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Archbee Alternatives

So, above you can see top alternatives to Archbee. Next, let’s compare and analyze some of the most notable ones.

  • ArchBee vs. GitBook

GitBook is a modern documentation platform to document everything from brand documentation to products, internal knowledgebases, and APIs. Similar to ArchBee, right?

Both tools can help you collaborate with your team better, share knowledge, create documentation, branding, and many more.

When comparing ArchBee vs. GitBook, the first thing to take into consideration is pricing. Both tools offer 3 pricing plans. The first one is free and has similar features, like custom domain, unlimited docs, and only personal usage. When it comes to the other pricing plans, GitBook might be a little expensive than ArchBee, but this depends solely on the number of team members you have. If you are a non-profit organization, you might go for GitBook to get it for free. Both tools are free for open-source software companies.

Another feature to be mentioned is the hosting of your documents. While ArchBee uses AWS’s CloudFront CDN, the guys from GitBook store everything on Google Cloud. Both are great hosting providers, so it’s all about preferences.

Both ArchBee and GitBook have great security options for your documentation. The real difference comes in the features for developers, where ArchBee excels. There are some features on GitBook, as well. But if what you need is a web API documentation tool, then is the one for you.

  • Notion vs. Archbee

Notion is an all-in-one productivity solution. It is flexible and can be used as a task management software, workout calendar, but also as a documentation tool and team wiki software. While ArchBee mini taskers can help you out a bit to assign and manage tasks, it is not as good as Notion on this matter.

On the pricing matter, ArchBee vs. Notion battle is tight. They both have a free version for personal use and other pricing plans. Even though the pricing is similar, we will see some differences. On Notion, for all the payment plans, you will get unlimited file upload.

Although Notion has many features available, it can get a bit overwhelming. The learning curve and the onboarding process can be difficult, compared to ArchBee, where you basically have none.

An advantage for Notion is that it has mobile apps, and all the devices you are working on are synced regularly.

  • Confluence vs. Archbee

Confluence by Atlassian is the go-to software for those looking to create, collaborate, and organize the work in one place. It is an extensive team workspace that encourages team members to engage and build team culture.

When talking about pricing, both ArchBee & Confluence can be used for free with limited features. When comparing ArchBee vs. Confluence pricing, there is no clear winner. If you have a team of less than 10, Confluence is best. For groups of 10 or more, ArchBee is more advantageous. Also, the storage limit included in each plan is way bigger.

As for hosting and security, Confluence is top-notch! Privacy, encryption & compliance verified with SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, and more. Atlassian Access offers enhanced administration and security with SAML SSO, enforced 2-step verification, automated user provisioning, and more.

Hosting options provided by these two tools are great! They both use AWS.