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iLovePDF Alternatives

Even though iLovePDF is a great all-in-one solution for PDF-related usages, it might not fit your business needs. So here are some notable iLovePDF alternatives:

  • Soda PDF
  • SmallPDF
  • EasePDF
  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • PDFelement
  • PDF Candy

Soda PDF

Soda PDF Online is a smart, reliable, and accessible PDF web application that brings true innovation to the world of PDF. Edit, convert, annotate, digitally sign and protect PDFs on any device. Furthermore, Soda PDF Online stands out from other online PDF tools with its unique, all-in-one user interface. Like with iLovePDF, users can create, edit, convert and sign PDFs without going to any other website. Additionally, Soda PDF has nearly the most comprehensive editing and previewing capabilities in the entire network.

Adobe Acrobat DC vs. iLovePDF

On the iLovePDF alternatives list is Adobe Acrobat DC as well.

Adobe Acrobat DC is undoubtedly the most famous desktop PDF software and is considered the best PDF solution in the world, better than the iLovePDF desktop version. Over 5 million organizations worldwide use Acrobat DC to create and edit PDFs and convert PDFs to Microsoft Office documents. Furthermore, Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud services let you create, edit, export, and track PDF files anywhere on any device. Adobe DC comes in two versions, Standard and Pro. The Pro version can convert scanned PDFs into editable documents.


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Adobe Acrobat DC

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