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Adobe InCopy Alternatives

Here are some of the Adobe InCopy alternatives:

  • Google Docs

Google Docs is popular writing software that you can use to write your articles, essays, letters, and others. Users can also use this tool to edit their documents for both personal and professional use. You can use Google Docs on multiple devices because it is compatible with documents created in Microsoft Word. In addition, any changes you make to your document are automatically saved, so you don’t have to worry about losing any data because it is cloud-based software.

Moreover, Google Docs has a revision history feature that allows users to view all the changes they have made in the document since they started writing. It enables them to spot the errors they made at any point instead of scanning the whole document. You can also use Google Docs to collaborate with your teammates and make multiple changes in one document. All the users are permitted access to the documents, make changes, and comment on the same in the document at any time they wish to.

  • Pages

This is a document creation software that Apple Inc developed. They made it for iOS, macOS, or other Apple platforms. It enables users to create the perfect document they need by offering them the simplicity and creativity of Apple combined with other document creation software compatibility. Furthermore, it arranges the document for users as they work on it, enabling them to collaborate with their teammates and work on their chosen devices.

Pages have a lot of amazing pre-loaded editable beautiful templates that their users can use to create the best setting and include that perfect feel to engage readers in the content. In addition, you don’t have to bother about saving the documents you are working on because they are saved automatically.

Also, Pages allows you to collaborate and work on a document to get the best out of everyone’s creativity. When collaborating, all the users are permitted to work from their preferred devices, making it simple for everyone to get involved in the project.

  • Microsoft Word

Our Adobe InCopy alternatives list continues with Microsoft Word. It is also a document creation software offered by Microsoft for desktops, it runs on macOS and Windows, and for phones, it runs on iOS and Android. In addition, users can use Microsoft Word to create a document wherever they want.

You can also use this software to edit any document. Plus, it has an online library of plenty of templates for any document that permits users to choose the perfect fit for them. It has templates for Advertisements, Notices, Applications, and Resumes. Microsoft Word has a real-time translation feature that you can use to convert the content into another language within a few minutes. Microsoft Word has a proofreading feature that you can use to create error-free documents.

  • Manula

With Manula, you can develop digital user manuals and publish them online for others to use. You can also use Manula to create handbooks encrypted for access only by employees or anyone on the Internet. Manula is not desktop-based, so it runs entirely on the Manula servers. So you don’t have to install it on your company’s computing architecture. Instead, as the writer, you can access it anytime through the cloud-powered platform. Also, Manula has text formatting features that you can use to ensure that your documentation can be helpful and understandable.

Adobe InCopy vs. Word

Adobe InCopy is a text editing software that Adobe Incorporated created. It integrates well with Adobe InDesign and is also used to create different documents. While Microsoft Word is a graphical word processor tool that enables users to write, edit or design a document. Spell-checker, thesaurus, and application shortcuts are some of their features.

Some of Adobe InCopy’s features include Collaboration tools for writers and designers, which allow you to create hyperlinks, share a screen with remote collaborators, and create single-page spreads. In addition, Word’s features include unlimited pages, photos that can be included, a page constructor, layout settings, and a built-in harp checker.

InCopy starts at $4.99 per month, while Word starts at $149.99 per month. InCopy and Word both have free trials. They both have email and live chat options for their Support, but they don’t have a phone support option.

InCopy is not available on iOS and Android, but Word is available on iOS and Android. But Word and InCopy are not available on Linux. However, they are both available on Windows and Mac.

What other software would you suggest adding to our Adobe InCopy Alternatives list?


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