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Invideo Review

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The Invideo app is video software that people can use to create videos using branding and custom content and share them on websites and various social media platforms. Also, the app has pre-made templates, modern editing tools, and a large library of videos and images from popular sites like Shutterstock and Storyblocks that users can utilize.

An InVideo review we made showed that users could use the tool to create videos with stickers, photos, transitions, text boxes, layers, voiceovers, and other elements available on the application. And people can create these videos in any language, and they can have any duration with a limit of fifteen minutes.



Ease of use


Value for Money




Customer Support

Pricing Details

Starting from: $30/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Yes, has free trial

Yes, has free version

  • It has a vast stock library.
  • User-friendly.
  • It has a drag and drop interface
  • Pre-made templates that you can utilize to create great videos
  • It has a free trial that you can try out.
  • You are free to include your video and audio clips while editing.
  • It has a free version.
  • Their subscription plans are affordable.
  • InVideo is a cloud-based platform, so you will need an internet connection before you can save changes.
Best for
  • Freelancers
  • Personal
  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Desktop - Mac
  • Desktop - Windows

Create professional videos with InVideo

With InVideo, you can easily create professional-looking videos and share them on various social media platforms and your website, too, if you have one. Based on our review, you don’t need to be a professional video editor before successfully creating videos using the app. InVideo is the best tool you can use to create any video content. It has pre-made templates suitable for all the main social media platforms that you can easily edit. Plus, InVideo has an easy drag and drop editing tool that gives you the chance to include certain elements needed for your videos by simply dragging them.

InVideo has an excellent media library that contains many videos, music, and stock images you can use to create videos that look beautiful and professional. This great application features contemporary cropping, trimming, transitions, animations, filters, and layers.  You can gain access to the InVideo app from any device because it is a cloud-based platform.

What is InVideo used for?

InVideo is an online video maker that anyone can use to create video ads, and you can share these InVideo ads on many social media platforms. This video editor app contains thousands of pre-made templates that users can explore to edit videos that satisfy their needs. You can customize these templates to suit any of your business needs. Moreover, people can also use the tool to create voiceovers and multi-lingual videos that can last for 15 minutes.

People can use the automated text-to-speech functionality on the InVideo app for adding text and changing it into voiceovers. In addition, there are several pre-recorded voices in several languages that you can use for your voiceovers. You can also use InVideo’s analytics and reports on metrics like total videos by social media platforms, impressions, social reach, and others to assist businesses in gaining a good understanding of the performance of their video content.

Social Media Video Maker

 InVideo is a social media video maker that people can create video ads for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. If you want to create a video on InVideo, follow these steps.

  • Create an account with InVideo and log into your account.
  • Go through the numerous video templates on InVideo and choose the one you prefer for the video ideas.
  • Customize your preferred template by changing the music, images, and videos that it has. You are free to upload your own or include some from InVideo’s media library.
  • Then, go ahead to customize your video by changing fonts, transitions, and animations.
  • Preview the video, download it, and share it on any of your preferred social media pages.

InVideo Features

Now, let see what kind of features you will get with this tool.

  • Merge videos
  • Large media library
  • Collaboration tool
  • Splitting videos
  • Share videos on social media
  • HD resolution

  • Audio tools to create voiceovers
  • Pre-made templates
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Capture, edit, loop,  and stabilize videos
  • Preview functionality
  • The text overlay feature

InVideo Pricing

Still, let’s find out the price you have to pay if you want this tool. First, the InVideo pricing is affordable compared to other products. You can use the InVideo free trial before paying for any of the premium plans. Then you can choose between monthly or yearly basis billing options. And it provides two pricing plans that begin at $30 monthly.

Moreover, they offer a business plan. The InVideo business plan starts at $30 monthly and $180 yearly. This plan comes with unlimited high-quality templates, sixty HD video exports monthly, ten iStock videos and images monthly, and unlimited videos and images every month. The InVideo unlimited plan starts at  $60 monthly and $360 annually. Again, this plan comes with unlimited video exports, unlimited templates, unlimited videos and images, and one hundred and twenty iStock videos and images.


  • InVideo Watermark
  • 5000+ Video Templates
  • 3M+ Standard Media Library
  • Automated Text to Speech
  • 15min video duration per video


  • No watermark on videos
  • Everything in the free plan
  • Ten iStock media per month
  • 1M+ Premium Media
  • 60 video exports per month
  • Unlock Filmr Pro


  • No watermark on videos
  • Everything in the free plan
  • 120 iStock media per month
  • 1M+ Premium Media
  • Unlimited video exports/month
  • Unlock Filmr Pro

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Is InVideo free?

They also provide a free plan or a free version, but it has paid plans too. The free plan will allow you to close to sixty videos every month that contains a watermark. InVideo also has a free trial that you can enjoy before paying for any of the premium plans.

