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Remote Alternatives

The Remote platform is not the only international global payroll software you can use to manage your remote jobs. There are other payroll solutions or other Remote alternatives that you should know, so you can make the best choice when you want to go for one. Here are some of the Remote alternatives:


Deel is a payroll software like Remote. It makes the payroll process seamless. You can easily use it to hire anyone from around the world. Deel helps you streamline compliance and payments with the aid of their independent contractor and EOR model. In addition, you can use Deel to generate legally binding contracts that cover local labor laws in more than 150 nations, provide flexible withdrawals, and enjoy 24/7 customer support.

Thus, Deel is a global payroll and compliant hiring created for remote teams. So, anyone from anywhere can get hired and paid with Deel. With the aid of the tech-enabled self-serve process that Feel has, organizations can hire full-time employees or independent contractors across the world legally in a few minutes. Also, organizations can handle payroll and create localized legal contracts in more than 150 countries. Teams can also decide how to withdraw their funds.

More than 4,500 people use Deel. Small businesses, midsize businesses, and publicly traded companies like Andela, Sezzle, Notion, and Shopify use Deel. It supports only the English language. It has a plan that you can use to hire full-time employees. This plan costs $499 per employee monthly. It has another plan that you can use to hire contractors in 150 countries. It costs $49 monthly per contractor.


You should check out this tool on the Remote alternatives list. You can use a single, modern system to take care of your payroll, benefits, IT, and HR. This platform helps you automate your busy schedules and gathers your employee systems and data together. It supports only English.

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a simple solution that helps companies with fifty or more employees enhance their business performance. It is a cloud-based HR suite that easily adapts to how you work. It features payroll, talent management, benefits,  human resource management, time and labor management, learning and analytics, and return-to-office capabilities. In addition, ADP Workforce Now has tools you can use to track HR information, manage your workforce and make data-driven decisions. This software has an intuitive interface and features that you can use to suit your needs.


UKG Pro is a cloud-based payroll solution that simplifies work for people and helps companies improve engagement and productivity across their global workforce. It is also a powerful, global Human Capital Management (HCM) solution.


This powerful HR software helps organizations to manage their employees effectively. This Human Capital Management (HCM) platform simplifies everything that has to do with people management–from recruiting to onboarding to developing people to paying them and retaining them. Over 30,000 medium and small businesses use Paycor to help them solve problems and achieve their goals. The Paycor software was specifically built for leaders who want to: understand their business at a deeper level and concentrate on strategic goals. Unfortunately, it only supports the English language.


Paylocity has a comprehensive product suite that offers a unified platform for experts to make strategic decisions in payroll, workforce management, benefits, core HR, and talent. It also helps them to enhance employee engagement. It has a central software platform that provides HR professionals with managing daily tasks in payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management. Unfortunately, it only supports the English language.

Remote vs. Deel

Deel makes payroll for businesses and teams very simple. Employees are paid in their local currency with taxes, pensions, and any other deductions taken care of. But on Remote, contractors have to create and upload invoices manually, and businesses need to calculate exactly the amount due to them. Also, contractors only have one payment option. Deel and Remote help businesses hire, onboard, and pay employees globally with local entities set up in the countries they cover.

Deel is available in more than 150 countries, but Remote is currently available in 51 countries, but they intend to increase it to 130 countries in 2022. Both tools operate as Employers Of Record (EORs). But, Remote has a higher number of human resources features than Deel.

Remote and Deel both have web-based and SaaS solutions that you can use to hire and pay employees locally and internationally using locally compliant contracts. In addition, they have perfect features for remote teams like tax compliance, employee onboarding, global payroll and benefits management, etc.

Deel was created majorly for hiring and managing global talent. While Remote was also created for the same thing, it has more features that you can easily see in an HCM suite, like recruitment management, vacation management, time-off tracking, and HR management.

Remote vs. Deel Pricing

Deel provides a subscription-based pricing model that begins from 49.00 dollars monthly per contractor you hire in any of the 150 countries Deel functions. In addition, you are free to hire full-time remote employees overseas without the need to set up a legal entity in the host country, starting from 499 dollars each month.

Remote has three unique packages – Contractor management, employer of record (global employment), and global payroll and benefits. The contractor management package is free, while the global employment package begins at 349 dollars per employee every month or 299 dollars per employee every month if it is billed annually. So if you want to get the exact price of their global payroll and benefits package, you need a quote.

With Deel, you can integrate with ERPs like Netsuite, HRIS platforms like BambooHR, and great accounting software like Quickbooks. They intend to add Lever and Greenhouse to their list of integrations in 2021. But Remote only integrates with Greenhouse. But as of Fall 2021, they planned to include BambooHR and Rippling in their list of integrations.

Both platforms have fantastic customer support features such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), email support, and a knowledge base to inform customers about local and global compliance, payroll, remote work culture, and legal.

Remote vs. Similar Products


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