer at all times and not having the flexibility the cloud-based version gives you. However, we would still say that strictly from the value money perspective, QuickBooks Desktop wins by far.

Moreover, if you are looking for the payroll option, keep in mind that the QuickBooks desktop comes with it integrated for all the price points, while in the online version, it will double your cost.

Conclusion and Overview

In conclusion, while both versions of the software are fantastic, and we loved them putting into balance the value you are getting for your buck, we would advise you to go for the desktop version. But, if you are a cloud enthusiast and you would rather not have your computer all the time with you, but you would still like to keep up with your expenses, send invoices and get your bills paid, you will pick QuickBooks Online.

Furthermore, while we find the QuickBooks Online Payroll service fantastic, and we love the fact that we can have our vacation in Aruba and pay our employees, we find it quite expensive and limiting. However, even if it is limiting you to using QuickBooks online as your accounting system, on the bright side, it will be straightforward to use the software as it looks and feels exactly like its “mother” product QuickBooks Online.

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