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Doodly Alternatives

Video editing software is in high demand right now, so let your team choose the best Doodly competitors that meet their needs.

  • Doodly vs. VideoScribe

When it comes to whiteboard animation software, it is hard to say which one is better in the battle of Doodly vs. VideoScribe.


We will start by saying that VideoScribe comes with a 7-Days free trial, compared to Doodly, which does not offer a trial version. Although Doodly does offer 30 days money-back guarantee, there is no Doodly free version out there. Also, VideoScribe pricing plans are cheaper than Doodly on all fronts.


When it comes to whiteboard animation software, a variety of backgrounds is an important feature. Doodly comes with five different canvas options, while VideoScribe has nine different background styles.

We know that if we look at the numbers, the second-mentioned video animation software will win. But Doodly has the best options here.

Another essential feature for whiteboard doodles videos is the wide variety of hand styles. Here both tools are pretty well prepared. Doodly continually updates its gallery while VideoScribe gives you the possibility to use only a pen, with no hand and seasonal themes, such as Christmas.


The battle is tight between these two video animation tools, and it’s hard to decide which one is better. Both are powerful tools, great for any creator out there. But, in the end, the choice will depend on your situation. In conclusion, VideoScribe is one of the toughest Doodly Alternatives.

  • Doodly vs. Explaindio

If what you are looking for is to create high-quality and professional video animations, then both of these tools offer a premium experience for buyers.


Explaindio is by far the winner when it comes to pricing, as it offers you many features for a reasonable price. They have a lifetime license for which you will pay $479, and you will get access to the entire image and animation library.


Image/Animation gallery offerings are broader on Doodly. With a standard license, you get plenty of designer-made images. These images include a variety of hands, characters, props, objects, and backgrounds to use. In comparison to Doodly, Explaindio offers a much smaller gallery, but they provide a decent variety of images and characters. In the battle of Doodly vs. Explaindio, you will soon notice that Explaindio has over 200 pre-made color animations available.

In the audio department, these two software are quite similar. You have voice-over options; you can either record it directly in the tool or upload it with ease.


Doodly and Explaindio are both great video creators, and they offer quite different user experiences. Both are reliable and easy-to-use animation software that provides lots of customization and big libraries of images to work with. In conclusion, it is yet another great Doodly competitor.

  • Doodle Maker vs. Doodly

Doodle Maker is the first doodle video creator that uses AI to help users create the doodle video needed. This feature makes it almost as easy to use as Doodly.


A vast library of props is essential for video creators. Doodlemaker uses multiple third-party libraries as Pixabay, Photo Bin, Icon Finder, and Jump Story, so it’s easy for them to state that the tool has the world’s most extensive library. Doodly has a significant and various library with over 3000 characters and 3000+ prop images, but it is far less than what Doodlemaker puts on the table.

Hand style is another crucial aspect, and both tools have different types of hands. Doodly recently increased their variety of hands, while Doodle Maker offers only 8.

Fonts are also essential for video creators. Here Doodlemaker has tons of default font styles that can be customized, but Doodly allows you to import as many as you need.


Comparing Doodly vs. Doodle Maker, you will find out that both can get the job done. Both are easy to use, have tons of features, and you will need little to zero video editing expertise. However, Doodle Maker is newly launched and uses the power of AI, 300 video templates, one-click language translation, and text-to-speech.

No matter which one you will choose, in the end, you will get professional animated videos.