InVideo Alternatives

This tool is not the only video editing software you can find online. There are many InVideo alternatives you can find to suit your video editing needs. Here are some of InVideo’s alternatives:

Final Cut Pro X

This tool is very effective in creating beautiful and premium 3D titles within a few minutes. It has great animation features, lighting, and other elements that you can easily adjust to generate amazing titles.


This is another popular tool that is used for creating high-quality videos. Many brands use this tool to create their video content.


The iMovie for Mac allows its users to watch many videos. With this tool, you can easily browse your clips, share beautiful moments with others, and create amazing trailers and movies with a 4K resolution.


You can use this tool as a screen recorder tool. All the tools you need to edit and customize your videos are contained in Camtasia. You can use these in-built tools in Camtasia to transform your screen recordings into professional videos. is a video marketing tool with a great online editing toolkit, landing page builder, and cloud-based video hosting. So, you can use it to publish videos on emails, social media pages, blogs, and websites. It contains more than one thousand templates that you can use to create your videos. It also has more millions of stock photos and videos clips. With this tool, you can easily publish your videos on any marketing channel.

Adobe Spark

This is an online mobile graphic design software that you can use for free. You can use this tool to create flyers, logos, ads, banners, and social media posts. Moreover, the tool provides many templates you can explore to suit your needs. You can customize any graphic design you make with your brand font, color, or logo.


Individuals and business owners use this tool to create great videos on their mobile devices or computers.


This effective tool is used for easily creating videos with the numerous editing tools on Filmora. With this tool, you can easily express your creativity when creating videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This tool is used for editing and producing top-notch videos.

Invideo vs. Filmora

InVideo helps you create videos easily, and big companies use it to increase their audience engagement with video content. On the other hand, Filmora is a simple tool that entrepreneurs and individuals can edit their videos. Moreover, the pricing begins at $30, while Filmora’s starts at $39.99 each year.

 InVideo has custom-made branded designs that are added as a feature to their enterprise plan. But Filmora does not have custom-made branded designs–all their design packs are the same for all their clients. In addition, InVideo has a video player and CMS, and integrations. Also, enterprise clients can get access to these integrations for free. In contrast, Filmora lacks video player and CMS integrations because it is an offline application.

You can use InVideo to automate the processes involved in creating your videos with their custom workflows. The pricing begins at 500 dollars every month. Since Filmora is an offline application, it cannot offer custom automation or workflows. InVideo has data integrations that come with custom workflows. It is usually free for packages that are more than 1000 dollars per month. But Filmora does not have data integrations.

Filmora has deployment on Mobile – iPad, Mobile – iPhone, Mobile – Android, Desktop – Windows, and Desktop – Mac. You can reach their support team through phone support, knowledge base, FAQs, and email. While. InVideo has deployment on Desktop – Windows, Desktop – Mac, SaaS, cloud, and web-based. People can reach their support team through FAQs, email, chat, 24/7 (Live Rep), and phone support.

Invideo vs. Animoto

InVideo is a great video creation tool that is good for media organizations, publishers, and brands that want to expand the engagement they want to get from their audience with the power of video content. Animoto is good for individuals or small business owners who want to try out video creation for the first time to create simple text-over-images kind of videos.

InVideo pricing is affordable, and it costs $30monthly. Animoto pricing starts at $33 monthly. Animoto and InVideo have a lot of templates that users can customize to suit their video creation or editing needs. The InVideo’s enterprise plan comes with customized branded designs. But the Animoto’s enterprise plan doesn’t come with customized branded designs.

InVideo has CMS and video integrations, but Animoto does not offer CMS or video player integrations. Moreover, InVideo offers data integrations with branded workflows. For example, it automatically adds data to your videos by integrating your data collection system with InVideo. For packages that are more than one thousand dollars per month, data integrations are given for free. But Animoto doesn’t offer data integrations.

Animoto has deployment on web-based, SaaS, cloud, Mobile – iPad, Mobile – iPhone, and Mobile – Android. People can reach their support team via a knowledge base, FAQs, and email. While, InVideo has deployment on Desktop – Windows, Desktop – Mac, SaaS, cloud, and web-Based. People can reach their support team via chat, 24/7 (Live Rep), phone support, FAQs, and email.

Invideo Review Conclusions

InVideo is a popular online video maker tool that allows you to create stunning videos for your social media pages or websites. You can also use it to create voiceovers and video ads for your business. In addition, you can customize any of the pre-made templates on InVideo to create HD videos that look appealing.

An InVideo review showed that it has more than nine million media (with iStock inclusive), four thousand video templates, a vast audio library for each genre, and many other amazing features. With InVideo, you can easily create videos on the browser. In addition, it is a flexible drag and drops editor that anyone can use without previous experience in video editing. More than seven million people use this tool across more than 190 in more than 70 languages.

But the choice is yours. There are so many tools like this one that will help you create beautiful video content that will speak for your brand. But, of course, no tool is perfect for everybody. That’s why you have to choose what fits your needs. And if you liked InVideo from our review, then maybe you should give it a try for their free trial.


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