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Lumen5 is a cloud-based video creation tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you create engaging videos from your text content. Practically, you can easily create short videos with this video maker. First, you need to select a template from their library, enter your blog post URL, or copy and paste the text into Lumen5. The AI then determines the most important phrases in the text and creates a storyboard for you. You can personalize each scene by adding different images, background music, sound effects, and video clips.

This Lumen5 review will share everything you need to know about the Lumen5 video tool, including its pricing, alternatives, pros, cons, and many other vital details.

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Thus, you realize that you need to change your strategy and create engaging videos for your brand. Let’s learn more ab...

Lumen5 – create video content

Lumen5 is an intuitive video creation platform that empowers brands to create professional video content quickly and effectively. With the Lumen5 video editing tool, you can take any blog post or article and turn it into an engaging video using their AI-powered visual story builder. 

The process is quick and simple: copy the link to your blog post or article into a Lumen5 project and let their artificial intelligence layout the visual elements for you. Then, you can customize your scenes with captions, graphics, images, music, and more.

Its mission is to empower businesses to leverage the power of video content to connect with their audience and drive results. Among all the numerous video editing tools you can find online, Lumen5 is one of your best. With this video editing tool, you can easily create video content and make video posts without relying on expensive video editors, designers, or freelance agencies. All you need is an idea, a copy of your blog post, and Lumen5.

What is Lumen5 video

As we said, Lumen5 is a free online tool that allows people to create and share short videos across social media. This video maker tool uses artificial intelligence and a natural language processing technology and has been used by companies such as Samsung, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Cisco, and BuzzFeed.

People can easily access it via any web browser on desktop and mobile devices. In addition, lumen5 allows you to quickly build your videos from just a few paragraphs of text with the help of its automatic video creation process, which includes adding text overlays to images and videos; automatically selecting appropriate music; applying filters; adding captions; creating unique transitions; and more. 

The tool will then generate a video that can be shared on social media or downloaded for use in other projects.

How to use Lumen5?

Getting started with Lumen5 is easy!  First, you have to make sure you have a Pro account.

If you are not yet a Pro user, upgrading is simple—click on “Go Pro” from the menu and follow the prompts. If you have any questions about your account status, please don’t hesitate to contact them. 

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re a Pro user, open Lumen5 and click on “New project.” 

You’ll then be prompted to enter some information about your blog and the link to its text source, a blog post or article on your website, or one hosted elsewhere. 

You’ll also need to upload a custom thumbnail image for your video; this will appear as your video’s cover image when uploaded to YouTube and other video platforms.

Once all of your information has been entered, click on “Let’s go.” Lumen5 will then import your text and suggest scenes based on keywords it finds within it. To help get you started, Lumen5 will also pull in some stock videos for those scenes and add them to the timeline automatically.

Here are the basics of how to use Lumen5:

  • You will first need to enter a URL of an article you want to turn into a video.
  • Once entered, their AI will pull out important phrases from this URL and present them as potential scenes for your video. You can then select what scenes will be included in your final video by clicking on the scenes button (it looks like a camera) at the top right corner of each scene box.
  • After selecting these scenes, click on “Create Video” at the top right corner of your screen. It will start creating the video.
  • Preview the video and download the finished product when you are ready to publish it.

Lumen5 Pricing

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Does Lumen5 cost money?

Lumen5 is a freemium product. You can sign up for a free account and use it for creating video content without spending a dime. But you will only be able to create five videos per month. However, if you want to create a video with more advanced features, you must upgrade your account.

You can purchase credits from the dashboard to use Lumen5’s premium features on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Lumen5 pricing plans are attractive. They have three monthly subscription options: Starter, Premium, and Business. These subscriptions all come with unlimited credits, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing them.

The Starter plan costs $29 per month, the Premium plan costs $79 per month, and the Business plan costs $199 per month. They also provide custom plans on request.

Lumen5 Features

Here are some of the Lumen5 features that you might find amazing for your ideas:

  • Text-to-video

With this feature, you can easily convert any blog post or article into a video with just a few clicks using their text-to-video technology. Their AI automatically pulls the text from your blog post and then transforms it into video content, including images and video clips. In addition, you can customize the look of your video by adding transitions, changing the font and font size, and adjusting the text placement on the screen.


Text to video

  • Media library

Their media library offers hundreds of thousands of stock photos, videos, and audio files for free use in your projects. You can upload them directly into Lumen5 for easy access during video creation if you have your own media library. They also offer a premium media library with additional content for those who want more options.

Media library



  • Professional templates

Lumen5 has a lot of professional templates that you can use to make unique videos in no time.

Professional templates


  • Export options

You can download your video or share it on social media from the Export Options menu of your project.

Lumen5 Alternatives

Lumen5 has a lot of alternatives. Here are some of them:

Adobe Spark Video

This is one great Lumen 5 alternative that you should check out. It’s free to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge or experience with video editing software. It also has an intuitive interface so anyone can make their videos in no time.

Adobe Spark Video is a tool that allows you to create, share and publish eye-catching social media posts, infographics, web stories, and video clips. The tool is available for free on the web, iOS, and Android devices. Adobe Spark Video, part of the Adobe Spark suite, allows you to easily create engaging video content that can help make your brand stand out. People can use spark Video for business or personal purposes; it’s an easy way to add video content to your website or blog.

Adobe Spark Features


Promo’s software allows you to create professional-quality online videos in minutes. You can turn images and clips into stunning videos using basic editing tools. Everything is built within their browser, so it’s easy to use. 

They even provide dozens of templates perfect for any marketing campaign or business event. For example, while Promo doesn’t provide an option for voiceovers, it allows you to add text and music to your videos. 

It also has the unique feature of letting you upload your custom music and audio tracks. Promo charges a monthly fee for the use of its platform but offers a free trial so that you can try out the program before making any commitments.

What is


This is another Lumen5 alternative that might interest you. Animoto is a video creation tool that allows users to turn their photos and videos into professional-quality video slideshows in minutes. Animoto has numerous styles, from modern hipster to classic black and white, customizable with text overlays and music. Users can upload their photos and videos or use stock media from the Animoto library. The final product can be downloaded or shared on social media.

Animoto offers several different plans that allow you to create videos using images and clips. Their most advanced plan offers unlimited downloads and HD quality video at no extra cost! This plan allows you to upload your photos or use theirs from their stock library.

Animoto templates library review by Tekpon

Lumen5 Review Conclusions

Lumen5 is an excellent tool for content marketers and video creators. It’s easy to use and makes it simple to turn blog posts into social media videos. Moreover, Lumen5 offers a modern, intuitive interface, and the AI-powered video creation process is smooth and quick. 

The finished videos are high-quality, but they can’t be downloaded with watermarks or logos, limiting their use as demo videos on websites or pitches. The videos also can’t be uploaded directly to YouTube or any other sites—they have to be downloaded first. 

But all of Lumen5’s other features—the text-to-voice technology, various media options, built-in analytics, and more—make up for the limited download capabilities. So, for anyone who wants to start creating social media videos without having to master video editing software or hire a professional videographer, Lumen5 is an excellent solution. 

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