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Salesforce Alternatives

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Freshworks CRM

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Salesforce Competitors

Thus, we know that Salesforce is one of the best and more complex CRM products in the market. But, also it can be a bit expensive for some businesses. That’s why it is better to keep your options open and look for other alternatives for Salesforce.

So, here are some of its best competitors:

  • HubSpot
  • Freshworks CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • Pipedrive
  • Keap

Regarding where we would rank Salesforce as a “best for” service, we would say it is best for all-around CRM use, best for available features, and best for businesses targeting growth.

What is the Best Alternative to Salesforce?

Salesforce is the dominant name in cloud-based CRM software for a reason. However, there are some alternatives we think are worth checking out. We will discuss HubSpot in-depth below, but we also think Freshworks CRM is a solid competitor. We like that Freshworks balances affordability with a strong set of features. You will pay less to use Freshworks CRM than for Salesforce and get almost all the tools.

HubSpot vs. Salesforce

While Freshworks is recommendable as a Salesforce alternative, it is HubSpot that provides the closest comparison:

  • Cost – As mentioned, if you want a flexible variation of tools, Salesforce can quickly become very expensive. HubSpot is not what we would call cheap, but its costs are much easier to understand. You get clear pricing plans, and you can scale up how much you spend on the platform as your business grows.
  • Features – Salesforce is the feature leader of the CRM realm. There is no getting away from that. Its breadth of tools covering automation, customization, and reporting is market-leading. However, if you want a straight CRM option that is easier to use at an enterprise level, HubSpot is worth checking out.
  • Reporting – Analytics is one of the strongest points of Salesforce, and its reporting is best in class. HubSpot has been making big strides to become as good as Salesforce in this area. The platform makes reporting easier to implement a positive, but for now, Salesforce remains on top.
  • Collaboration – Yet again, HubSpot scores well becomes of how easy the platform is to use. You can tap into collaborative tools that tie your team together in just a few clocks. Salesforce offers the same team collaboration tools, if not more, but they are harder to use.

So, the big question is should you choose Salesforce or HubSpot as your customer relationship management platform?

Well, as always in the enterprise world, it depends on what you want. If ease of use is your number one demand, then HubSpot is the service for you. It will deliver all the power you expect from a CRM solution without compromising on the user experience. On the other hand, if you want complete feature access, are targeting growth, or value customization, Salesforce is the better option.